Learn How To Spray Tattoo Contact With Toxic Chemicals 1

Learn To Spray Tattoo Contact With Toxic Chemicals

Questions and Answers | Learning Cosmetic Tattooing have to come in contact with toxic chemicals?

Learn How To Spray Tattoo Contact With Toxic Chemicals 2

Miss Tram heard a few students confide, "Before starting an apprenticeship, did your relatives prevent you from telling you what to do, and being exposed to toxic chemicals throughout the day?

With such a thought, many young people, despite their love, passion and desire to become a professional KTV, also have some reservations when enrolling for FEAR. Therefore, Miss Tram can explain for you to understand and easily pass it on to your loved ones as follows:

first, the process of working Tattoo Technician will NOT CONTACT with any harmful chemicals IF you comply with occupational safety regulations.

Monday, Tattoo ink is a chemical that KTV people often come into contact with. There are two types of inks: Inorganic ink (mainly inorganic iron oxide ink) and Organic ink (Organic ink). However, the Organic ink line today is recommended to use the most - This is a completely benign ink line because of its natural ingredients, not harmful to the health of customers or KTV. Miss Tram also has an analysis, so you can review it in the link below.

Tuesday, during the course of work, there are principles "Immovable immutable" that KTV must remember and ensure:

  • Tattoo spraying tools Or sculpture only use ONCE and replace for each passenger.
  • Always wrap plastic around the body of the spraying machine, sculpting to avoid ink sticking; regularly clean and disinfect with specialized cleaning solution.
  • Technicians always wear gloves during the process of taking needles, blades and attaching to the machine head, the tip of the knife as well as during the process of performing and changing after each customer.
  • Technicians should wear a mask during the procedure to avoid accidental infection of the respiratory tract.

Hope the above will help you peace of mind to choose and pursue your dream of tattooing.

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