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The Secret of Healthy Skin Without Cosmetics - Hoang Cam Ly

What will you learn at the course "The Secret of Healthy Skin Without Cosmetics - Hoang Cam Ly"?

  • Help you understand the skin and the principles of basic and effective skin care.
    How to use safe, available and cheap natural ingredients that are effective for skin care at home.
  • How to use home-made natural products to treat some common problems like Acne, Melasma, Uncontrolled Oily Skin, Dry Skin ...
  • You will know how to make essential skin care products: makeup remover oil, cleanser, toner, skin care mask, beauty stone ...
  • You will own a healthy skin from the inside out and not face any skin problems.
  • You will be confident in communication and work with a young and vibrant appearance thanks to completely natural therapies.

Training subjects

  • The sisters want to know how to take care of their skin properly at home
  • Young people do not have much money to invest in expensive cosmetics or to Spa
  • As women who love the beauty from nature, stay away from toxic cosmetic products

Introduce the course

The more modern science is, the more life is developed, the more people realize the importance of living naturally and using natural products to improve their quality of life. The work of beauty and skin care of women also does not go out of that trend because scientific knowledge helps us to realize more clearly the harmful effects of modern cosmetics or high-tech interventions.

Each type of plant around us has certain nutritional and beauty values, but not everyone knows the uses and how to use it effectively. This course along with that also provides learners with basic knowledge about skin care, so that based on that, it will apply the knowledge of wonderful effects from natural beauty products such as herbs wood, natural essence ... to take good care of your skin. Grasping and fully implementing the guidelines from this course, women will own a beautiful and healthy skin without investing too much time, effort and money.

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The content of the Secret Course for Healthy Skin Without Cosmetics - Hoang Cam Ly

Part 1: Correct understanding of skin

Lesson 2: Understanding the right skin
Lesson 2: How is the skin structured?
Lesson: External agents cause skin degradation
Problem: Internal agents affect skin health
Lesson 2: pH and secrets
EXCEPTION: What is your skin?

Part 2: Standard skin care daily

Lesson 2: Standard skin care process every day
EXCEPTION: How to clean it properly or difficult?
EXCEPTION: Effective and safe makeup removal
Lesson 2: Wash your face thoroughly with the product itself
EXCEPTION: What does normal skin need?
EXCEPTION: Is oily skin as bad as you think?
EXCEPTION: Dry skin - how to be comfortable?
Lesson 2: Nature masks and things to note
Lesson 8: Moisturizing mask for dry skin
Lesson 20: Greasy control mask for oily skin
Problem: Skin peeling mask
Post 18: Exfoliating mask
EXCEPTION: Skin protection - The most important step for a healthy skin

Part 3: Handle skin problems with homemade natural products

EXCEPTION: Self-treat acne without leaving the skin deep, scarring
EXCEPTION: Control oil by handmade natural toner
Lesson: The treatment of melasma in the home
EXCEPTION: Keep skin young and old for years
EXCEPTION: Pink-white skin is not difficult
Lesson 2: Tighten pores
Lesson 2: Living with sensitive skin
EXCEPTION: Pure essential oil, companion for beauty at home
28: Beauty sauna
EXCEPTION: Beautiful from head to toe with coconut oil
EXCEPTION: Homemade massage oil, why not?
Lesson 8: Practice

Part 4: Beautiful skin from inside

Lesson 2: Nutrition for non-aged skin
33: Turmeric powder rejuvenates skin
EXHIBITION: Sports for healthy skin
Lesson 8: Summary

Simplified Information Hoang Cam Ly

Lecturer Hoang Cam Ly is currently a manager for a beauty complex including Spa, Hair Salon and Beauty Products Shop.

Being a bachelor of international communication at the Diplomatic Academy of Vietnam, with the opportunity to gain access to the knowledge of natural beauty of domestic and foreign experts, she embarked on sharing the way Beauty from natural ingredients, close ingredients to women.

Mrs. Cam Ly has always worked hard to find the easiest natural beauty methods and recipes to make for busy women who can take care of themselves.

See the Key to Having A Healthy Skin Without Makeup:

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