How to treat blue, red-painted eyelids into smooth, natural new eyelids Standard color 1

How to Handle Blue, Red-Eyeed Eyelids into a Smooth, Natural New Eyelid

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How to Treat Blue, Red-Eyed Eyelids into Naturally Smooth New Eyelids Standard Color 2

Spraying / sculpting eyelids requires estheticians to be very skillful and meticulous in each path because the eyelid contour is very small and thin, even a small negligence can cause eye damage. So Miss Tram students often send questions about eyelid spraying / sculpture.

Today we will discuss about how to handle eyelids for cases of blue, red, or eyelid erasure before refreshing, to have a smooth, natural eyelid!

✳️ Treatment of blue eyelid: Direct inkjet blue processing ink HS-1Ni

✳️ To treat red eyelid color: We will sculpt with red treatment ink directly on the part of the eyelids that are being red, then use the sculpted black color to overlap the part just treated until the black eyelids are back.

✳️ Remove damaged eyelids: There are 3 methods we can perform depending on the situation of damage, and the light weight of old ink:

1. Delete by laser

2. Remove with solution according to European method

3. Spray the skin color on each layer thinly, should be limited this way because the eyelids will smudge not beautiful.

Note: do not make eyelids for guests when they are wearing lenses.

Students study together and study hard!

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