Guide to Personal Makeup Skills with Ruby Ngoc


What do you learn with the course? Art of personal makeup - Celebrate your own beauty?

Description of course Personal Skills Tutorial with Ruby Ngoc


- The course gives you basic knowledge about skin care before and after makeup. How to distinguish and choose to buy cosmetics suitable for each type of skin in makeup.

- Learn about the use of makeup brushes and how to preserve them after use.

- Implementing the basic makeup techniques at home with style from gentle, natural when working, going to play but also very gorgeous when going to a party.

Requirements of the course

- Quiet environment

- Computer with internet connection

- There are optional tools and cosmetics. Stable internet connection.

Benefits from the course

- From a person who may not know anything about makeup, after experiencing the course, you can confidently make up at home for yourself to go out, go to a party without having to spend time to shop like before. and you can even makeup for others.

- This is also the original basic platform for you to become a professional make up in the future.


- All women love beauty and want to look radiant, attractive, etc.

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Curriculum Course Personal Skills Makeup With Ruby Ngoc

Part 1: Learn about your skin

Lesson 8: Introduction of lecturers and courses

Lesson 2: How to identify skin types

Lesson 2: How to take care of the front and back skin

EXCEPTION: Choose makeup products suitable for each skin type

Part 2: Learn about the use of each type of cosmetics and makeup tools

Introduction: Introduce common cosmetics & preservation methods

Introduction: Introduce makeup tools & preservation methods

Part 3: Basic makeup steps for outings and offices

Lesson 2: Techniques for creating hightlight blocks & blushing

Lesson 8: Identify the eyes

Lesson 2: Principles of color eye color

Lesson 2: Note when drawing eyeliner

11: The perfect way to make ice cream

Lesson 2: How to create face blocks, smooth chalk cover

Lesson 2: How to draw a eyebrow in a standard scale

Lesson 2: Complete eye makeup

Lesson 2: How to put a lipstick & a pink cheek

Part 4: Shaping makeup style when going to a party

Lesson 5: Background page & highlight for day party

Lesson 2: How to create a high nose bridge

Lesson 20: How to use powder coating

Lesson 2: How to draw eyebrows & eyelids

Lesson 20: Complete eye makeup for day parties

Lesson 2: Technique of false eyelashes

Lesson 2: Complete party and night makeup

Part 5: Summary

Lesson 20: Summary of the course

Information of Trainers:

Makeup artist works at Ruby Make up & Hair, is collaborating on making up for a few wedding studios in Ho Chi Minh City, participating in teaching personal and professional bridal makeup classes.

Keep up to date with the latest makeup trends to improve your skills, share beauty experiences. Having an intense passion for make up for women expresses with all the feelings of the heart when honoring the individual features on the face to help them shine - That is the happiness of one makeup artist.

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