Body Massage Course - Rehabilitation And Therapy 1

Body Massage Course - Rehabilitation And Therapy

What are the most used methods, rehabilitation and therapies currently? That is Body Massage. Body massage will bring you the benefits, effective quite unexpectedly when applied properly and applied correctly. Please refer to the following Full Body Massage course with learning materials only received when you become a student of Miss Tram Academy.

Body Massage Course - Rehabilitation And Therapy

What will you learn after a Body Massage course - Recovery and Therapy?

  • Reduce stiffness, relieve aches, relax muscles
  • Enhancing the body's blood circulation
  • Reduce migraine, aching joints
  • Increase flexibility, improve movement
  • Support for postoperative recovery, injuries
  • Reduce depression, relieve psychological pressure
  • Eliminate, detoxify well, strengthen immune system, prevent strong heart disease, cancer
  • Improves skin, helps skin soft, firm, fresh, healthy
  • Improve muscular flexibility, eliminate fat, give slim body
  • Improves skin pigmentation, fresh and even

Introducing the Body Massage course - Restoration and Therapy method

Massage is the most popular improvement of mind and soul. In massage, by using the appropriate forces acting directly on the skin, focus on selective acupuncture points, combined with medicinal herbs such as essential oils, herbs…. will bring many benefits to your health, spirit and beauty.

Therapeutic massage has great efficacy and can alleviate the symptoms by easing muscle tension, stimulating blood circulation to muscle tissue, breaking down and removing toxins, oxygen balance in brain, relaxes the nervous system and spirit.

New studies have shown that Massage Therapy can be used to successfully treat various uncomfortable symptoms such as: Anxiety, headache, high blood pressure, insomnia, arthritis. , backache…..

Teacher Information Course of Body Massage - Rehabilitation And Therapy

Doctor Le Hai

Specialist in massage training and natural therapy

Massage and naturopathic expert Dr Le Hai graduated from Hanoi Medical University in 2009, and Dr. Le Hai decided to follow the natural therapeutic pathway through the process of continuous learning, research and application. Using various natural therapies: Air acupuncture, Yoga Body Work, Full Body Care, Reiki, Massage, Chi Nei Tsang.

Dr. Le Hai was honored to receive the Vietnam Ministry of Health's medical examination and treatment practice certificate in 2014 and many other professional certificates such as: European Certificate - Usui Reiki, Certificate of Dermatology and Cosmetology A1, Massage certificate, acupressure certificate, Massage certificate - body care …….

2009 - 2012: Executive Director of Eco Spa Village Resort, Management and training of Spa technicians

2012 - present:

- Establishing websites on natural therapy:,
- Training in natural therapy and spa: Spa Salt, Mint Center, Studio5….
- Teaching for foreign students,'s International Training Director (Ireland)

Content of Body Massage course - Rehabilitation and Therapy

Part 1: General introduction

Lesson 1: What is rehabilitation and therapy massage?

Lesson 2: When to apply Rehabilitation Massage and Therapy

Lesson 3: Preparing space

Lesson 4: Practice for sensitive and powerful hands

Lesson 5: Meditation increases energy and balance body and mind

Lesson 6: Postures when doing massage and rehabilitation

Lesson 7: Training experience for beginners

Part 2: Rehabilitation massage and therapy techniques

Lesson 8: Hand placement technique

Lesson 9: Rubbing technique

Lesson 10: Techniques of squeezing

Lesson 11: Press technique

Lesson 12: Stretching technique

Lesson 13: The day technique

Lesson 14: Other techniques

Part 3: Full body massage - Rehabilitation and treatment

Lesson 15: Massage on the forehead area

Lesson 16: Head massage

Lesson 17: Nape massage on the neck 1

Lesson 18: Nape of the neck 2

Lesson 19: Facial massage

Lesson 20: Massage the neck and shoulders

Lesson 21: Massage the eyes and ears

Lesson 22: Double-shoulder massage

Lesson 23: Back massage the shoulder blades

Lesson 24: Waist massage

Lesson 25: Massage the spine

Lesson 26: Massage the hips

Lesson 27: Massage the back of the thigh

Lesson 28: Calf massage

Lesson 29: Massage the front of the thigh

Lesson 30: Foot massage

Lesson 31: Organ massage

Lesson 32: Arm massage

Lesson 33: Hand massage

Part 4: Summary

Lesson 34: Summary of the course

Body Massage Course Video - Rehabilitation And Therapy

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