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Training on makeup in Ho Chi Minh City

Professional makeup has never lost its "Hot" level, because it is associated with the creation of beauty and at the same time the needs of the majority of residents (diverse ages and all genders). Knowing the makeup skills, you not only know how to make yourself more beautiful every day, stand out in events, but it also opens up a very attractive career door.

Why is makeup always in the top of attractive jobs?

  • Getting started is quite easy
  • Be able to express your creativity
  • This is an interesting job, there is always something new
  • Opportunity to interact with many people (even celebrities) and go to many places
  • High income, leisurely job
  • You can apply for a job at a large salon, work as a freelance or build your own property
Teaching makeup artist in Ho Chi Minh City
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Identify as one of the interesting jobs, high income but want to succeed with the career you need a solid start. This means that you have to master the basic skills, form an aesthetic eye and constantly update modern trends so that you don't have to be "backward".


With the desire to support young people and anyone who loves makeup can confidently assert themselves in this field, Miss Tram Academy enrolls professional vocational training programs. Include:

  1. Bride make up
  2. Professional makeup
  3. Personal makeup

Learning makeup at Miss Tram Academy, you will surely:

  • Understand the modern makeup trends
  • Makeup techniques suitable for each face, each age and different topics such as going to work, attending parties, walking around, brides, ...
  • The secret to combining colors in makeup, skin identification, eyebrow drawing, ...
Professional Makeup Technician Course HCM
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Miss Tram's beauty trends are constantly updated in the curriculum, helping students to access many different topics and styles. Studying with Miss Tram, in addition to skills you are also fostering skills, have a more comprehensive aesthetic view to make judgments, analysis and handling for each specific case. If you are passionate, the effort of training combined with the dedicated teaching from the experts of Miss Tram, believe that you will become true makeup artists.

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There are now many makeup training centers - but there are so many places that are committed to quality and teaching like MISS TRAM ACADEMY.

Register to study at Miss Tram Academy, during the course you will receive many great benefits:

  • Classroom leaders are famous experts who are willing to teach useful knowledge and experience
  • Standard curriculum, compiled and taught in multiple languages (on demand of students): Vietnamese, English, Chinese
  • Examination for vocational certificates issued by the Vietnam National Administration of Vocational Training is valid throughout the country
  • Associate & support certification with Legal Training Center in the United States, Australia to be able to confidently operate in an international environment


  • Miss Tram Academy organizes classes on demand for students preparing to leave Vietnam, returning overseas Vietnamese; want to study in a group, study for a degree - a certificate or urgently need a store
  • In the process of learning you are sponsored real models to practice
  • If you pass the interview you have the opportunity to immediately receive the scholarships EXTREMELY VALUE
  • You are committed LEARN TO PROFICIENCY, mastering professional makeup skills
  • If you're far away, there's no need to worry because Miss Tram Academy is available KTX Modern, clean

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"The art of teaching is the art of helping someone discover." (Mark van Doren)

Study professional makeup in Ho Chi Minh City
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And the team Miss Tram Academy Believe that you can do this role well, stimulate your creativity and hidden abilities, help you shine with your chosen career.

For more specific advice or refer to the program at Miss Tram Academy, you can contact the following hotline:

Hotline: 1900 7018

Mobile: 0909.783.289 - 093.718.6060

With all of the above information, are you ready to become a member of Miss Tram Academy? Please fill in the contact form and contact form below for Miss Tram consultant to explain all your questions in the most understandable and optimal way.

Note: When becoming a student of Miss Tram Academy, you will be provided with VIP account and join online courses at everytime everywhere.

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