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The method of handling the color of the lips is too bold - uneven - Lemur - Bruising


Spray Embroidery Beauty cosmetic sculptures are too bold, uneven, smudged or bruised are inevitable for newcomers (especially students who have not been trained much). Today Miss Tram Academy summarize some of the most basic errors and share your treatment, Miss Tram students learn together.

The secret to remove deep, lacing lips with high technology runs out of 100% without scarring

How to Handle Spray No Problem - Lem Lips - The Luster

The lips are finished dry:

- Cause: Because the force goes too fast, unevenly or when mixing ink, giving too much white.

- How to treat: After 30 days, miles back to 60 layer of lip gloss. Spray spiral to avoid lip skin damage, create natural gloss

The lips do not become dark:

- Cause: The technique goes wrong, the needle is too fast, the needle is too deep, strong, or by going straight in the needle, not going spiral.

- How to handle: After 30 date, miles back orange or red orange. Take the right technique and be gentle

The color of the lips is uneven, patchy, spot is there:

- Cause: Mix ink irregularly, handle irregularly or due to irregular force, shallow place shallow
- How to handle: miles back where there is no color

And "Vam lips got dark" and "Lips have no color" do you repeat the lesson or comment about the experience with Miss Tram ????

In order to gain beautiful lips for customers, the technicians not only have strong knowledge and skills but also have to use modern, suitable equipment and ink colors to achieve good quality.

Wish everyone to study well. And do not hesitate to send QUESTION - ANSWER to Miss Tram. Miss Tram is happy to answer your questions.

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