Treatment of Red-Eyed Eyebrow Skin after Tattooing 1

Treatment Of Red-Eyed Eyebrow Skin After Tattooing

The skin of the eyebrow is blue and red when spraying to handle like?

Today, to own a beautiful eyebrow many people have come to tattoo spray. However, not everyone is fortunate to receive a perfect eyebrow, the case of red or blue eyebrows after spraying is the case that happens quite often when in the poor quality tattooing facilities.

So, what causes the red eyebrow phenomenon and how to overcome its consequences? All will be Miss Tram Academy Share it right here.

Each era will have a different standard of beautiful eyebrows, but in general, a beautiful eyebrow must be moderately thick with full 3 eyebrow tip, eyebrow tip and eyebrow tail.

In addition, the eyebrows should be light on the head and gradually darkened under the tail but there is no too great color difference. At the same time, the head to the top is 2/3 of the length of the eyebrow.

A beautiful eyebrow must also be an eyebrow that suits the face, and suits each person's preferences and anthropology.

How to Treat The Red Eyebrow Skin Area After Spraying
How to Treat The Red Eyebrow Skin Area After Spraying

To own a beautiful eyebrow, many people have come to cosmetic tattoo spray, this is considered to be a quick, effective, inexpensive and non-health beauty method, so it is very popular.

However, not all tattoo spraying facilities can afford to give customers a beautiful eyebrow. If you choose a poor quality base, customers will easily encounter the condition of blue or red eyebrows, "loss of disability".

Many cases of newly graduated students may experience the same error when conducting tattooing for guests, Miss Tram Academy advises students how to fix errors as follows.

1 / Where your eyebrows are turned green

The cause of the bluish color of the coat may be due to the poor quality of ink, the use of black is too much when tinting or the young technician is too young to go the needle for too long, causing the amount of ink to accumulate under the skin more, causing a feeling bluish skin after spraying.

Treatment of blue eyebrow
Treatment of blue eyebrow


If this is the case, proceed with the black-brown border for sharpening first. Next need to handle the green part and proceed to spray eyebrows.

If you only have a little blue, then you use HS-3, which is neutral color to bring the skin back to its original state. As for the case of green, it is imperative to use specialized ink with a slightly brown base to handle. After treating the green part, proceed to spray brown until a beautiful eyebrow is reached.

Blue eyebrows are one of the most serious errors and are difficult to fix when spraying, so you need to handle them carefully. Note that, in this case, you absolutely must not use brown with black roots when spraying.

2 / Where the eyebrows are reddened

Reddish eyebrows are often caused by the use of poor quality ink, due to the use of brown too much when mixing colors or because the KTV needle goes too light, resulting in ink not sticking to the skin.

Handling reddish eyebrows
Handling reddish eyebrows


Similar to the blue-colored legs, we also need to create the black-brown border for sharp first, then handle the red eyebrow and conduct spraying again. For the case of less red eyebrows, we also use neutral color HS-3 to bring the skin back to its original state.

In heavier cases, it is imperative to use specialized ink to treat red (slightly mossy), then proceed to spray a new color to get the perfect eyebrow.

These cases are specifically instructed by the trainers and detailed in the tattooing curriculum, the students can refer to the appropriate treatment.

In addition, in the process of implementation, you should use quality inks, naturally derived, mixing the right dose to color up properly and safely with the health of the tattooist.

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For new students, tattooing does not always work as well as 100%, so it is essential to understand the error correction techniques.

Students should also note that, in order to create the perfect eyebrows, you need to:

  • Know the shape of eyebrows that match the customer's face and desires
  • Make sure you follow the shape of the needle
  • Mastering techniques of embroidery spray methods as well as grasping the right needle walking process, regulating the needle walking force accordingly
  • Understand the operation of all types of tattoo injectors
  • Know the inks and know how to prepare ink properly

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In order to achieve the above, you should study tattooing at quality training centers like Miss Tram Academy.

This is one of the very few standard tattoo training centers with modern equipment, latest technology and a team of good and enthusiastic teachers.

Miss Tram Academy will bring you a full range of factors such as solid skills, skill proficiency, accumulated experience to become a professional tattoo artist.

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