Tips for Customers' Comfort When Making Eyebrows 1

The secret to making customers comfortable when making eyebrows

When spraying eyebrow embroidery should do to make customers feel most comfortable?

Spraying embroidery eyebrows, even the most modern technology will leave a little pain for people doing. Depending on each person's feelings and psychology, the process is pleasant or not. However, as a technician, you need to apply standard procedures and reasonable methods to give your customers the most comfortable experience. This is entirely beneficial because it facilitates the smooth process, delivering the desired results to the customer. Here are some experience to make customers comfortable tattooing eyebrow.

The secret to making customers comfortable when spraying Eyebrows

Notes when conducting eyebrow embroidery

Eyebrow embroidery technique today is considered to be advanced and ensures high safety. Because no longer using the needle form to penetrate deep into the eyebrow area as traditional tattooing, modern eyebrow embroidery will rarely cause bleeding, the process is less painful and after finishing it will not cause swelling ache. However, these are only guaranteed when the technician performs the procedure correctly, has the skills and mastered the needle technique. In addition, many people who go for eyebrow spraying have a fear of pain so they are often stressed out at work, and this can unintentionally prevent customers and KTVs from having a good connection to Create perfect results.

Some ways to make customers comfortable when spraying tattooed eyebrows

When performing any eyebrow embroidery, Miss Tram Academy will keep you on the following issues:

first, before spraying embroidery, you need to do the work of thought, consulting all aspects for customers. The consultation process will include the following:

  • Advantages and limitations of certain eyebrow spray techniques
  • Advice on choosing appropriate color ink for age, skin color and hair color for guests
  • Help customers shape the eyebrows in accordance with the face

In addition, you have to carefully understand the physical condition of the client, whether it is easy to get keloids or if you have any special illness. Knowing this information, we will have an effective way to handle it, anticipating bad situations. Besides, it is necessary to tell guests the symptoms may appear during and after the eyebrow spray so that they have the best psychological preparation.

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Monday, when spraying according to the principle of incubation for guests to minimize the feeling of pain at the needle. The process of incubation should be done 10 to 20 minutes beforehand.Refer to how to make customers comfortable when spraying eyebrow tattoos

Tuesday, need for customers to lie in a comfortable bed so that the body is completely relaxed, creating the highest relaxation.

Wednesday, should invite guests to check equipment, embroidery injectors dedicated to them more secure about hygiene and safety.

Thursday, when spraying embroidery, you have to make the needle perpendicular to the surface of the skin, the needle force goes hand, so after you have finished, you will not have pain and swelling.

Friday, you must not skip cleaning steps, apply antibacterial to the eyebrows after done. This will help you to appear beautiful, preventing infections that endanger the health of workers.

SaturdayAfter finishing spraying, instruct customers on how to take care of you. You need to share your experience of natural peeling, how to abstain from water, how to apply vaseline as well as foods to limit or supplement.

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Where To Learn Quality?

Some share on here of Miss Tram Academy Hope to have provided you with some useful knowledge. Although in eyebrow embroidery, implementation techniques play a decisive role, but if we know how to "reassure", giving customers the most comfort, it can positively affect the final results and vice versa. .

Wishing you quickly quickly master, create many perfect beauty!

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