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Blog Share is a sharing section that summarizes all of Miss Tram's experiences in opening spas, spa, beauty, skin care and cosmetic sculpting courses.

More specific when coming to Miss Tram Academy You will be able to share all the know-how, experiences, ... Both theory and practice. Specifically we share the following:

+ All Tattoo spray tutorial - aesthetic sculpture

+ All these Experience in spa business - beauty salon

Is Spraying Tattoo Contact With Chemical?

Miss Tram Academy regularly receives such confidences as being interested in tattooing and also pursuing this career. However, in addition to the worries about tuition fees, the learning process is difficult or not, the issue of ensuring health safety is also ...

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Learning Join Mi Is Hard Or Not

You are passionate about beauty and also want to be beautiful for everyone. You love beautiful eyes with curling lashes. And you want to choose to pursue this job. But you still worry about not learning the vocational ...

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