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Mysterious Course 04 Potential Factor Increases Beauty Industry Sales

It is obvious now that it is the business in the beauty industry very much, has come to the beginning of saturation, although the demand for beauty is still increasing. It is simply that demand is increasing, but beauty and beauty centers sprouting countless, so too supply. So how can we still grow sustainably in the fierce beauty market war today? Below are introductions and videos of the course highlighting the mystery of the most sought-after element to boost sales in a sustainable way in the beauty industry. Follow the summary of the content below. This is an internal documentary course video, online learning for all members and students Miss Tram Academy.

Introducing the Course of Potentials for Increase Sales in Beauty Industry:

Currently, most businesses in the beauty field have not applied marketing to their jobs. Finding and attracting customers, few customers and low turnover are great worries of business owners. The course will provide training on marketing tips to help businesses break through revenue and develop sustainably.

You will learn from the course of potential factors in the beauty industry sales

+ The principle of increasing revenue sustainably for my business

+ Own the secret of building for me Personal brand is an expert in thousands

+ Helping Corporate Brand stand out in its market

+ Build a professional and effective online marketing and customer care system

Course content:

Part 1: The mistakes lead to Bankruptcy of the Spa owners

Hotline: 1 Spa master type

Lesson 2: Study for Thanh Cong Spa business

Lesson: The Spa business model is less effective

Post 4: High-performance Spa business model

Part 2: 4 stage sustainable customer attraction

Post 5: Stage XNXX: Help customers Know businesses

Lesson 2: Stage XNXX: Helping customers Like businesses

Lesson 2: Stage XNXX: Helping customers Corporate news

Post 8: Stage XNXX: Help customers Buy goods and use services

Part 3: The mistakes lead to bankruptcy of Spa owners

Lesson: Mistake 9 - The Spa owner works with the employees

Problem: Mistake 10 - Spa owners often blame their employees

- The owner of the spa thought - Marketing is just running ads and finishing

Lesson 2: Mistake 12 - Hurry to sell immediately to cold customers

Lesson: Mistake 13 - Do not train personnel to consult selling services at Spa

Lesson 2: Mistakes 14 - Want high revenue but low budget payment

Part 4: Strategies to help Spa develop sustainably

Lesson 8: Strategies to set a big goal

Lesson 2: Strategize big fish in small ponds

EXCEPTION: Funnel System - How to collect more money from 17 customers

Post 18: Create a Bait service

Lesson 2: Create a primer table

Part 5: Channels to create customers for Spa

Lesson 2: How to create online and offline customers

Post 21: Attract customers with Facebook profile page at the cost of 0đ - Part 1

Post 22: Attract customers with Facebook profile page at the cost of 0đ - Part 2

Post 23: Fanpage development stages

Part 6: The secret to increasing sales for Spa

EXUMX: Illusion Art in Spa Branding

Lesson 2: Practical methods to increase the percentage of Buy Part 25

EXCEPTION: Increasing the actual method helps to increase the percentage of Purchasing Part XNXX

Lesson 8: Focus on Details to Increase Revenue

Post 28: Read customer name to Increase Revenue

Lesson 2: Dimension of Customers to Increase revenue

Part 7: Sales consultant - Increase purchase rate

Lesson 2: The mentality of a consultant

Lesson 8: The factor that makes a successful consultant

Lesson 32: When advice is appropriate and customers can buy the most?

Lesson 33: Advisory script? What to say at the right time?

Lesson 2: Roadmap for selling services for customers to easily spend money

Part 8: Action

Lesson 8: Summarize the course

See Mysterious Course 04 Potential Factor Increasing Beauty Industry Sales

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