Exchange of Asia & Europe's latest aesthetic tattoo spray technique 1

Exchange of Asia & Europe's latest aesthetic tattoo spray technique in Vietnam

The latest techniques of cosmetic tattoo industry will be available at the Workshop "Sharing the latest experiences and techniques in Asian & European tattoo industry, the turning point of successful tattoo artist" took place on May 16, 2018.

Are you a fan of tattoo and cosmetic industry? You are active in the field of tattoo and cosmetic but have not had the opportunity to learn the latest European & Asian techniques? You will achieve those dreams when participating in "Asia-Europe's best cosmetic and cosmetic spray sharing workshop of famous Masters".

The latest techniques of cosmetic tattoo spray industry, performances by leading experts will be in the Summit of the latest Asian & European cosmetic tattoo spraying techniques of famous Masters. combining cultural exchanges of 3 countries Vietnam - Thailand - Korea. The seminar will take place with the theme: "Sharing the latest experiences and techniques in Asian & European tattoo industry, the turning point of successful tattoo artists" on May 16, 2018. This is a series of interesting and useful activities to spread and spread the industry's most advanced technologies and techniques to those who love and work on cosmetic tattoo spray.


5 cosmetic spray experts perform in the Workshop: Master Kan - Master Thien Kim - Master Kevin Le - MasterJo Ha Na - Master Jong Tae Ha

The workshop was organized by Asian Cosmetic Tattooing Association and Mrs Ngoc Anh. This is an opportunity for those who love the aesthetic spray industry to learn the latest technology of Asia & Europe: Pencil Effect eyebrow spray, Thai eyebrow sculpture, European eyebrow sculpture with Shading ... At the same time, watch live the leading experts of Vietnam, Korea and Thailand showcasing the most modern and advanced techniques of the industry. In particular, this is also an opportunity for you to learn, explore the cultural beauty of 3 countries Vietnam, Korea and Thailand, meet and exchange experts and connect with world-famous institutions. .

In this seminar, there will be the participation of many experts in sculpture embroidery industry of Vietnam, Korea & Thailand such as Master Jong Tea Ha (Korea), Master Jo Ha Na (Korea), Master Kan. (Thailand), Master Thien Kim (Vietnam), Master Kevin Le (Vietnam) ... In particular, these are the leading experts known for their talent in the cosmetic tattoo industry. Moreover, the experts are also from world-renowned academies.


Content, time, and official venue of the Workshop

With only VND 1,900,000, each participant will have the opportunity to meet, exchange, learn and watch live experts present the latest techniques in Asian and European tattoo spray industry with the process. virtuosity. These are the latest techniques that many people in this field expect to have the opportunity to learn. In particular, two famous Masters from Korea are Ms. Jo Ha Na (Principal of Mac Academy of Korea) and Mr. Jong Tea Ha (CEO of Miso Beauty Korea) will apply bald hair weaving techniques with knives and bald hair transplanting techniques with real hair; Master Thien Kim, who has many years of experience and has inspired thousands of Vietnamese tattoo artists to perform the Pencil Effect eyebrow spraying technique; Master Kan is the CEO of Thailand Eyebrows Studi Academt demonstrating Thai eyebrow sculpture technique; Master Kevin Le - talented guy, Director of Kein Le Academy Academy - will perform European eyebrow sculpting techniques with Shading.

At the same time, after the seminar, the participants will receive an international certificate of advanced technology certification issued by the Asian Cosmetic Tattoo Association, with the signatures of experts. At the same time, members will have the opportunity to connect with the number 1 beauty training center of Thailand, Korea and Vietnam.

In particular, members also have the opportunity to draw prizes, prizes worth up to 20,000,000 VND. And there will be a luxurious and nutritious Buffet party after the seminar for members to enjoy as well as meet, exchange and exchange with leading experts in the industry.

The workshop will take place from 9am to 6pm on May 16, 2018 at Bao Son International Hotel (50 Nguyen Chi Thanh, Hanoi). Quickly register to receive tickets to the seminar and see the top experts in the tattoo industry perform.

Time and venue for the Workshop:

Time: 09:00 - 18:00 on 16/5/2018

Place : Bao Son International Hotel - 50 Nguyen Chi Thanh - Hanoi

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