Top Spa Training In Skin Care, Cosmetic Tattooing In An Giang 1

Top Spa Training In Skin Care, Cosmetic Tattoo Spraying In An Giang

The current beauty trend is becoming more and more popular and developing. So it is not too difficult to understand when skin care and cosmetic spraying is increasingly asserting its position.

That is why it is more difficult to choose this industry. Because not all are prestigious training addresses and quality assurance. Therefore, in order to help you solve this problem, the article below Miss Tram will introduce readers to the list of training centers for skin care, cosmetic tattoo spray in An Giang. Let's refer to Miss Tram!

Spa training in skin care, cosmetic tattoo spray in An Giang

Top Skincare Training, Cosmetic Tattoo In An Giang

1. Hong Dao Beauty Salon

Hong Dao Beauty Salon is the exclusive address of many world-class "1 - 0 - 2" technologies and methods of beauty.

  • Address: 1609 Trần Hưng Đạo, Phường Mỹ Phước, TP. Long Xuyen, An Giang
  • Phone: 029.6384.0114

2. Aura International Beauty Salon

Aura is an international beauty salon system with a team of highly qualified and professional instructors meeting national standards.

  • Address: 790 Hà Hoàng Hổ, Đông Xuyên Ward, TP. Long Xuyen, An Giang
  • Phone: 0868.888.790

3. DIVA Beauty Salon

DIVA has a large number of highly qualified, experienced and extremely qualified lecturers.

  • Address: 787 Hà Hoàng Hổ, Đông Xuyên Ward, TP. Long Xuyen, An Giang
  • Phone: 0888.698.968

4. Seoul Spa

Seoul Spa owns a leading teaching staff with over 15 years of professional experience. Along with that, the equipment is completely imported 100% from countries with modern technology such as Japan, USA, UK, and Korea.

  • Address: 172 Tran Hung Dao, My Binh Ward, TP. Long Xuyen, An Giang
  • Phone: 0938.453.123

5. Xuan Huong Spa

At Xuan Huong Spa, you will have access to a lot of advanced and modern techniques. Moreover, the dedicated advice from theory to practice of a team of experienced and skilled teachers.

  • Address: 31 Street 2, Phường Châu Phú B, TP. Chau Doc, An Giang
  • Phone: 0918.338.639

6. EVA Spa

EVA Spa owns a team of teachers with many years of experience, highly skilled and regularly updated with the most advanced and modern techniques.

  • Address: 274 Thu Khoa Nghia, Chau Phu A, Chau Doc, An Giang
  • Phone: 0961,682,982

7. Ngoc Huong Beauty Salon

Founded in 2005, up to now Ngoc Huong has nearly 15 years of experience in the beauty field especially in the field of skin care training and cosmetic tattoo spray.

  • Address: 370 Tran Hung Dao, My Binh Ward, TP. Long Xuyen, An Giang
  • Phone: (029) .6394.1866

Currently, there are many people who have a great passion for beauty in general and in cosmetic spraying in particular. However, there are many friends, although they have passion, but because of circumstances or some objective reasons, they cannot come to the center to study directly.

So, in order to help you continue on your dream path, Miss Tram has brought you an online cosmetic tattoo spraying course. The quality of online classes is not only inferior to offline classes, but also helps you to save the most of the cost too!

Top Spa Training In Skin Care, Cosmetic Tattooing In An Giang 2

When choosing the online cosmetic tattooing course at Miss Tram, you will be sure of knowledge such as:

  • A comprehensive knowledge base from basic to advanced professional of an esthetician.
  • Firmly about the types of numb, ink brands, tools, .. on the market with beautiful standard color mixing formula, handling cases where customers have done damaged, not satisfied.
  • How to choose the method that colors suitable for each eyebrow shape, lip color, eyelids for customers.

On the other hand, you will not have to worry about online learning will not be answered all questions. With the online cosmetic injection course at Miss Tram, you can completely solve all the concerns and difficulties in the content by: accompanying you during the online course not only Master Dong Bao Tram, but also has a large team of experienced teachers and pedagogical skills. Constantly practicing, accumulating knowledge and professional experience to be able to help you who have passion for the profession.

Online cosmetic tattoo spraying course at Miss Tram for such subjects as:

  • Those who have a passion for beauty and more specifically the aesthetic spray of eyebrows - eyelids - lips.
  • Those who wish can become a Beauty Salon.
  • Those who manage at the Spa and want to learn, learn more advanced knowledge about the profession to bring more efficiency at work.
  • Those who want to open a small Spa to a professional Beauty Center which has beauty services Eyebrows - Eyelids - Lips.
  • You are already a tattoo artist but you don't know how to control your hand force properly, do not know the color formula for each customer situation, ...
  • Disoriented with the process of self-study at home through group meetings, youtube, facebook, ... and much mixed information on the internet.
  • You are not eligible for the Direct Courses at Beauty Academy or Vocational Training Center.

Since the course of cosmetic spraying at Miss Tram was born, it has helped many young people who are passionate about the profession to walk on that path.

Top Spa Training In Skin Care, Cosmetic Tattooing In An Giang 3

When you study any profession including spa, it is very important and extremely necessary to learn and access information. Especially, for those who do not know anything, start to learn, you should be wise in choosing a vocational training institution.

This selection is not too difficult but it is not easy either. Because if you choose the wrong training address, there is "money loss disability" is not it? So, before choosing Miss Tram recommend that you consider carefully. If you still have questions and are not sure what factors to choose based on, you can refer to the following article: Spa Learning Experience - How to Choose a Good Beauty Training Site?

Hopefully, with the information Miss Tram shared above, you will have the opportunity to choose for yourself the best quality training address. Thank you for following the article.

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