Matters to Pay Attention When Collagen Lip Spray 1

Matters to Pay Attention When Collagen Lip Spray

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Matters to Pay Attention When Collagen Lip Spray 2

Collagen lip spray is one of the beauty technology that many people love when they want to own fresh, gentle, youthful lips. However, to bring satisfactory results to our customers, in the implementation process we need to note the following certain points:

+ Use ink supplemented with pure collagen essence in reasonable dosage.

+ Quality ink must ensure the origin, the components are safe as prescribed. In doing so, new customers' lips ensure the expected results, in the spirit of this technology.

+ Follow the steps in the right process. accurate and definitive

Collagen lip spray generally needs to follow these basic steps:

Step 1: Check and assess the status of the lips for guests to determine how they need to be shaped, whether they need to be treated in advance or not.

Step 2: Perform anesthesia, cleaning the lips. The process of numbness should only be cultivated for about 10-15 minutes, because for too long the lips may be dark.

Step 3: Clean the equipment and tools necessary for tattoo spraying process.

Step 4: Start walking with the following techniques:

- First, go from the heart of the needle to the outside
- Go to the lower lip first, then the upper lip
- Take a turn at the lower lip and then move to the upper lip
- Spray the lower lip more than the upper lip 2-3 layers

In the process of needle walking, make sure to go evenly, the depth is about 0.3mm with a moderate speed. The new toner soaks up the skin evenly and does not cause other damage to this sensitive area.

Step 5: After spraying, we will clean and apply vaseline to lips.

After that, you must instruct customers how to take care of your lips with notes such as: limit contact with water, do not peel off the color layer, add healthy foods (rich fruits Vitamins, vegetables) and restrict eating erectile foods if customers have sensitive locations.

Above are some notes of Miss Tram Academy in collagen lip spray technique. Hope you have had more useful experiences. Wish you quickly master the profession, successfully create beautiful natural lips for customers.

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