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Course Of Simple Cosmetic Tattooing - Thuy Hoang

What You Will Get When Joining Course Of Cosmetic Tattooing Is Simple With Thuy Hoang?

Course description of Cosmetic Tattooing


Beauty is the concern of almost all of our women. Especially in Asia where we live - the element of feng shui, the anthropology is always on top. On the face of the woman, the prime minister has been studied deeply and clearly and has been applied in cosmetic tattoo spray.

On the market today, there are many beauty facilities, beauty salons, spas, but not all of them can apply to the beauty of the humanities to apply beauty techniques. Modern art to create harmony, feng shui especially create accents on the face.

Coming to this course, you have the opportunity to experience with a new job - a job that is always hot with high income levels, because as the society grows, the demand for beauty is increasing. And this is also the course that gives you basic knowledge in beauty according to anthropology - a necessary knowledge when you are trying to overcome the facial imperfections.

And now you are invited to the main content of the Basic Cosmetic Spray course!

Part 1: - Overview of aesthetic spray art

Part 2: - Spraying the eyebrows

Part 3: - Spray Lips

Part 4: - Eyelid Spray

Part 5: - How to mix colors

Part 6: - Career conscience

Benefit from the course

- After the course, learners will have background knowledge about cosmetic tattoo spray according to the anthropology.

- Learn and practice the right techniques students will become high-end beauty experts without using numbness, creating natural beauty, beauty according to the school's anthropology.


- Subjects apprenticeship.

- Workers know the job but not yet trained

Curriculum Course of Cosmetic Tattooing

Part 1: Overview of aesthetic spray art

 Lesson 1: Introduction to the course

 Lesson 2: Overview of aesthetic spray art

 Lesson 3: The necessary tools in cosmetic spray

 Lesson 4: How to sharpen a pencil

 Lesson 5: The natural element must be respected

 Lesson 6: Things to know after cosmetic spray

Part 2: Eyebrows

 Lesson 7: The theory of eyebrows

 Lesson 8: The appropriate shape

 Lesson 9: Shaving eyebrows for customers

 Lesson 10: Mold-making techniques

 Lesson 11: Tips for identifying eyebrows

 Lesson 12: Eyebrow spray technique

Part 3: How to mix colors and spray lips, eyelids

 Lesson 13: How to mix colors

 Lesson 14: The theory of lips

 Lesson 15: Lip spray technique

 Lesson 16: Repeat the advice after lip spray

 Lesson 17: The theory of eyes

 Lesson 18: Practicing eyelids

Part 4 Conscience ethics

 Lesson 19: Professional ethics

Lecturer Information:

Hoang Thuy Hieu - pen name is Thuy Hoang is an expert, a teacher of the Department of Cosmetic Tattooing

Having worked at Hoai Anh Beauty Salon Co., Ltd., is one of the first places in the country to apply anthropology to beauty and respect the natural beauty.

Won the title of Golden Hand for Community Beauty, Golden Rose for Vietnamese Beauty

Currently working at JSC Commercial Service Training Production Cosmetic Gia Ngan, headquartered at 18 alley 35, An Duong street, Yen Phu ward, Tay Ho district, Ho Chi Minh City. Hanoi - a place specializing in cosmetic spraying, spa and beauty and technology transfer

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