Miss Tram Academy / Tattoo - Embroidery - Sculpting Course [Eyebrow - Eye - Lip]

Tattoo - Embroidery - Sculpting Course [Eyebrow - Eye - Lip]

With Miss Tram Academy: Training course for Permanent Makeup (Microblading - Ombre - Shading: Eyebrow, Eyeliner & Lips Tattoo) - Our professional artists are highly trained in the art of brows, eyeliner and lips Permanent Makeup.

Study time speed: 3 day

Number of trainees: 5 - 10 students

Organized only 1 only class per month

Cosmetic tattoo spray course

Extremely preferential tuition for 3 students registering the fastest this month

Do more with Grand Master Tram Dong 17 years of direct experience supervising each student's ability and share secrets and experience of job transfer.

Practical guidance on real people (free hands-on modeling)

Guaranteed HANDICAPPED GLOVES after the course

Arrange and support to find a place for remote students when coming to Miss Tram Academy

Associate and provide certificate assistance with legal training center at United States, Australia

Get the right to graduate GOVERNMENT CAREER CERTIFICATE and make sure 100% is used to ASSURANCE Business Registration legal with business content: CLEANING SERVICE.

Be entitled Graduation Certificate Medical Hygiene and safety - prevention of blood sugar - biological fluids.

Be entitled to graduate examination TEACHER CERTIFICATION to become TEACHER Advanced teaching at Miss Tram.

Graduation receipt CERTIFICATE completed vocational training PROFESSIONAL CLEANING SPRAY

Issued by Vietnam National Vocational Training Center of Vietnam have lifetime value throughout the country

There are On-demand classes: intended for trainees prepare to leave, need to open a shop, overseas Vietnamese, return to the country, study group, tutoring, study online, study certificate,…

There is a class for those who have studied in other centers but have not yet done so

Teaching and learning materials by language (as required by trainees): Vietnamese, English, Chinese

Trained skills CRISIS SETTLEMENT with customers.

Being instructed to provide professional aesthetic equipment, tools and machines with good quality, best price after graduation.

Donate Complete set of tools and equipment throughout the course - no need to buy unnecessary machinery.

Donate PROFESSIONAL PROFESSIONAL MIXED MIXING CLASS (worth 8 million) for 3 students registered first.

Donate 1 in 2 kchemistry (1) Spray micro-point nipples, repair damaged nipples because of tattooing or surgery to scar the new breast shape, natural pink or lock (2) Remove tattoo with a solution or laser Hi-tech standard Europe is worth the money

SPECIAL: After the interview, Enthusiastic students will receive Scholarships up to VND 200 - VND 200 million and work officially at Miss Tram Beauty Center - MissTram Natural Beauty Center.

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Open High School Courses:

1. Sculpture Microfiber 3D - 9D

Close to the basic technology of sculpture from 3D to 9D

Use a European standard gauge for eyebrows

Handle green eyebrow, red eyebrow Sculpture new European standard

The key to recovery of the eyebrows has been done through sculpture is damaged, splattered color, crack or break fibers, eyebrows hurt into the eyebrows Sculptural new natural beauty without losing time correction.

The secret to put the ink into the skin properly so that after the foot of the sculpted bamboo shoots are not lost fiber, up the beautiful and uniform.

How to edit the shape, the old embroidery eyebrow thread into a new sculpture

Standard eyebrow eyebrow for eyebrow after surgery to hang eyebrow or scar

Share the techniques of using eyebrows, how to make ink in each case to get new eyebrows with the most soft eyebrows.

Technology MONOPOLY the most advanced of AMERICA Combine from Microblading & Sandy hand bead - Turning the old eyebrow into a new eyebrow. Natural sculpture like a real eyebrow that does not need to erase or handle old ink.

The perfect eyebrow after sculpting for each type of skin to be beautiful and durable

Share Tips to keep your eyebrows durable color> 3 years

A manuscript of common errors in sculpture

SPECIAL Embroidery Technique - Bald Hair Sculpture

The school specializes in teaching prestigious tattooing spray

2. Ombre 3D eyebrow powder coating (Magic Shading)

Guide from basic to advanced Ombre 3D Eye Shadowing (Magic Shading)

Ombre technique eyebrow with micro-bead (1Point)

Method Handle done eyebrows Too thick to form a natural eyebrow.

Way edit the foot or spray embroidery damaged your new eyebrows are pretty smooth

Handle eyebrows are green, red to the standard color of nature

Secrets of foot restoration You have done the damage, color swings, eyebrows hurt into beautiful new natural eyebrows without wasting time correcting.

The secret to putting the toner on the skin properly After your eyebrows bounce up beautiful color.

The way to smooth beautiful color For eyebrows after surgery hanging or scarring

Way Editing the eyebrows is oxidized to blue and red, unevenly colored new eyebrows with natural brown color.

Method Handle done eyebrows Too thick to form a natural eyebrow.

Share the common mistakes when covering Ombre eyebrow powder and overwhelming remedies.

Closely fitting eyebrows suitable for each face, how to adjust the golden ratio

Technique using eyebrows, standard ink blending In each case, suitable for each skin color.

Measurement app draws eyebrows standardized by the golden ratio of the face

A manuscript of common mistakes in eyebrow embroidery.

eyebrow tattoo spray online

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3. European Technology (Aquarell Technique)

Basic introduction to advanced and advanced processing

Full Lips (Aqua Lips), Ombre Lips, Queen Lips

Close the ink color process according to each skin color and the desire of customers to color standard

The most accurate guide to using lip sticks

Have a doctor consult blood, solution, etc.

Learning to work with the sculpture environment of European technology from basic to advanced

Full-length lipstick sculpture, lip gloss, crystal lipstick, collagen, stem cells, etc.

The treatment of broken lips, opaque color, lip stain, lips are printed edges, lips hurt, etc. into new lips with beautiful smooth color

How to adjust lip, lip lips: too thin, lip on the small, thin lips, small lips, thick lips, lips have two edges down, upper and lower lips unevenly.

The method of lip color treatment is too dark, lips are not uniform, lips are lemened, bruises lips

The color of the lips is scarred, cleft lip

The secret to remove color lip contour with high technology 100% do not leave scar

Customer care skills after spray / lip sculpture to get beautiful lips, durable color 5 year

Miss Tram shares the secret to help the most comfortable in the implementation time as well as completely painless after work

hcm tattoo school tattoo spray

4. Sculptured eyelid micro touch Magic Eyes

Comes from Eyelid Sprays to Magic Eyes Touch Sculpture

Detail of spray / sculpture types of natural eyelid, eyelid, fisheye eyelid, eyelid phoenix, eyelid, v.

Eyeliner classic, eyeliner shading, eyeliner magic make up

Ombre eyelid sculpture touches the natural grain to the art

Deeply sculpted eyelid open contact

Common mistakes in new eyelid spray / sculpture and how to fix it

The treatment of the eyelid is green, the new eyelid is smooth and natural color standards

How to remove the old ink with solution or High Tech European standard

Eyelid anatomy technique Accurate European standard

Tattoo spray class ensures that graduates get a job

Also, only at MissTram AcademyYou are SHARING CONFIDENTIAL handling:

In case of thinning blood, what should be done?

Customers have difficulty in coloring what should they do?

Customers do not have to eat skin numbness?

The secret to treat tattoo ink color is sunk, bold, colorless as you put on the skin.

In the process of tattooing the skin is purple, bruised to handle how?

The skin is reddish in how to handle it?

What should I do?

Experience the business management aesthetic 1 the most scientific, safe and economical way.

Register STUDENT INTERVIEW at the address:


Số 30 Đặng Thị Nhu, P.Nguyễn Thái Bình, Q.1, TP.HCM

126 / 6 Phan Xích Long, Phường 3, Bình Thạnh District

Consultation hotline: 1900 7018

To Become a Student at MISSTRAM ACADEMY Just Fill Out the Contact Form

*note: We only accept students when you pass the interview. This is the 1 training course that we invested more than 17 years of development of the curriculum so we are very enthusiastic. So we would like you to seriously consider this a sustainable profession.

What we focus on is that students after the course has a solid job, open shop and earn dozens (even hundreds) million per month by passionate beauty for everyone.

Please contact Miss Tram for a better advice on the learning path as well as whether you are suitable for this job or not!

Number of Missing Students:

+ Month 03 - 2020: Only receive 2 students.

+ Month 04 - 2020: Also receive 5 students.

+ Month 05 - 2020: Also receive 7 students.

[Frequently Asked Questions]

1. Hello Center, I have consulted through some of the training institutions currently on the market, the tuition at my center is a bit high compared to other places, not knowing my course is different?
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Hi, as we mentioned on the article. This is 1 vocational training course that we invested more than 17 in the curriculum development year so we are very enthusiastic. Our goal is that students after the course of 100 solidly have professional skills both soft skills and professional skills, you can Confidently open the facility, train the trainees, or work in a large cosmetology center with a salary that exceeds expectations.

The place where prestige hcm tattoo is sprayed

We have a high level of tuition in the market by our Quality Assurance after the course. The center helps you solve vocational training "problems" in some establishments today as:

  • After learning you spend tens of millions of dong but still can not do;
  • Do not know how to handle customer crisis lead to loss of quality - loss of customers;
  • Not closely followed practice, only teacher model or many students only practice with sample 1;
  • No support after graduation if there is a problem;
  • You are promised to work but at the end of the course, even if you are to see the base is not dedicated only - led to panic when doing the job;
  • Although when you register you want to learn from basic to advanced but when you learn you must learn more classes if you want to get out of school or compete with the market;
2. Hello center, I do not know anything about tattoo spraying so worry if you learn quickly, you will not be able to learn. If so, do we have classes slowly?
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Hello E, currently we are having 2 training methods:

1. Accelerated courses are suitable for students who do not have much time, such as overseas Vietnamese, students in the province, trainees who know the profession to study advanced or learners to manage the facilities.

2. Training methods 1 - with -1 will be suitable for you as E, E want to peace of mind learn slowly. Accordingly, we will confirm the learning progress of E (E will learn to confirm if E is not stable, the teacher will add the part to E) to ensure that E is fully learned. course. At the same time, E is flexible in arranging study time with his instructor.

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3. Hello Center, I just graduated from 12 class but do not want to take the university entrance exam, but I want to study cosmetology tattoo job to go to work. My family is also supportive but I don't know if I have a job or not, I hope the Center will answer!

- (Van Anh)

Click Below See Specific Advice Answers From Miss Tram

Hi Van Anh, as the end of the article, the Center also shared "The enthusiastic students will receive the scholarship up to 10 - 30 million and work officially at Miss Tram Cosmetic Center."

Accordingly, through each training course, we will prioritize the candidates who wish to stay with the Center for a long time, so I still have a chance. In addition, many students have finished the shop opening, going abroad or confidently applying for jobs at major Cosmetology Centers. Miss Tram is proud of the fact that the candidates after graduating from the university work in the right industry and have a good job with a dream salary. I signed up for an interview to get more details and other questions, if you have any!

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4. Hello Center, I really like this job but my eyesight is not known can study and then do it?
Click Below See Specific Advice Answers From Miss Tram

Welcome to embroidery - Sculpture is a real need to adjust the meticulous, but your eyes will "not too tired" as you learn to connect. In case your eyesight is not good then you just equip the glasses are appropriate, do not affect the learning process or results offline. You peace of mind!

Where to learn to spray carving tattoo

5. Hello Center, I have carefully studied the content of the course and I really like it. But I wonder if I don't have a "gift" for beauty, I don't even know how to draw eyebrows to suit me. So can I learn and is it difficult to learn?
Click Below See Specific Advice Answers From Miss Tram

Hello E, no problem E. It is true that more than 90% of the students at Miss Tram Cosmetics are like the case of E, you love the job but do not have any experience in the profession. The more interesting is that you absorb the learning process is quite fast, very hard training.

Usually, if E has a taste, it would be an advantage, but E loves job and try to learn the result is more than gifted. E will be instructed by the teacher in accordance with his own ability, not be swept away with other practitioners should E peace of mind!

Miss brooch is good at sculpture sculpting

6. Hello Center, I am planning to finish the course to open the shop, e see his many courses do not know which course should be suitable?
Click Below See Specific Advice Answers From Miss Tram

Hello E, if E is planning to open a salon, you should learn all your eyebrows - eyelids and lips. However, depending on the target customers of E, the Center will have 2 suggested courses for E as follows:

1. If E plans to study then open his own 1 small shops, about 2 - 4 bed, soft price for common people, just spray embroidery, eyelid, lip beautiful but not too professional. Just register the Basic to Advanced embroidery package at the Center.

This course will cover the following topics: Crystal Blasting, Powder Blush, 3D Embroidery - 6D, red eyebrow treatment, new embroidery eyebrows, etc. - Spray, treat eyelid - Treat deep cleanser, crystal lip spray, collagen lip spray, queen lip spray, etc. as well as have erase correlated. Actually, completing this course, E still can confidently open the shop because E has grasped the standard content in the embroidery industry from the beginning.

Address specialized in teaching sculptural lips

2. In case E wishes to learn the full eyebrow - eyelid - lips from unknown to all the latest technology, solid workmanship and then opened the shop, E should invest not only costs but also time and earnestness to learn from the Basic to Advanced and study to Advanced Professional.

The course covers not only Inkjet, Embroidery, but also specialized training in European Scalp-Phibrows - Sandy - Ombre, etc. Also, the secret to dealing with situations in the profession. Course E can be open for business or training.

6. Hello Center, I have time to go back to Vietnam for about 30 weeks, I want to register for a class dedicated to eyebrows, I don't know if I can study it quickly, I study a little slowly so I worry. Also let me ask, I don't always know if you have a training course, so if I have time, I will study, thank you!
Click Below See Specific Advice Answers From Miss Tram

Hello, as the number of students per month is limited, so you should register in advance to duplicate your return home! Peace of mind is a comfortable time for you to learn and practice your full eyebrows from basic to advanced professional, including full spray, embroidery, Sculpture 3D 9D European standard, remove Repairing eyebrow nipple remedies as new Sculpture as well as Tips in making eyebrows.

The learning process will be in parallel with the practice, you will be attached to the ability of the teacher to complete the contents of the transcript, the Center will part of the test to confirm and adjust. So you can be completely secure offline!

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8. Let me ask you that I thought to go to school, just need to register again, I see in other places are. Why is it difficult for me to interview students and interviews because they read so much that they like to study in their places but they do not have interviews?
Click Below See Specific Advice Answers From Miss Tram

Greetings E, with the goal of 100% of students after completing the course are confident and professional, as well as the enthusiasm of teaching teaching staffs, teachers at Miss Tram Academy.

Each month, the Center will receive only enough trainees to supplement the training and there are only limited interviews. It is about the time the Center feels the seriousness, enthusiasm and want to stick with the trainees. It is not as hard as it sounds, it's not as hard as E visual or anxious, nor is it a job interview!

As long as E loves the job, go to work with the mind, with the desire to contribute to help people more beautiful every day naturally gentle Miss Tram Academy is happy to welcome E nhé!

Where to spray tattoo good tphcm where to spray beauty where beautiful webtretho learn how to spray tattoo aesthetics where good in Hà nội Where do you learn to spray tattoo? Prestigious spray jet tattooing in Hanoi

9. Can the tuition fee be paid in installments or be completed in one installment?
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Welcome, tuition will be completed on the first day of enrollment, as the Center will complete the curricula, syllabus, full equipment of the course as well as the EXCLUSIVE curriculum at the Student Center.

However, the Center has a policy to support tuition fees into 2 for the students as follows: "In case you want to study full course from Basic to Advanced Professional but not enough tuition for a while, then I You can take the Basic course first, then make up for your tuition fees to improve your skills. "

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10. Hello Center, let me ask is usually how long a course on the center of the Center, you do not study the accelerated course because you want to learn slowly but surely?
Click Below See Specific Advice Answers From Miss Tram

Hello E, the time at Miss Tram Academy will be from 9h00 - 16h00 all days from 2 to 7. However, the length of study will be flexible depending on the placement of the students, because each student will have their own academic progress report, so it is not compulsory for them to attend classes in that time frame. During the day E is free to go to school E, when E class Teacher will monitor the study and guide the next content for E without worrying about being floated.

Usually students from 3 - 6 every day with average capacity will last for about 2 month, with the classmates only from 2 - 4 week!

Where to learn tattooing is best in Saigon

11. Do you have questions about the number of samples provided by the Center for students because there are many training institutions promised to model to do but only 1,2 people and the class to do the same, I feel guilty for the model The students themselves do not collide reality, although the school but certainly not dare to do guests!
Click Below See Specific Advice Answers From Miss Tram

Hello E, this is a question that the Center received quite a lot of time, and almost in the interview you are worried about this issue.

Review Study Spray Basic Tattoos To Advanced

According to the criteria that students who complete the course must be skilled, the Center will provide students with a real sample of 8 including eyebrow 4 + lip model + 2 eyelid model, this sample is completely free and includes including sample cost, toner to make sample,

In case E has completed the Center-level 8 form but wants to do more to harden the skills before going to work or opening a shop, the Center will support teachers to tutor the additional E-8, all of which are specified above. Your enrollment report, so I don't worry!

Practitioner practiced ombre eyebrows on a real sample at Miss Tram Academy

12. Hello Center, I like this job for a long time but before that I was not qualified to pursue a career, now even though I have a stable job, but I have never dreamed of being a beauty expert for all. people. I just worry that it is now just watching videos but I have not learned how to keep up with other people, and if you teach me too long, do not know the guidance teacher is dedicated, I thank ! (Thao Nhi - 9 district, HCMC)
Click Below See Specific Advice Answers From Miss Tram

Welcome Thao Nhi, get the feeling of you we feel you are a student full of enthusiasm and passion. Back to the problem you are worried is that if you do not learn the lessons and ask a lot, ask back then the teacher dedicated to himself or not?

This is where you can be completely secure as every student will have a Confirmed Content Certification, which is all the information about the course in the most detail. Every day, teachers and tutors will complete with you each content, learn to be stable, you will sign to confirm there,

And to be honest, the teacher is responsible for helping you understand all the "paid for" content. Therefore, whether you are "individual students", the quality of course completion is equivalent to the same course. You peace of mind!

Course of Tattooing Cosmetic Sculptures Which Quality Prestige

13. Hello Center, I have anxiety like this I hope the Center answers. In addition to being able to do the job, skills such as counseling, explaining to guests about technology and guiding guests in the process and after work are also important, do not know these issues. of course?
Click Below See Specific Advice Answers From Miss Tram

Greetings E, this is the difference of students completing the course at Miss Tram Academy. In addition to 80% of the content is interactive with the actual case as well as learning with the same 20% remaining. The consultant at the Center will teach the class counseling, practical application Like handling the client's crisis before, during and after the beautification.

In the Customer Crisis Management course, trainees are provided with various practical situations and can directly ask the Expert questions they are asking for answers, equip themselves with ants The necessary form of this latter profession. Therefore, after the course, each student at Miss Tram Academy can be ready to welcome the first guest in a professional way, confident E nhé!

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In addition, the center has a professional training program, you will feel good, especially each month Center has some donation FREE when registering for a course. If you are one of the lucky students will be accompanied with no fee offline!

MissTram Contact You After Filling the Form

Đặc biệt (Exclusive at Miss Tram): Students are granted VIP account, have the right to study online all courses (makeup, nail, skin care ...) of Miss Tram. Details can be viewed: https://misstram.edu.vn/tong-hop-cac-tai-lieu-dao-tao-noi-bo-tai-hoc-vien-miss-tram/

Summary Information about Tattooing Course, Beauty Salon, Eyelashes, Miss Tram Academy

Opening day: Every month, XNXX times
Class: 08h - 18h (Flexible)
School day: 2,3,4,5,6,7, CN (Flexible)
Tuition: Contact
Phone registration: 1900 7018 or 0909.783.289 or 0937.186.060
Study at: Address District 1: Số 30 Đặng Thị Nhu, P.Nguyễn Thái Bình, Q.1, Tp.HCM.
Address Phu Nhuan District: 126 / 6 Phan Xich Long, Ward 3, Binh Thanh District.
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