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25 Skin Beauty - Bright White - Smooth Acne - Do Minh Ha

What do you get after joining Course 25 Skin Beauty - Bright White - Smooth Acne - Do Minh Ha

+ Know how to make home beauty simple and effective, not time consuming

+ Years of knowledge about beauty, skin care, aesthetic

+ No need to worry about side effects of all kinds of cosmetic chemicals

+ Know how to beautify skin, treat acne from natural materials

Training subjects

+ The women work as makeup and beauty workers

+ The women desire to have beautiful, white porcelain skin

+ Everyone who needs to beautify themselves

+ People who want to open beauty centers

Introduce the course

+ If your skin is experiencing one of the problems such as capillary rupture, brown spots, freckles that start to appear, episodes of acne, large pores, ,,, then your skin must be has begun to enter the aging phase. Worse, it may be because you don't really understand and care for your skin properly.

+ Proper facial care is always a special concern of the Beauty. In fact, to own white skin, our girlfriends have to "invest" a lot because each skin type requires a special care regime.

+ Understand the busy life today, with the aim of helping the Beauty to own a youthful, fresh skin to be more beautiful, confident and happier, Unica Online Academy in combination with a skin therapist and Beauty care Do Minh Ha launched the course "25 BEAUTY, WHITE LIGHTING, ACNE TREATMENT".

+ Course to instruct 25 know-how is extremely effective, fast, simple, safe, and does not take much time to save costs for skin poisoning, skin cleansing, skin care, acne treatment with materials Nature combines with diets to keep a bright and healthy skin.

+ Course "25 BEAUTY, WHITE LIGHTING, ACNE TREATMENT" as a gift for all women to make women always confident to shine every day.

+ "No bad women, only women don't know how to beautify"

Study Spray Tattoo Beauty Salon Where In The City

course content

Part 1: Overview of facials

Item 8: 1 Facial type

Lesson 2: The importance of facials

3: Why need regular skin care?

Season 2: Seasonal skin care

Lesson 2: Skin care by age

Part 2: Skin care process

EXCEPTION: Cleansing the face

Post 7: Apply mask


Part 3: Ways to whiten natural skin

9: Spring skincare ingredients

EXCEPTION: Summer skin care ingredients

EXCEPTION: Fall skin care ingredients

EXCEPTION: Winter skin care ingredients

EXHIBITION: Skin moisturizer with banana and yogurt daily

Excretion: Exfoliating dead cells with coffee and sugar

Lesson 2: Spring skin care cream 15-18 age

16: Anti-aging skin care for old age-30

EXCEPTION: Moisturizes and whitens skin to prevent aging with oil and rice bran

EXCEPTION: How to treat dry skin and beautify dry skin

EXCEPTION: Beautifying dull skin

EXCEPTION: How to treat skin with cosmetic accumulation

EXCEPTION: Make skin safe for pregnant women

22: Family with skin care

Part 4: Ways to treat acne from natural ingredients

EXCEPTION: The cause of acne

Lesson 2: Some effective acne treatments from nature

Lesson 2: Treat acne by applying ice

EXCEPTION: Acne puberty

Main article: Turmeric powder for acne treatment and blemish removal

EXCEPTION: Heavy acne treatment

Lesson 2: Acne treatment

Lesson 2: Blackhead acne treatment

EXCEPTION: Acne treatment for oily skin

EXCEPTION: Nutrition for skin to prevent acne from coming back

Information of Trainers:

Director of Ha Spa system includes more than premium spa in 40 province in the country

Expert 12 years of high-class skin treatment experience, granted with international skin care by HIU Academy - USA

Teaching experience: Training more than 40 branch managers and thousands of branches of branches, training students of other systems as well. Learned many top-notch courses in the country and in Korea, Japan, America, Dubai ...

See the course on how to make a beautiful white skin:

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