Top Spa Teaching in Thanh Hoa: Skincare, Cosmetic Tattooing 1

Top Spa Teaching in Thanh Hoa: Skin Care, Cosmetic Tattooing

As society develops, the demand for beauty does not stop for women, but men also pay more attention to this issue. To be able to bring the best services to customers, requires a team of spa staff to be highly skilled and experienced.

But to be highly skilled, you must learn, so where to study? This is also a question that many people today concern. With the article below Miss Tram would like to introduce to you the list of teaching spas in Thanh Hoa, please refer to to make the right choice for me.

Top Spa Teaching in Thanh Hoa: Skincare, Cosmetic Tattooing 2

List of 10 Establishments Training Students In Skin Care, Cosmetic Tattooing In Thanh Hoa.

1. Thu Ha Spa

With over 10 years of experience in spa training in Thanh Hoa, Thu Ha Spa is always a name chosen by many people. By good teaching quality, international standard vocational training process, 100% commitment to create jobs for students after the training.

  • Address: 31 Le Loi Boulevard - P. Lam Son - TP. Thanh Hoa
  • Hotline: 0373 751 045 - 0987 450 336

2. Nhu Ngoc Spa

Come to Nhu Ngoc Spa, students will be taught by dedicated teachers here. Practice with advanced equipment, practice with real samples regularly to improve skills, and many incentives when attending the course here.

  • Address: 653 Bà Triệu - Thanh Hóa City
  • Hotline: 0972 055 005 - 0915 361 111

3. Eva-Beauty Spa

Known as a prestigious and prestigious vocational training address in Thanh Hoa, Eva-Beauty Spa is highly appreciated by many people for owning a modern system of facilities, good teachers, and a well-planned learning route.

  • Address: 109 Doi Cung Street, Truong Thi Ward, City. Thanh Hoa
  • Hotline: 097 224 36 22

4. TMV Beauty Hanoi - Thanh Hóa

Coming to TMV Beauty, students will experience a friendly, modern apprenticeship environment with all of the highest technology machines in cosmetology.

  • Address: 53 Doi Cung - p. Dong Tho - Thanh Hoa City
  • Hotline: 0964 240 002

5. Spa training institute No. 1 Thanh Hoa - Viet Han Beauty

With a good curriculum, good teachers, spacious learning environment, the No. 1 Spa Training Institute in Thanh Hoa - Viet Ha Beauty will be a vocational training address that young people should not ignore.

  • Address: 85 Tô Vĩnh Diện, P. Điện Biên, Thanh Hóa
  • Hotline: 0931 388 538

6. Ha Huong Beauty Salon

Ha Huong Beauty Salon is a vocational training place chosen by many young people in Thanh Hoa because of its good quality of teaching, friendly teachers and especially very affordable costs.

  • Address: Mg2-26 Vincom Shophouse Thanh Hóa (behind the 36-storey vincom building)
  • Hotline 0975.801.748

7. Spa Beauty One

For young people who are passionate about beauty, they can choose Beauty One spa to study. There is enough system of modern facilities, the most advanced, professional curriculum and excellent teachers.

  • Address: 17/01 Chu Văn An, Trường Chinh Ward, TP. Thanh Hoa
  • Hotline: 0823.72.7777

8. Cherry Beauty Salon

Cherry beauty salon is a prestigious spa vocational training place in Thanh Hoa which is highly appreciated by many people for its good training quality, focusing on practice hours in the classroom to improve skills for students.

  • 21b Nguyen Trung Truc, Tan Son Ward, Thanh Hoa City (At the side of Tay Thanh market)
  • 234b - Quarter 4, Yen Cat Town, Nhu Xuan District, Thanh Hoa Province
  • Road 217 Vinh Long, Vinh Loc, Thanh Hoa
  • Hotline: 0989802998 & 0989859192

9. Thu Cuc Clinic

Too familiar with many young people who love spa careers in Thanh Hoa, Thu Cuc Clinic is a professional spa training address with many facilities nationwide. There is a modern system of facilities, good curriculum, excellent teachers, and many attractive incentives.

  • Address: Lot 11, Phan Chu Trinh Street, Dien Bien Ward, Thanh Hoa City
  • Hotline: 0964080999

10. Saigon Xinh Spa

Saigon Xinh Spa is also one of the prestigious spa vocational training addresses in Thanh Hoa, which is trusted by many people. With the curriculum designed professionally, methodically, giving students the best experience.

  • Address: 98A Dinh Cong Trang, Thanh Hoa City
  • Hotline: 0968 865 095

Top Spa Teaching in Thanh Hoa: Skincare, Cosmetic Tattooing 3

With so many job-training addresses, it sure won't be easy for you to choose right away? Miss Tram would like to suggest to you extremely useful tips that help you choose a prestigious and quality vocational training place quickly and easily.

  • Find out if this industry is right for you?
  • How much is tuition? Are there any costs in the process?
  • How is the study time?
  • Study location - examination location - degree location.
  • The value of a degree granted after graduation.
  • Specific curriculum
  • Post-course support policies
  • A written commitment is required.

To better understand the above notes, you can refer to the article here: Experience In Selecting A Spa Appointment, A Cosmetic Tattooing For Beginners

Top Spa Teaching in Thanh Hoa: Skincare, Cosmetic Tattooing 4

Catching the trend of online spa apprenticeship at home, Miss Tram would like to introduce to you the online embroidery sculpting course with the same quality as offline learning because the study route is designed for online and special learning. is the cost is too soft offline.

This course is suitable for students such as:

  • People who love and want to stick with the job of Cosmetic Tattoo Eyebrow - Eyelid - Lip.
  • People who want to become a professional tattooist.
  • People planning to open a spa at home / a beauty salon offer Eyebrow tattoo - Eyelid - Lip service.
  • Spa managers want to cultivate in-depth knowledge about cosmetic tattoo spray.
  • People do not have specific directions when self-taught cosmetic tattoo spray on the internet.
  • There is no time to study directly at the academy / center classes.
  • Want flexibility in location and study time.

Top Spa Teaching in Thanh Hoa: Skincare, Cosmetic Tattooing 5

With this course, you can feel secure when accompanying you during the learning process Master Dong Bao Tram with a team of experienced experts of Miss Tram. Will support, guide and answer any questions for you.

Besides, you also have the opportunity to meet and exchange with other students / lecturers / KTV via internet, group chat, fanpage, forum ... of Miss Tram Academy. From there, increase interactivity, help you exchange knowledge about cosmetic tattoo spray with Lecturers, colleagues and friends to increase progress.

In particular, students are also granted an account VIP, have the right to learn all online courses (skin care, cosmetic tattoo spray, makeup, nail, ...) of Miss Tram internal. And more time 4-10 days practice at the Center to help strengthen skills and effective skills again.

Miss Tram's aesthetic sculpting and embroidery course will help solve all problems:

  • Cost
  • Flexible learning time
  • The textbook is easy to learn, easy to remember and easy to practice
  • Having a stable job, opening a high-income shop
  • UPDATE KNOWLEDGE regularly during the course of the profession without any extra cost.

It sounds too good to hear, isn't it? A course with enough utilities that few other places have. So what are you waiting for, if you are interested in this course, you can refer to the details here: Course Of Embroidery Embroidery Beauty Sculpture Online - Why Not?

Don't waste your time on poor-quality vocational training addresses or hopelessly searching for a place to study. Refer to the information that Miss Tram has shared above to find the most suitable apprenticeship address for me. Share the article to let your friends know.

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