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Excreted Toxic With Activated Carbon


Toxic skin excretion with activated charcoal is one of the most effective ways to restore skin lesions, regain youthful and vibrant skin. So how does this method work? What are the points to consider during the process of poisoning? The following article by Miss Tram Academy will answer your questions.

Which skin type is the skin toxic?

The skin, which is a part of direct contact with environmental agents, is fragile and sensitive, so it is very vulnerable. In addition, in our women due to the habit of makeup, abuse of cosmetics has caused the skin to accumulate a lot of toxins, causing the phenomenon of inflammation and tanning. Therefore, poisoning is essential to help the skin "breathe" more easily, absorb nutrients to restore and regenerate the skin structure effectively.

Currently in many toxic waste treatment, activated carbon is chosen by many people because it is capable of deep cleaning, removing dirt, excess toxins located deep inside the pores. Toxic waste with activated carbon combined with biologically light also helps stimulate collagen production, restore skin texture to make skin healthier.

This course is perfectly suited to the skin:

  • There are many acne infections caused by cosmetic use or environmental impact
  • Skin with clogged pores, large pores are less smooth
  • Skin with signs of aging (wrinkles, less firmness, appearance of melasma or freckles)
  • People have to wear makeup often

Steps to remove skin toxic by activated carbon

In order for the toxic waste to be most effective, you need to apply the following steps fully:

Step 1: Clean and exfoliate skin. This step will remove the old cell layer, helping the coal powder to promote the highest effect.

Step 2: After cleansing your face, you will heat up the pores to expand.

Step 3: Observe and take all the acne (if any), we should also use the patch to peel the blemishes on the nose and chin areas.

Step 4: For guests to lie very comfortably and then use activated carbon powder to cover the skin about XNXX minutes.

Step 5: Combine biological light (blue or blue rays) to soothe the skin. In addition, we can project lasers with an X-ray and 532nm wavelengths to promote deep activated carbon, one skin cleansing surface, and on the other hand improve dark pigmentation on the skin surface to restore youthful skin. and smooth.

In general, after applying the skin treatment, it will significantly improve, the inflammation caused by acne is soothed, the skin is much better and the signs of aging are repelled.

Discharge of toxic skin with activated carbon to pay attention to what?

First and foremost is the quality of activated carbon. Currently on the market there are many different types of activated carbon, but in aesthetics we only use bamboo charcoal powder because it has good absorption and toxin retention. Activated charcoal powder must be a smooth powder, meeting medical safety standards to avoid unwanted effects on the delicate skin of customers.

Activated charcoal powder when prepared into a mask in addition to pure water you can use more essential oils, fresh sugar-free milk or honey. During the preparation of the mask, keep the device and hands clean and thoroughly sterilized to avoid skin infections.

Hope you are succesful.

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