Top Spa Teaching in Quang Ngai: Skin Care, Cosmetic Tattooing 1

Top Spa Teaching in Quang Ngai: Skin Care, Cosmetic Tattooing

You have a passion for the profession of spa, beauty. You are looking for an address to train skin care and cosmetic spray training in Quang Ngai. You do not know which address trains prestige and quality.

Do not worry, the list of beauty training institutions, especially skin care and cosmetic spraying in Quang Ngai, later that Miss Tram introduces below will certainly be useful information for you. Stay tuned with Miss Tram!

Top Spa Teaching in Quang Ngai: Skincare, Cosmetic Tattooing 2

Summary of Top 14 Spas Get Training Skin Care Practitioner, Cosmetic Tattooing In Quang Ngai.

1. Seoul Spa

With many years of experience in beauty, Seoul Spa is the leading prestigious spa address in Quang Ngai. Thanks to the quality of training, as well as meticulously designed curriculum and friendly learning environment.

  • Address: 227 Le Dinh Trung, Nguyen Nghiem, Quang Ngai
  • Phone: 0938.353.123

2. Emmy aesthetics

Emmy Beauty is a beauty training address suitable for all subjects, because it has extremely cheap training costs.

  • Address: 88 Bà Triệu, Lê Hồng Phong, Quảng Ngãi
  • Phone: 0916.242.369

3. Alena Spa

Coming to Alena Spa, you will have direct contact with advanced equipment and modern machinery, along with international standard curriculum.

  • Address: Lot PG2, 26 Le Thanh Ton, Nghia Chanh Nam, Quang Ngai
  • Phone: 0911.544.244

4. Suly Spa

Having a good training environment, quality training techniques and a team of experienced teachers Suly Spa is a reliable address for you.

  • Address: 62 Chu Van An, Nghia Lo, Quang Ngai
  • Phone: 0906.520.607

5. HB Spa

HB Spa is a golden address for you to trust. HB Spa always applies advanced and modern technologies from developed countries to the teaching process.

  • Address: 113 Phan Đình Phùng, Nguyễn Nghiêm, Quảng Ngãi
  • Phone: (025) .5393.9998

6. Cleopatra Spa

Cleopatra Spa is a name you should not ignore. With a team of highly skilled teachers, long-term professional experience you will learn the best quality lessons here.

  • Address: 299 Nguyen Trai, Quang Phu, Quang Ngai
  • Phone: 0982.256.562

7. Ngoc Thuyen Spa

Ngoc Thuyen Spa is one of the training facilities that many young people choose. Because this place not only owns advanced equipment, but also a team of experienced teaching teachers.

  • Address: 51 Quang Trung, Le Hong Phong, Quang Ngai
  • Phone: 0972,598,970

8. Ngoc Beauty Spa

At Ngoc Beauty Spa, you will be trained according to a scientific curriculum along with professional teachers, experienced and long-term skills in the industry.

  • Address: 179 Nguyen Cong Phuong, Nghia Lo, Quang Ngai
  • Phone: 0962.781.516

9. Hanah Clinic & Spa

Skilled teaching staff, well-trained curriculum, state-of-the-art equipment, friendly learning environment are the outstanding advantages of Hanah Clinic & Spa courses.

  • Address: 80 Tran Te Xuong, Nghia Lo, Quang Ngai
  • Phone: 0948.468.468

10. Tuyet Beauty Spa & Clinic

The courses at Tuyet Beauty Spa & Clinic are always innovative and apply the most advanced technology in the teaching process, to bring the best results for students.

  • Address: 320/10 Phan Đình Phùng, Quảng Ngãi
  • Phone: 0779.525.852

11. Spring Spa

Spring Spa you not only have access to many advanced and modern techniques. Besides, you can also study with the leading cosmetic experts in Vietnam today.

  • Address: 542 Hai Bà Trưng, Trần Phú, Quảng Ngãi
  • Phone: 0869.815.257

12. Quang Spa

Quang Spa brings to you the top professional training programs in cosmetology. Combined with that, the curriculum is methodically and meticulously compiled.

  • Address: 158 Vo Thi Sau, Chanh Lo, Quang Ngai
  • Phone: 0899.124.999

13. Chau Sa Spa

Chau Sa Spa owns a team of lecturers who are masters and doctors who have graduated from universities, trained at home and abroad. An inspiring, engaging and enthusiastic teaching style will help you understand and absorb it faster.

  • Address: 46 Tran Hung Dao, Chanh Lo, Quang Ngai
  • Phone: 0936.177.333

14. Kay Spa

Kay Spa is one of the professional tattoo training centers in Quang Ngai. Each lesson is carefully invested from knowledge to skills to ensure the best output for students.

  • Address: 517 Quang Trung, Nghia Chanh Bac, Quang Ngai
  • Phone: 0901.321.577

Top Spa Teaching in Quang Ngai: Skincare, Cosmetic Tattooing 3

To be able to choose a location of cosmetic tattoo training that is both reputable and quality assurance, you need to find out information from a variety of sources, and you have to thoroughly study it. Because this is the first simple step, but it has an important role to decide your success or failure. Right after Miss Tram would like to send to you 8 experience in choosing quality vocational training sites. If you really care, do not ignore it.

In addition, if you are a person who has a passion and wants to pursue tattooing but it is difficult because of the geographical distance is too far, the cost is not allowed, limited in time, ... do not be too Worry. By the present Miss Tram brought to you Course Cosmetic tattooing online. This course will not only help you to reach your dream at a low cost, but also gives you a huge treasure of knowledge.

Top Spa Teaching in Quang Ngai: Skincare, Cosmetic Tattooing 4

Moreover, when participating in Miss Tram's online cosmetic tattooing course, you also have the opportunity to participate in a super realistic "job exchange group". Because, Cosmetic tattooing course Miss Tram's is a community that is CONNECT as SHARE, EXCHANGE Experiences for all students.

  • Students joining the course will be able to join the closed zalo / facebook group. From there you can easily send questions, share experiences and learn knowledge together.
  • You won't have to be "a phone alone", because you will be connected directly to the Academy Manager to Design your own Home Study Timetable.
  • Accompanying with you throughout the course is not only Master Dong Bao Tram, but also a team of experienced teachers and pedagogical skills. They constantly practice, accumulate knowledge, professional experience to be able to bring you the most useful knowledge.
  • You do not have to worry about losing, because the opportunity to connect, inspire learning will be transmitted through the spirit of online team learning.

Top Spa Teaching in Quang Ngai: Skin Care, Cosmetic Tattooing 5

Especially, Miss Tram's online cosmetic tattooing course will bring you billions BENEFIT as valuable as:

  • Master a comprehensive knowledge base from basic to advanced of a professional esthetician.
  • Firmly about the types of numbness, brand ink, tools, ... on the market with beautiful standard color mixing formula, handling cases that customers have done damaged or not like.
  • Know what eyebrow shape, lip color. Which eyelid injection method is suitable for yourself in particular and your customers in general.
  • Absolutely can become a specialist Spray Embroidery Beauty sculpting Eyebrows - Eyelids - Lips professional with a stable income.

So what are you waiting for without enrolling in this great course right? If you have any questions about Miss Tram's online cosmetic tattoo course, please contact us for answers. Or you can refer to the information through ONLINE AESTHETIC SPRAY COURSE COURSE latest today.

Above is a list of the most well-known locations for skin care and tattoo training in Quang Ngai. Miss Tram hopes that with the information Miss Tram shared above you will choose the most suitable training place. Thanks for watching the article.

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