Recipes for Eyebrow Spray For Oily Skin Hard to Eat Toner 1

Recipes for Eyebrow Spray For Oily Skin Hard to Eat Inks

Experience Eyebrow Spray For Customers With Oily Skin Seeing Red Ink, Hard to Eat Ink.

Current eyebrow cosmetic method is highly appreciated for its natural aesthetic as well as safety in the implementation process. However, in some cases, customers have oily skin and when spraying, they do not eat ink.

Many guests have oily skin so much that it is difficult for embroidery ink to eat into the skin, seeing the color of the ink turn red, resulting in no color done like never done sculpting. This is one of the experiences and students need to supplement the collection of eyebrow ants for guests who have difficulty coloring.

Recipes Eyebrow Spray For Oily Skin Hard to Eat Inks 2

To overcome this situation, you need to perform the following techniques:

  • Mixing darker ink tones than customers choose a level for you to peel off
  • In the process of going needle should go lightly and slowly, pay close attention to each piece to ensure that the ink depth of the needle to the skin should be selected at 1.5mm, and go sharp needle part frame
  • When spraying must constantly wipe tissue and blood water to avoid thinning ink

Above is the general experience to overcome the phenomenon of spraying eyebrows for customers with oily skin difficult to eat ink. Hopefully the article has provided more useful information for you when encountering this situation.

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