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Experience Experience Natural Fine Powder Eyebrow Spray

Sharing Techniques Of Beautiful Natural Powder Eyebrow Spraying

Powder spraying is not a new technology, but it still catches the attention of women, because it brings sharp eyebrows, brightens the face at a relatively soft cost. For perfect eyebrow spray after all angles, please note the following techniques.

1. Powder spraying technique and its advantages

Powder spraying is the method of using an embroidery machine with a specially designed needle tip, bringing the ink to the skin in a preformatted format. Compared with traditional tattoo spraying, powder spraying creates toner in the shape of eyebrows and swept towards the tail. After spraying, the eyebrows are also covered with a super fine powder, creating incredibly harmonious, natural colors and lines.

Experience Experience Fine Natural Powder Eyebrow Spray 2

At one time, powdered eyebrow spray became the hottest trend with a large number of customers applying beauty. Although currently the aesthetic industry has updated many advanced beauty technologies, powdered eyebrow powder still has a solid position and continues to attract customers.

With this form of beauty, girls will save eyebrow time, own a natural eyebrow shape and match the face. Powder spreads are particularly suitable for those who often have to wear makeup, because with their sharpness it will help the overall face more balanced and prominent.

Spraying powder can be done quickly, over time you do not have the phenomenon of color change, do not cause pain and time spent on convalescence, moreover the cost is soft with many different customers. Because of these advantages, powder spraying will continue to conquer customers.

2. Want the best powder eyebrow, when spraying you need to do?

Bringing customers the ultimate beautiful, harmonious and standard results is the mission of professional tattoo sprayers. Want to do so, in the process of implementation we must pay attention to do the following:

powder spraying techniques

  • Choose the right color for guests

The color of flour now has a lot of variety with tones such as chocolate, brown, moss brown and dark brown, ... And not everyone fits all tones. Based on customer preferences, skin color and their hair color, you will advise to choose the best powder color. We must not follow trends but choose to rush because it can ruin the appearance of our customers.

  • Use only quality ink

Both spray ink and powder coatings must be carefully selected, avoiding the use of poor quality products, mixing impurities. The use of ink jet is not guaranteed can make the color up is not standard, darker eyebrows, prone to oxidation of color and even make customers metal poisoning.

It is best to use toner and powder extracted from herbs, creating the most harmonious and natural beauty for you.

Note: How to Make Ink Color Ink Eyebrow Beauty As You Want

  • Powder spread technique for eyebrows

In theory, when spraying eyebrow shape is about 80%, we will proceed to use super smooth powder to spread evenly on the eyebrows and anneal color.

However, the implementation process can be flexible in the following ways:

  • Mix the flour with water level and spray normally. Then incubate for 15 minutes.
  • Spray water level is 80%, mix flour into mix, then spray. Then incubate for 15 minutes.
  • Mix eyebrow powder thoroughly with water to make ink and spray normally, finally rub powder into eyebrows and incubate color for 10-15 minutes.

Please apply well the above sharing of Miss Tram Academy To bring to your customers true eyebrow spray powder spread really you!

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