Learn Personal Makeup At Home With Tina Nguyen

What will you learn with the course "Learn Personal Makeup At Nha With Tina Nguyen"?

+ From ignorant about make-up, you can apply makeup for yourself and others right after 5 day

+ Perfect skin care for the most beautiful makeup

+ Basic personal makeup steps at home

+ Natural makeup style, gentle fit to work, go out

+ The trend of makeup Thailand charm orange brown tones are popular

+ The sweet makeup for the eye girl 1 eyelid

+ Create V-line blocks for slim face

+ How to wear makeup when wearing long dresses

Training subjects

+ People who want to make up for themselves and others

+ People who want to become makeup artists

+ Girls want to be more beautiful

Introduce the course

+ "Beautiful women have gifts", which is a woman who always cares about her appearance. Everyone wants to appear in front of everyone with the best image. Therefore, the current makeup movement is very much interested by women and takes time to learn new beauty trends.

+ You love natural makeup with 1 vitality-covered skin?

+ You don't know anything about make up but always want to appear beautiful in front of everyone?

+ Thai makeup style, beating blocks helps V-line slim face make you desire?

+ Every time you have a special occasion, you have to ask your loved one to make up or hire a make-up person at a small cost?

+ Sometimes you make your own make-up style but the result is a thick face, hitting the eyes like "punched by someone", pale lip color does not match the overall face?

+ But do you know? All you want to know about makeup: basically from the skincare step and the simplest makeup steps, to the Korean, Thai makeup style and the V-line block are all guided carefully by Tina Nguyen - make-up expert is trusted by many celebrities.

+ From someone who does not know anything about makeup, you can make up for yourself to go out, take photos, go to a party, ... even make up for others and be a great foundation if you want to Become a makeup expert.

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course content

Part 1: Personal makeup style at home

EXCEPTION: Usage and use of makeup kits
Lesson: Skin care for beautiful and smooth skin
EXCEPTION: How to brush the lining
EXCEPTION: How to beat the smooth and perfect foundation
Lesson 2: How to make chalk so smooth and free from chalk
Lesson 20: How to draw eyebrows in the standard ratio
Lesson 2: How to spread eye color
EXCEPTION: How to clamp the eyelids, long and curled masscara
Lesson 20: How to create a block and play a blush
EXCEPTION: How to apply lipstick to your lips to be full and natural

Part 2: The most natural basic makeup steps for girls who first learn makeup

Lesson 2: Steps to clean skin and apply lotion
Lesson 2: How to apply the most natural foundation and cream
EXCEPTION: How to brush concealer and create high-light blocks
Lesson 2: How to cover chalk
Lesson 2: How to draw beautiful eyebrows and eyelashes naturally
EXCEPTION: How to spread beautiful natural color eyes
Lesson 2: How to clip eyelashes and masscara pins
Post 18: How to create high nose and cheek chalk
Lesson 2: How to makeup sexy lips

Part 3: Style of make up V-line face blocks

EXCEPTION: Cleaning method defines facial points to create blocks
Lesson 2: How to spread the chalk layer
Lesson 8: How to type in the background
Lesson 2: Create blocks for V-line faces
EXCEPTION: Powder and powder for V-line face

Part 4: Thai makeup style

Lesson 2: Introducing Thai makeup style
EXCEPTION: How to brush the primer and foundation
Lesson 27: Conceal the dark light on the face
EXCEPTION: Brush the cheeks and draw the eyebrows in Thai style
EXCEPTION: Eye base and eye color coordination
EXCEPTION: Natural high light drawing
Lesson 2: Paint lipstick

Part 5: Makeup style for the eyes of the eyes with eyelids

Lesson 8: Clean the face and brush the first liner
EXCEPTION: Brush concealer foundation and make blocks for the nose and cheekbones
Post 34: Cover high light chalk and draw eyebrows
Lesson 2: Draw the eye base and cover the eyeshadow
EXCEPTION: Round chalk and draw pink lips

Part 6: Dressing style

Lesson 8: First primer
LESSON X: Create blocks for the face
EXCEPTION: Color the eyes and the lashes
EXCEPTION: Drawing the high nose and curved eyebrows
EXCEPTION: Pour the pink cheeks and apply youthful lipstick in the style of long dress

Information of Trainers:

Tina Nguyen has experience in the profession of 20 years of experience in makeup and hairdressing

Specialist at Tina's Hair & Makeup Beauty

See Home Personal Makeup Course:

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