Tips for Sculpting Yourself Thoroughly & Sharply In Online Courses 1

Tips for Sculpting You Fine & Sharp in Online Courses

Tips for Sculpting You Fine & Sharp in Online Courses

Learning Online but still know all the technical disability, how to perform standard eyebrows, beautiful designs ... WHY DO NOT HESITATE!

How to sculpt your eyebrow in an online course

With Miss Tram's Online Embroidery course of cosmetic sculpting, you will be able to master this lesson if you pocket IMPORTANT SECRET after:

  • Determine and draw a standard eyebrow shape suitable for artificial skin or real model (horizontal, curved, European, lance, curved and oblique eyebrows).
  • Standard color mixing formula: depending on preferences, skin color, hair color to use a reasonable ink color (dark brown, gray brown, western brown, chocolate brown ...).
  • Incubate an eyebrow: use cream to nourish the whole eyebrow and wait for 15 - 25 minutes to numb the other side (depending on thin or thick skin).
  • Manipulation:

+ Insert the blade at an angle of 25 degrees diagonally from the handle, the pointed point up.
+ Hold the knife firmly, use two fingers to gently stretch the straight skin for smooth, even lines.
+ Definitive hand force, the tip of the knife deep into the skin 0.5mm, carved in the direction of the eyebrows of the sample (single, double, staggered, rational and orderly)

Always learning, always remembering will help you "promote" your knowledge and skills higher and higher, wish students successful Embroidery and Sculpting Workshop

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