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Blog Sharing is a shared section that summarizes all Miss Tram's experiences in spa opening, spa vocational courses, beauty, skin care, cosmetic sculpture spray.


More specific when coming to Miss Tram Academy You will be sharing all the secrets, experiences, ... Both theoretical and practical. Specifically we share the following:


+ The whole instructions for tattoo spray - aesthetic sculpture


+ All these Spa business experience - beauty salon

Top 9 Types of Spa Masks For Men

Top 9 Types of Standard Spa Facial Masks for Men 36

With the development of quality of life, men's skin beauty needs are also increasing day by day. By owning a beautiful skin not only increases the attractiveness of the appearance, but also increases the youthfulness and confidence for ...

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Oily skin in men has advantages

How Pros Are Oily Skin in Men 44

Like women, men's skin is also classified into different categories such as oily skin, dry skin, normal skin and combination skin. However, unlike oily sensitive skin of women, oily skin of men has many outstanding advantages ...

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