Technical Guideline for glue to help durable and long-lasting eyelash extensions 1

Technical Guidance for glue to help durable and long lasting eyelash extensions

Technical Guidance for glue to help durable and long lasting eyelash extensions

One of the extremely important techniques in the Eyelash extensions course is Getting the eyelash extensions right, only by doing the right steps and each technique will make your eyelashes last longer, thereby giving customers A pair of eyes with sharp, sharp, impressive lashes.

Technical Guideline for glue to help durable and long lasting eyelashes. 2Colloidal technique helps eyelash extensions to be durable and long-lasting

Let's Miss Tram check the procedure for getting eyelash extensions right!

1. How to dot and get glue properly

  • You place the eyelash at an angle of 45 degrees, absolutely do not plug the eyelash vertically to glue.
  • Lift the eyelashes up, push the eyelashes down from the top and then slowly draw them horizontally, at an angle of 45 degrees.
  • The speed of drawing the eyelashes is moderate, slow and even. too fast, the lashes stick to a piece of glue on it, too slow then the lashes will not attach any glue.
  • The principle of glue drops is to dry from the bottom to the top, so you absolutely do not dot the eyelashes deep under the glue drops because then there will be a dry, lumpy glue clinging to the eyelash.
  • You take the glue at the top and middle of the glue drop because it is the freshest glue, ensuring the durability of the glue.

2. What is the standard glue for eyelashes?

It is on the eyelashes that glue like the droplets of dew that fall on the eyelashes, so that the amount of new glue spreads on the eyelashes to create a strong adhesion on the eyelashes.

3. How to get glue for Mi Classic and Mi Volume

  • With Classic lashes: You get glue from 2-3mm from the base of the false lashes.
  • With mi Volume: You get glue does not exceed the intersection of the fan mi fiber, and the distance from that intersection a short distance.

4. Some habits and mistakes when taking glue

  • A lot of you have the habit of putting glue on it, then flipping it up. This technique is completely wrong of you.
  • A lot of you, after putting on the glue, seeing that there is too much glue on the lashes, turning on the cotton pad or anything to reduce the glue, this is completely wrong, you should throw away the thread. Go there and make a new eyelash.

May Miss Tram students pocket this important knowledge and increasingly succeed in their work !!!!
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