Personal Makeup For Beginners - Nguyen My Duyen

What will you learn at the course? Personal Makeup For Beginners - Nguyen My Duyen?

+ Differentiate skin types for the best care, distinguish face types to choose the right makeup type.

+ Understand the basic cosmetics and makeup tools, natural makeup steps that stand out.

+ Confidently make up for yourself and makeup for others ..

+ Maybe going to the path of a future makeup artist

Training subjects

+ Those who love makeup

+ People who do not know anything about makeup

+ Those who want to make up makeup need to learn the basics

Course introduction

+ You often squirming in front of the mirror to get eyebrows or headaches when buying cosmetics and makeup because you do not know what you have to choose to suit you?

+ You do not know what kind of skin your face is, how to take care of or use cosmetics to prevent skin irritation? ...

+ Or you do not know what hairstyle to go out, party, ...?

So this is the course for you. Here you will learn the most basic words of makeup, facial recognition, buy makeup tools, learn each part of the face makeup that you previously thought you did the right way. The course will help you learn how to apply makeup to prevent premature skin aging. In addition, coming to this course, you also learn how to make lovely hairstyles that suit you.

course content

Part 1: General overview of the course

 Lesson 1: Introduction to the course
 Lesson 2: Effective learning methods

Part 2: Familiarize yourself with the basic steps in makeup

 Lesson 3: Determining skin type
 Lesson 4: Understanding the basics of brushes
 Lesson 5: Familiarize yourself with makeup tools

Part 3: Practice basic makeup steps

 Lesson 6: Brushing foundation, foundation, foundation
 Lesson 7: Concealer
 Lesson 8: Instructions for eyebrow pencil
 Lesson 9: Mark the eye color
 Lesson 10: Drawing along the eyes and eyeliner
 Lesson 11: Attaching fake eyelashes
 Lesson 12: Creating blocks
 Lesson 13: Marking the cheeks and catching colors
 Lesson 14: Playing lipstick
 Lesson 15: Makeup remover

Part 4: Instructions for hair styles

 Lesson 16: Scraping hair - 1
 Lesson 17: Scraping hair - 2
 Lesson 18: Scraping hair - 3
 Lesson 19: Scraping hair - 4
 Lesson 20: Scraping hair - 5
 Lesson 21: New Year Hair - 1
 Lesson 22: Chinese New Year - 2
 Lesson 23: New Year Hair - 3
 Lesson 24: New Year Hair - 4
 Lesson 25: New Year Hair - 5


Lecturer Information Nguyen My Duyen:

Makeup artist My Duyen is one of the "female witch" make-up with years of experience in beauty and makeup training. My Duyen is a beautiful young female CEO of NYD Co., Ltd on cosmetics and beauty.

With the passion to share what I have to beautify women, one of the motivations for My Duyen is deploying a lot of projects to support and share makeup and beauty knowledge to many people.

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