Tips for Spraying Your Eyebrow and Lips for Diabetics 1

Recipes Spraying Eyebrows and Lips For People With Diabetes

Notes For Mild People With Diabetes Wanting To Spray Eyebrow - Lips.

Tips for Spraying Your Eyebrow and Lips for Diabetes 2

Today, learners and Miss Tram learn about the topic: "The note for customers with mild diabetes who perform cosmetic tattooing"!

When you encounter this situation, you should handle the following:

- Learn carefully about the severe / mild condition of diabetes. If your diabetes is high, you should advise your client not to perform cosmetic tattooing methods as this can cause complications.

- For customers with stable glycemic index and HbA1c, which are within the range of possible progress, however, it should be noted:

+ Ensure absolute safety and sterility of equipment, health care, tattoo spraying equipment.

+ Stable workmanship, light needle force to avoid damaging the skin.

+ Maintain a stable psychological, definitive movements, do not do it too many times for cosmetic tattooing area of people with diabetes

More information about diabetes that KTV should know:

  • Diabetes (diabetes) is a group of medical conditions, caused by disorders of insulin metabolism in the body, leading to high blood sugar.
  • Diabetes has many levels, with cases with low glycemic index, maintaining a stable blood sugar level and without any complications of diabetes, it is possible to tattoo, sculpting aesthetic.

Hopefully, the above sharing will help students "pocket" useful knowledge to support in the learning process, bringing beauty to everyone.


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