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Top Skincare Training, Cosmetic Tattoo In Bac Giang

It is no coincidence that young people today are more interested in studying beauty, especially skin care and tattoo spray. Because this is one of the industries assessed to have the opportunity to develop, as well as "make money" the most today. Although the number of students per year is up to thousands, but the number of successful people is quite modest, do you know why?

The main reason here is that you have not selected the right quality and prestigious training institution. Because understanding this problem, the article below Miss Tram will introduce you to the list of reputable cosmetic skin care and tattoo training facilities in Bac Giang today. Stay tuned!

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Top Skincare Training, Cosmetic Tattoo In Bac Giang

1. Hansoha Beauty Salon

Hansoha Beauty Institute always innovates and applies the most advanced technology in the teaching process, in order to bring the best results to students. So you not only master the knowledge but also learn many skills needed at work.

  • Address: 322 Nguyen Thi Luu, Ngo Quyen Ward, Bac Giang
  • Phone: 0981.619.998

2. Spa Tokyo

Spa Tokyo owns a team of lecturers with long-term teaching experience abroad, so be sure to choose this address you will learn a lot of great knowledge.

  • Address: 92 Thanh Thien, Le Loi Ward, Bac Giang
  • Phone: 0964,875,500

3. Royal Spa

In addition to applying the technology of the new generation to the teaching process, Royal Spa always upgrades and improves the teaching method so that students can give the most useful lessons.

  • Address: Số 183 Hoàng Văn Thụ, Hoàng Văn Thụ Ward, Bắc Giang Province
  • Phone: 0971.523.633

4. Luu Anh Beauty Spa & Clinic

Here, you will have access to a lot of advanced and modern techniques. Along with that, is the thorough instruction and thorough guidance from theory to practice of a team of experienced and skilled teachers.

  • Address: Shophouse Đại Hoàng Sơn, Bắc Giang
  • Phone: 0393.910.910

5. Sunflower Spa

When studying at Sunflower Spa you will be taught and guided by the teachers in the most dedicated way. At the same time, you will be answered all questions, and absolutely will not miss any of the smallest details.

  • Address: 224 Hoang Van Thu, Hoang Van Thu Ward, Bac Giang
  • Phone: 0971,632,616

6. Bloom Spa

Bloom Spa's courses are designed to give students the most scientific and quality beauty treatments. The curriculum here often adheres to international standards in beauty and aesthetics.

  • Address: Lot 26 + 27, Shophouse Dai Hoang Son, Bac Giang
  • Phone: 0868.618.128

7. Queen Spa

Queen Spa will give you the most in-depth knowledge of skincare and tattooing, so you can confidently work as an esthetician at major spas and salons.

  • Address: 29 Le Duc Trung, Tieu Khu 4, Yen Dung, Bac Giang
  • Phone: 0988.186.324

8. Korea Spa & Beauty

Teachers at Korea Spa & Beauty are all people with years of teaching experience, practical work and high expertise.

  • Address: 387A Lê Lợi, Hoàng Văn Thụ Ward, Bắc Giang Province
  • Phone: 0985.576.566

9. Thu Cuc Clinic

Thu Cuc Clinic has a large team of highly qualified, experienced and extremely qualified lecturers.

  • Address: No. 617 - 619 Le Loi Street, Dinh Ke Ward, Bac Giang
  • Phone: 1900.1920

10. Ngoc Tam Beauty Salon

Ngoc Tam not only owns modern and advanced machines, but also the teaching staff here are also "terrible". Ngoc Tam owns a team of highly qualified teachers, long-term teaching experience, each classroom and training many students.

  • Address: Số 3A Ngõ 134 Lê Lợi, Phường Lê Lợi, Bắc Giang
  • Phone: 0974.696.884

Choosing a reputable, quality vocational training institution among hundreds of thousands of names is not simple, right? So, in order to choose the right place to send your dreams and passions, you need to pay attention to the following:

  • Results and achievements of the location of your choice.
  • The reputation of the establishment.
  • Does the center have a large number of students, how are the previous trainees assessed?
  • Is the training school's facilities good?
  • Lecturers like?
  • Training curriculum
  • Qualified degrees and quality?
  • Employment situation after the course ends.
  • The support programs of the course.

Top Skincare Training, Cosmetic Tattoo In Bac Giang 2

If you have a great passion and want to pursue a career in cosmetic tattooing, but you cannot go directly to the center because there are no conditions, do not worry. By Miss Tram's online cosmetic tattooing course, you will be able to solve these concerns.

Online cosmetic spray classes at Miss Tram help open a new "door" for those who are passionate about beauty but have many limitations or no conditions.

However, many people believe that online course does not bring good quality as offline course. But you know what, that completely wrong thinking. With Miss Tram "point out" the benefits of participating in this useful and effective course:

Help save time:

  • Online cosmetic tattoo spraying course helps you be more flexible with your time. Because you will not take too much time to move, nor will you be confined or influenced by anyone.
  • You will be able to arrange your own schedule with Course Management at the morning - afternoon - evening ... or any time of the day.
  • You need to have a technological electronic device with a strong internet connection. So, wherever you are, you can join a class

Help save costs: Compared to studying directly at the center, the online cosmetic tattooing course is considered as a solution that you can save the maximum cost. Because you absolutely do not have to pay expenses such as travel, premises, lecturers, meals, accommodations, ...

Highly interactive and connected:

  • When registering for an online cosmetic tattooing course, you will have the opportunity to meet and exchange with other students, lecturers and KTVs via the internet, group chat, fanpage, forums, ... of Miss Tram Academy.
  • Help increase the interaction, so you can exchange knowledge about cosmetic tattoo spray with teachers, siblings and friends to grow and improve together.

Proficient not inferior to offline courses:

  • Although it is an online course, the quality is not inferior to that of an offline course. Because Miss Tram always has a team of trainers who will always accompany you throughout the learning process. From there you can promote your best ability to the best.
  • If in the course of the course you have a problem of not understanding, then be brave to ask questions, the teaching staff will answer your questions as soon as possible.
  • After each lesson, you will go through a practical exercise so that the teacher can base on how you assess your skills.
  • After the online cosmetology course finishes, students will have about 4 - 10 days to practice at the center. This helps students to strengthen their skills and improve their skills.

With the super cool benefits that Miss Tram's online cosmetic tattooing course brings to you, you can make the choice, as well as your own decision, right?

Top Skincare Training, Beauty Salon In Bac Giang 3

Choosing a training facility is not as difficult as many people often think, the important thing is that you are looking for the right place and the right direction. Because if you choose the wrong training institution, the result that you get back is only nil. So, before making the final decision you need to find out and consider carefully! If you are still wondering and do not know how to choose, you can refer to the following article: Spa Learning Experience - How to Choose a Good Beauty Training Site?

Hopefully, with the information Miss Tram shared above will help you choose the right training facility.

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