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Cosmetic Tattoo Salon Open Law

Opportunities for development as well as income generation for cosmetic tattooing are huge. And if you have enough experience, expertise and a certain amount of capital, it is recommended to open a tattoo shop yourself. However, to open a tattoo shop you need to meet many factors. In which the first factor you need to pay attention to is compliance with the law. So what does the law of opening aesthetic tattoo salon need? Please refer to the following article of Miss Tram Academy ok

Cosmetic Tattoo Salon Open Law

With the modern development like today, the need for beauty, care and improvement of defects on the body is very large. One of the services that many people choose today is the spray of cosmetic tattoo. It is a way to help people get a sharp eyebrow, bright pink lips, big round eyes, attractive.

The law of beauty salons

With the non-invasive method too deep into the skin, just put the ink into the outer epidermis so it hardly affects the health after implementation. So, more and more people choose and look to these beauty methods, so the profession of cosmetic tattooing becomes one of the hottest "jobs" today.

Note: Infusion Tattoo, Embroidery, Cosmetic Sculpture

If you also have a passion for career, want to open your own business shop for yourself, this is a great opportunity for you. However, you need to understand the law to get advantage in the business process as well as not be hindered later.

Procedures required when opening the spa for cosmetic tattoo spraying

Some things to keep in mind, the procedures required when opening a cosmetic tattoo shop like:

1. Business license registration (practice license)

Business license (practice license) is a necessary and sufficient condition for individuals / organizations to operate in the field of cosmetic tattooing with certain conditions allowed to operate legally. A business license is a certificate issued by a competent state agency for that business establishment and is the basis for making it easier for state management agencies to manage social order on business conditions.

Dossier of application for a license to license aesthetic tattoo business license includes:

  • Application for operating license according to the prescribed form
  • A certified copy of the certificate issued by the Ministry of Labor, War Invalids and Social Affairs of all practitioners and a list of registered practitioners.
  • Statement of facilities, medical equipment, and business establishments.
  • Documents proving that the facility for registration of aesthetic tattoo business meets the conditions of facilities, equipment and personnel organizations in accordance with regulations.

After you have a License, you can open a business. And provide the services of Spray embroidery aesthetic industry that I have registered.

2. Degree for employees

Note: Skin Care and Therapist Training

If you open a tattoo shop with a small scale, it is okay to have no employees. If your shop has a large scale, and hires employees to work, it is required that all technicians of the center must have a regular aesthetic embroidery injection issued by the Ministry of Labor, War Invalids & Social Affairs.

In addition to regular cosmetic embroidery spraying, technicians need to graduate and are issued with a Certificate of Prevention of Biological Infection by a competent medical establishment.

These are some of the necessary procedures when you want to open a cosmetic tattoo shop that you need to prepare to ensure compliance with the laws of the State.

In addition to the above procedures, in order for your facility to go into operation as well as to take place smoothly, you first need to be a person with high professional knowledge, solid skills and confidence to perform on customers. Besides, you need to have the knowledge and management skills to handle situations arising during the operation.

Because the cause of the situation arises is a lot and you cannot prevent it first. It is the way to handle situations that will help you improve your brand, reputation or worse, make customers disappointed, not feel satisfactory. This will lead to a loss of trust in customers, leading to unsuccessful business.

Note: Sharing Experience To Open Successful Cosmetic Tattoo Spraying Facility

You can register for management classes if you feel that you do not have enough confidence and experience in this field. Currently there are many training centers in Ho Chi Minh City offering quality and prestigious management courses that you can refer to. There, not only do you learn the management theories, but you also share the practical work experience of the teachers, giving you a realistic look. From that point, the secret of the business itself was drawn.

Some information Miss Tram Academy provided you hope to help you better understand the law issue regarding the opening of a cosmetic tattoo shop. Business is a very long process. Good luck in opening a shop and succeeding.

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