Eyelash Glue Is Harmful For Health 1

Eyelash Glue Is Harmful For Health Or Not

Questions and Answers | Does Eyelash Extensions Affect the Eyelash Extensions Health?

Eyelash Glue Is Harmful For Health Or Not 2

Beautify your eyes with method of eyelash extensions help women own eyelashes curled, black and charming. Eyelash extensions is one of the leading factors to help women own lovely eyes.

This method is not simply a matter of attaching false eyelashes to a real eyelash with adhesive, but also requires compliance with technical procedures. Working for a long time with such adhesive will affect the health of workers? This is one of the questions that many Students are interested in.

Ingredients in eyelash extensions accounts for 90% Cyanoaranoarlate, this substance is the main cause of eye irritation. There are also less spicy eyelash extensions (without any non-spicy eyelash extensions), which will be less durable than a lot of hot eyelash extensions. However, if you apply the specific instructions that Miss Tram recommends for you, you will minimize problems affecting health of KTV.

The note of use, safe contact with eyelash extensions for KTV:

  • Exposed with glue, respiratory infections, nose ... so KTV always wear a mask when working.
  • Change glue frequently during eyelash extensions, every 20-30 minutes. Note that instead of adding a drop of water to the glue drops are no longer used so that the chemical components in the glue do not evaporate.
  • Choose quality, safe and tested eyelash extensions in cosmetology.
  • Accurate, definitive eyelash technique to protect customers' health and for the workers themselves.

Instructions for preserving eyelash glue properly for KTV:

  • Considering the humidity in the room, the ideal humidity of the eyelash extensions room is from 40-70%.
  • When removing the glue, restrict the squeeze of the glue bottle because the air will get in, making the eyelash glue quickly broken, remember to clean the glue bottle after taking it so that there is no clogging.
  • Glue bottles when used should not be left in the refrigerator but should be in a desiccant bag or put in a jar of rice.

Hopefully the safe knowledge when using the eyelid glue on this is the luggage to help the students, future KTV have more experience to complete the beauty mission for everyone.

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