Instructions on Personal Makeup Skills with Ruby Ngoc 1

Guide Personal Makeup Skills With Ruby Ngoc

What do you learn with the course? The art of personal makeup - Honoring your own beauty?

Course Description How to Make Personal Makeup Skills With Ruby Ngoc


- The course gives you basic knowledge about skin care before and after makeup. How to distinguish and choose suitable cosmetics for each skin type in makeup.

- Learn the effects of makeup brushes and how to store them after use.

- Implement basic makeup techniques at home with styles from gentle, natural when working, going out but also very splendid when going to a party.

Requirements of the course

- Quiet environment

- Computer with internet connection

- Optional tools and cosmetics available. Stable internet connection.

Benefit from the course

- From someone who may not know anything about makeup, after experiencing the course you can confidently make up at home for yourself to hang out, go to parties without having to spend time to go to the shop like before And you can even put makeup on others.

- This is also the basic foundation for those who want to become a makeup artist in the future.


- All women love beauty and want to look always radiant, attractive, etc.

Course Curriculum Guiding Personal Makeup Skills With Ruby Ngoc

Part 1: Learn about your skin

Lesson 1: Introduction of lecturers and courses

Lesson 2: How to identify skin types

Lesson 3: How to care for facial skin before and after makeup

Lesson 4: Choose makeup cosmetics suitable for each skin type

Part 2: Learn about the use of each type of cosmetics, makeup tools

Lesson 5: Introducing common cosmetics & preservation

Lesson 6: Introducing makeup tools & storage

Part 3: Basic makeup steps for going out and working

Lesson 7: Techniques to create hightlight & blush

Lesson 8: Eye recognition

Lesson 9: Principle of eye color

Lesson 10: Note when drawing eyeliner

Lesson 11: How to perfect foundation cream

Lesson 12: How to create a face block, smooth chalking

Lesson 13: How to draw eyebrows in standard ratios

Lesson 14: Completing eye makeup

Lesson 15: How to apply lipstick & apply blush

Part 4: Shaping your makeup style when going to a party

Lesson 16: Makeup background & highlight for party day

Lesson 17: How to create a high nose bridge

Lesson 18: How to use chalk

Lesson 19: How to draw eyebrows & eyelids

Lesson 20: Improving eye makeup for the party day

Lesson 21: Technique of attaching fake eyelashes

Lesson 22: Completing makeup for the day and night

Part 5: Summary

Lesson 23: Summary of the course

Lecturer Information:

The makeup artist working at Ruby Make up & Hair, is collaborating on makeup for a few wedding studios in Ho Chi Minh City, taking part in teaching individual makeup classes and professional brides.

Constantly updated the latest makeup trends to improve skills, share beauty experience. There is a strong passion in the make-up work for women who express with all their heart's feelings when being honored with their own facial lines that help them shine - It is the happiness of a makeup artist.

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