Experience in Handling Light Eyebrows Using Sculptures 1

Experience Handling Light-colored Eyebrows By Sculpture

Using the Sculpting Method "Disguise" The Colored Eyebrow Becomes Thicker.

Experience in Handling Light Eyebrows Using Sculptures 2

The shape of the eyebrows has a significant effect on the overall appearance of the face, the influence of it can make the face look fresh, youthful, or the appearance of an eyebrow will not make the overall poor, old . Miss Tram received many confidences from women with the question: "How to slap your face with a bold head, but the tail is" lost "so that the overall is not harmonious, less charming" .

So, what is the solution to this "Bold - Light" problem?

Miss Tram would like to be nominated for THAT FACTS - a "bright candidate" to help "turn" the pale eyebrows into a thicker one.

Eyebrow sculpture is the most aesthetic method of creating eyebrows today. Accordingly, the specialist will use a specialized engraving knife with a tiny blade to bring ink to the skin, engrave each meticulous thread and naturally interwoven.

Come to Miss Tram Natural Beauty Center, #doi_ will be cherished beauty with the standard procedure as follows:

1. Examination and counseling: Experts examine the current condition of the eyebrows then advise on the shape, color suitable for the face, skin color, hair color, hobbies ...
2. Identify and draw the eyebrow shape: Based on the principle of GOLD RATE and specialized tools to identify and shape suitable, balanced eyebrows
3. Hygiene eyebrows and numbness: After you are satisfied with the outline of the eyebrow, the KTV conduct cleaning and anesthetic
4. Conducting sculpture: Experts embarked on the process of sculpting each eyebrow by 3D / 6D / 9D techniques

Make sure that when done, the customer just wants to see his eyebrows, his face forever. What are you waiting for, don't book the appointment right away so your eyebrows will be "fixed" to change the new look!

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