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Common Mistakes When Spraying Your Legs Embroidery

Common mistakes when spraying eyebrows

Cosmetic embroidery with modern technology can bring customers beautiful natural eyebrows, harmonious lines with the face. However, if you are new to the job, you do not guarantee that the performance will be the most perfect. And practically, spray embroidery eyebrow still has the possibility of certain errors. So what are the errors, how to fix them? Miss Tram Academy will help you gain more useful experience through the article below.

A beautiful eyebrow is not only fashionable but must have colors, lines that are harmonious with the face, looking at nature. In this way, we can ensure all the elements of aesthetics and the study of the people. When meeting these factors, customers will be more satisfied and even the implementer will feel happiness before a beautiful result.

In order to successfully spray eyebrow embroidery, results are expected as we must meet the following criteria:

  • Mastering techniques for each method of embroidery spraying
  • Understand the structure and characteristics of tattoo spraying machines
  • Regulating the needle force
  • Understand the characteristics of tattoo ink, choose the ink with suitable colors and guaranteed quality
  • Determine your appearance to match your client's face
  • Take the needle in the correct form

Although any KTV is guided on embroidery techniques, it is difficult to avoid negligence in the implementation process, especially those new to the profession. Then, eyebrow embroidery can happen in the following situations:

  1. The eyebrows fall in color

The eyebrows were red

This is the phenomenon after the embroidery is finished, you do not make the color as standard but will turn more red tones. According to experts Miss Tram Academy, this case may be due to the following reasons:

  • Due to poor ink color, ink containing metals or other impurities
  • During the coloring process, you have a high brown ratio
  • The needle force is uneven, spraying too lightly
  • The eyebrows were blue

Eyebrows fell blue

Similar to the above case, the embroidery sprayer is deflected and tends to turn green. This error is caused by the following factors:

  • It is possible that the used ink color does not guarantee quality
  • The percentage of black mixed in a lot
  • KTV goes too long for the needle to sink under the skin to create a feeling of blue reclining


For those who turn color to red or green, the KTV needs to pay close attention to the following points:

  • When going to the right frame, the tattoo needle on the skin should only be deep about 0,05mm
  • Need to align the needle to follow the drawing line, not encroach on it, not indent

At the same time, we also have our own way to handle each error case as follows:

  • If the eyebrows are red or too dark, use a red (slightly mossy) root that is usually colored HS-3 to bring the skin to its original color. After processing red and going to the dark brown frame, we will conduct a new spray with dark brown tones.
  • If you get dark green, you should use green specialized ink (slightly brownish), if you have less green, use HS-3 to process. Next you will frame the dark brown color and then apply a natural brown spray until the eyebrows are beautiful. Note that you should not use black-brown to handle because it can make the situation worse.

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  1. Do not format the eyebrow

In addition to the color rendering phenomenon, it is not one of the most common mistakes when spraying an eyebrow. When you finish cleaning the ink without seeing the frame, it is mainly due to the following reasons:

  • The needle force went too lightly
  • The eyebrow line does not have a definitive, previously no sharpness

In order for this to happen, during the process you need to align the needle force into the skin with a depth of approximately 0,5mm, as well as go to the previous drawing line, not to encroach or indent.

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  1. Eyebrows are colored but uneven, on the dark side

The irregular color of the eyebrow is mainly due to the fact that the mixing process is not well stirred so the ink does not dissolve completely. In addition, if the needle technique is weak, it will not create a definite level for the ink to attach to the skin.

The case on the dark side is due to adjusting the time of the needle on the eyebrow does not correspond, one side is fast, the other side is longer. In order to handle this situation, you can use the special ink to lower the thickness or use the corresponding ink to darken the light side.

Some experience of Miss Tram Academy The above hope has provided you with lots of useful information. Hope you are succesful.

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