Be careful to avoid mistakes that are easily encountered when doing Ombre 3D Eyebrow Spray 1

Take care to avoid mistakes that are easily encountered when performing Ombre 3D eyebrow spray

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Be careful to avoid mistakes that are easily encountered in Ombre 3D Eyebrow Spray 2

Ombre eyebrow spray is currently a very popular beauty trend. This is a completely new technique because it does not need to frame the eyebrows so it will give customers a completely natural eyebrow.

However, during the teaching process, Miss Tram Academy realized that the students still had a lot of confusion when they had to handle errors during the 3D Ombre eyebrow spray.

So today, we will summarize the mistakes that we made earlier!

1 / The eyebrow is not the right color

- This is a fairly common error when spreading eyebrow powder. Eyebrows will be darker or lighter than the desired color, sometimes the eyebrows will also appear red or blue.

- This error is usually due to ink spray or powder can not guarantee quality, due to non-standard color mixing or young technician KTV, uneven needle force, leading to bad color pins.

2 / Eyebrows are not uniform color

- After spraying, the eyebrows may be dark and uneven side. This may be an error caused by uneven stirring of the ink or the needle workmanship is still young, so the force of the needle on both sides is uneven.

3 / Unable to shape the eyebrows

- This is also not a rare case for tattooing, usually because KTV goes too light needle, does not create the sharpness needed for the eyebrows.

Above are the mistakes that students of Miss Tram made during learning and practice. What about the other friends? If you have any difficulty applying Ombre 3D eyebrow spray technique, immediately send it to Miss Tram Academy for expert answers.

And do not forget to follow the next share because Miss Tram Academy will reveal tips to help you easily fix the errors on it!

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