Microblading - Ombre - Shading - Hair Stroke: Eyebrow, Eyelid, Lips Course

With Miss Tram Academy: Training course for Permanent Makeup (Microblading - Ombre - Shading: Eyebrow, Eyeliner & Lips Tattoo) - Our professional artists are highly trained in the art of brows, eyeliner and lips Permanent Makeup.

(New update for Microblading and Hair Stroke techniques)

Study time express: 3 days

Number of students accepted: 5 - 10 students

Organization only 1 only class per month

Cosmetic tattooing course

The tuition is extremely preferential for 3 students who register the fastest this month

Do Grand Master Tram Dong with more 17 years of direct experience supervising each student's competencies and sharing know-how and experience of vocational transmission.

Get practical training on real people (free hands-on modeling)

Guaranteed PROFICIENT PROFESSIONAL HANDS after the course

There are arrangements, support to find places for remote students when coming to Miss Tram Academy

Associate & support certification with the Legal Training Center at United States, Australia

The right to graduate exam GOVERNMENT'S CERTIFICATE and make sure 100% is usable for ASSURANCE Business Registration legal with business content: COSMETIC SPRAY SPRING SERVICES.

Be right Graduation exam CERTIFICATE OF HEALTH Hygiene and safety - prevention of blood-borne infections - biological fluids.

Get the right to graduate graduation exam TEACHER CERTIFICATION to become TEACHER Senior lecturer at Miss Tram.

Graduation received CERTIFICATE complete vocational training course PROFESSIONAL Aesthetic Spray

Vietnam Qualifications issued by Vietnam National Administration of Vocational Training grant is valid nationwide

There are Class on demand: intended for students preparing to leave, need to open a shop urgently, overseas Vietnamese returning home, study in groups, tutoring, online learning, studying for degrees - certificates, ...

There are classes for people who have studied at other centers but have not yet done so

Teaching and curriculum in 3 languages (at the request of students): Vietnamese, English, Chinese

Trained skills CRISIS RESOLUTION with customers.

Be instructed to provide professional aesthetic equipment, tools, machines with good quality, best price after graduation.

Donate complete apparatus and tools throughout the course - no need to purchase additional unnecessary equipment.

Donate 1 in 2 kchemistry (1) Spraying the micro-point pink breast, repairing the nipples damaged by tattooing or the new scar surgery on the breast, natural pink or locked (2) Remove tattoo by liquid or high-tech laser standard Europe worth 10,000,000 VND

Address teaching aesthetic sculpture hcm
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Opening Intensive Courses:

1. Scraping Microblading 3D - 9D

Attached from basic to advanced technology, Scrap Sculpture from 3D to 9D

Use the golden ratio ruler for European eyebrows

Handling blue and red eyebrows into eyebrows New European sculpture

The secret to repairing eyebrows that have been done through damaged, colored, broken or broken sculptures, damaged eyebrows into eyebrows Sculptures are naturally beautiful without losing time to fix them.

The secret to putting the ink into the skin properly so that after the eyebrow Sculpting does not lose fibers, the thread is beautiful and even.

How to fix the shape, the old embroidery eyebrow thread into a new sculpture

How to prepare eyebrows for eyebrows after surgery or hanging scars

Share techniques using eyebrows, how to make ink in each case to get new eyebrows with the sharpest soft eyebrows.

Skill MONOPOLY the most advanced of AMERICA Combine from Microblading & Sandy touch beads by hand - Transform old spray eyebrows into eyebrows New sculpture Naturally soft like real eyebrows without removing or handling / sucking old ink.

How to care for the perfect eyebrow after Sculpting for each skin type to stay beautiful and durable

Sharing Tips to help keep your eyebrows Color fastness> 3 years

Manuscript of common mistakes in Sculpture

ESPECIALLY Embroidery techniques - Sculpting bald hair

The school specializes in teaching reputable tattoo spray

2. Ombre 3D eyebrow powder coating (Magic Shading)

Tutorial from basic to advanced Ombre 3D eyebrow powder coating technology (Magic Shading)

Ombre technique Particle micro eyebrow (1Point)

Method Handle eyebrows did too bold into natural eyebrow color.

Way Edit damaged eyebrow spray or embroidery into a beautiful smooth eyebrow

Handling blue and red eyebrows to natural color standards

The secret to restoring the legs You have done through damaged, patchy, damaged eyebrows into new natural eyebrows without losing time to fix.

Tattoo - Embroidery - Sculpting Course [Eyebrow - Eye - Lip] Course 1

The secret to bringing ink to the skin properly so that after the eyebrows brush up, the standard color is beautiful.

How to create beautiful smooth colors For eyebrows after surgery hanging scars or scarring

Way Corrected oxidized eyebrows with green & red color, uneven color into a new eyebrow with natural brown color.

Method Handle eyebrows did too bold into natural eyebrow color.

Share common mistakes when covering Ombre eyebrow powder and how to fix it.

Attached to the eyebrow shape suitable for each face, how to adjust the golden guard

Technology using numbness, how to make standard ink in each case, suitable for each customer's color.

Measurement techniques app draw eyebrows Standard according to the golden ratio of the face

Manuscript of common mistakes in eyebrow embroidery spray.

Learn to spray eyebrow tattoo online

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3. Sculpture of micro-technology points of Europe (Aquarell Technique)

A guide to basic and advanced lip treatment

Technical Lips Full Lips (Aqua Lips), Ombre Lips, Queen Lips

Close to the ink process according to each skin color and desire of customers to set up the color standard

Instructions for using the most accurate Safe numbness

Doctors consulted with blood, solution, etc.

Learning goes together with the practice of European technology micro sculpting from beginner to advanced level

Sculpting full micro-lips, sculpting of soot, crystal lips, collagen, stem cells, etc.

How to treat damaged lips, opaque color, lips with holes, lips with edging, damaged lips, etc. into new lips with beautiful smooth color

How to fix lips, lip contours: too thin lips, small upper lip, thin lower lip, small lips, thick lips, lips with two drooping edges, upper and lower lips are not equal.

Treatment method lip color too dark, uneven lips, lips smeared, lips bruised

Create equally colored lips scarred, cleft lip

The secret to erasing lip color with high technology 100% does not leave scars

Customer care skills after Spraying / Sculpting lips to get beautiful lips, color like that, Durable color> 5 year

Miss Tram shares the secret to help guests feel comfortable during the procedure as well as completely painless after doing

Learn to spray tattoo to fix HCM

4. Sculpting eyelid micro-touch Magic Eyes

Comes from Eyelid Spray to Magic Eyes Touch Sculpture

Spray details / sculptures of natural eyelids, water eyelids, fish eyelids, phoenix eyelids, deer eyelids, etc.

Classic eyeliner spray technique, eyeliner shading, eyeliner eyeliner magic make up

The technique of sculpting Ombre eyelids touches natural particles to the art

Intensive sculpted micro eyelid touch open irises

Common mistakes in new eyelid spray / sculpture and how to fix it

How to treat blue, red, white eyelids with smooth, natural eyelids

How to remove old ink color with liquid or High Technology according to European standards

Eyelid anatomy technique European standard precision

Tattoo - Embroidery - Sculpting Course [Eyebrow - Eye - Lip] Course 2

Also, only at MissTram AcademyYou are SHARING SECRET CONFIDENTIAL handling:

In case of customers with blood thinning, what should we do?

Customers with hard-to-eat skin should do?

Customers have the opportunity to eat skin numbness do?

The secret to handle tattoo ink color is sunk, bold, no color as desired when put on the skin.

In the process of tattooing, purple and bruised skin must be handled like?

How to get red and blue skin when dealing with it?

Tattooing is having a power outage, what to do?

Experience managing business aesthetics 1 the most scientific, safe and economical way.

Registration INTERVIEWER STUDENT at the address:


126/6 Phan Xich Long, Ward 3, Binh Thanh District, Ho Chi Minh City.

Consulting hotline: 1900 7018

To become a student at MISSTRAM ACADEMY Just fill out the Contact Form


*Note: We only accept students when you pass the interview. This is a vocational course that we invested in over 17 years of developing the curriculum so we are very dedicated. So we really hope you seriously consider this a sustainable career.

What we focus on is that students after the course get a solid job, open a store and earn tens (even hundreds) million every month with a passion for beauty for everyone.

Please contact Miss Tram immediately for more advice on the study path and see if you are suitable for this career or not!

Number of Miss Tram Students Still Receiving:

November - 2020: Only receive 2 more students.

December - 2020: Still receiving 5 students.

January - 2021: There are still 7 students.

[Answering Frequently Asked Questions]

1. Hello Center, have you consulted through some of the training institutions currently on the market, the tuition at my center is a bit high compared to other places, not knowing my course is different?
Click Below See Specific Advice Answers From Miss Tram

Hello, as we mentioned on the article. This is a vocational course that we invested in over 17 years of developing the curriculum so we are very dedicated. Our goal is that the students after the 100% course have a solid professional career in both soft and professional skills, so you can Confidently open a facility, train students or work at major beauty centers with salaries more than expected.

Tattoo - Embroidery - Sculpting Course [Eyebrow - Eye - Lip] Course 3

We have a high tuition fee market because we are committed to the quality of the course. The center helps you solve apprenticeship "problems" in some institutions today as:

  • After studying you spend tens of millions of dong but still cannot do it;
  • Do not know how to handle customer crisis leading to loss of quality - loss of customers;
  • Not to closely follow the practice, only to see the model teacher or many students practice only the same sample;
  • No support after graduation if having difficulties;
  • You are promised a career but at the end of the course, even if you go to the facility to see it, you will not be more dedicated - leading to confusion when doing the job;
  • Although when you register you want to learn from basic to advanced level, when you learn, you will need to learn other classes if you want to graduate safely or compete with the market;
2. Hello center, I do not know anything about tattoo spraying so worry if you learn quickly, you will not be able to learn. If so, do we have classes slowly?
Click Below See Specific Advice Answers From Miss Tram

Hi E, we currently have 2 training methods:

1. Intensive study is suitable for students who do not have much time, such as overseas Vietnamese returning home, students in the province, students who have learned the profession they want to improve to or learn to manage facilities.

2. Training methods 1- with -1 will suit you like E, E want to be assured to learn slowly. Accordingly, we will confirm E's learning process (E will learn to go there, if E is not good, the teacher will attach that part to E) to ensure E's benefits are fully learned. course. At the same time, E is flexible in arranging study time with his instructor!

Tattoo - Embroidery - Sculpting Course [Eyebrow - Eye - Lip] Course 4

You Have Any Questions Leaving Information MissTram Consulting Now



3. Hello Center, I just graduated from grade 12 but do not want to take the university entrance exam, but I want to study tattooing to get a job. My family is also supportive but I don't know if I have a job or not, I hope the Center will answer!

 - (Van Anh)

Click Below See Specific Advice Answers From Miss Tram

Hi Van Anh, as the end of the article, the Center also shared, "Dedicated students will receive a scholarship up to VND 10 - 30 million and work officially at Miss Tram Beauty Center".

Accordingly, through each training course, we will prioritize candidates who want to stay with the Center for a long time so I still have a chance. In addition, a lot of students finished studying to open a shop, go abroad or confidently apply for jobs at major beauty centers. Miss Tram is proud of 100% candidates after graduation doing the right job in the field of cosmetology and being skilled with her dream salary. Please register for an interview to get more details as well as any other questions you may have!

Top reputable tattoo schools in HCMC

4. Hello Center, I really like this job but my eyesight is not known can study and then do it?
Click Below See Specific Advice Answers From Miss Tram

Hello, Spray embroidery - A fine sculpture does need careful, meticulous but your eyes will be "not too tired" like when you learn eyelash extensions. In case your eyesight is not good, you just need to wear suitable glasses, it will not affect the learning process or the results. You peace of mind!

 Tattoo - Embroidery - Sculpting Course [Eyebrow - Eye - Lip] Course 5

5. Hello Center, I have carefully studied the content of the course and I really like it. But I wonder if I don't have a "talent" for beauty, I don't even know how to draw eyebrows to suit me. So can I learn and is it difficult to learn?
Click Below See Specific Advice Answers From Miss Tram

Hello E, no problem. It is a fact that more than 90% students in Miss Tram Beauty Salon are like the case of E, you love the job but do not have any experience about the profession. What's more interesting is that you absorb the learning process quite quickly, very hard practice.

Normally, if E has a good taste, it will be an advantage, but E loves the job and tries to learn, the result is more than gifted. E will be enthusiastically guided by the Teacher according to his own learning ability, not be swept away with other students so I am assured!

Tattoo - Embroidery - Sculpting Course [Eyebrow - Eye - Lip] Course 6

6. Hello Center, I am planning to finish studying to open a shop, I think there are many courses in my side, I do not know which course is suitable for?
Click Below See Specific Advice Answers From Miss Tram

Hello E, if E intends to learn to open a shop, he should study all the eyebrows - eyelids and lips. However, depending on the target of E customers, the Center will have 2 course suggestions for E as follows:

1. If E intends to study and then opens his own small shop, about 2-4 beds, making soft prices for common people, just spray eyebrows, eyelids, beautiful lips but also does not require too professional then E only needs to register the Basic Embroidery Advanced course at Center.

This course will include the following: Crystal eyebrow spray, Powder eyebrow spray, 3D - 6D embroidery, red-green eyebrow treatment into new embroidery eyebrow, etc. - Spraying, eyelid treatment - Treatment dark lip, crystal lip spray, collagen lip spray, Queen lip spray, etc. as well as related correction. Actually, after completing this course, E can still confidently open a shop because E has mastered the standard contents in the aesthetic embroidery spray industry from the beginning.

Tattoo - Embroidery - Sculpting Course [Eyebrow - Eye - Lip] Course 7

2. In case E wishes to learn full eyebrows - eyelids - lips from unknown to all the latest technology, steady workmanship and then opening a shop, E should invest not only the cost but also the time and serious dedication to take the course from Basic to Advanced and to Advanced Professional.

The course includes not only Spraying, Embroidery, but also training on European standard Fiber Sculpting - Phibrows - Sandy - Ombre, etc. and The secret of handling business situations, etc. E course can safely open shops or train students. 

7. Hello Center, soon I have time to return to Vietnam for about 3 weeks, I want to register for a class specifically for the eyebrows, I do not know if I can learn it in time, I study a bit slow so I'm worried, thank you!
Click Below See Specific Advice Answers From Miss Tram

Hello, because the number of students per month is limited, so you should register in advance to coincide with your return home! You are assured that a comfortable 3-week period for you to study and practice your eyebrows from the basic to the advanced level, including full spray, Embroidery, Sculpting 9D fiber according to European standards, remove fix, handle damaged eyebrows into eyebrows New sculpting as well as The secret in making eyebrow profession.

The learning process will be accompanied by practice, you will have the teacher with your own learning ability to gradually complete the content of the transcript, after which the Center will take that part to confirm and adjust. for you so you can feel secure offline!

Tattoo - Embroidery - Sculpting Course [Eyebrow - Eye - Lip] Course 8

8. Let me ask if I thought that if I went to school, I just needed to register again, I see it everywhere in other places. Why is it difficult for the Center to interview students and do interviews because I read that I would love to study my place but I'm worried that the interview will not be successful!
Click Below See Specific Advice Answers From Miss Tram

Hi hello, with the goal of 100%, after completing the course, all students will be confident to do the job as well as the enthusiasm to teach the profession of the teachers and teaching assistants at Miss Tram Academy.

Each month, the Center will receive only the insufficient number of trainees to supplement training and there is only a limit, so the interview is the time when the Center feels serious, enthusiastic and wants to stick with the students' careers. , to be honest, it's not as difficult as E envisions or worries, nor is it going to get a job interview!

As long as E loves the job, goes to work with the mind, with the desire to devote to help people look more beautiful every day in a natural way, Miss Tram Academy is very happy to welcome E!

where to learn tattoo ink where good tphcm spray lips where beautiful webtretho learn cosmetic tattoo where good at Hanoi where to learn tattoo ink where good Hanoi should learn cosmetic tattoo where to learn embroidery eyebrow where good experience learn spraying ink spray lips prestige in Hanoi

9. Can the fees at the Center be divided into installments to pay or must be completed in one go?
Click Below See Specific Advice Answers From Miss Tram

Welcome, tuition will be completed on the first day of registration because the Center will complete the profile, curriculum, all the complete equipment of the course as well as the EXCLUSIVE curriculum at the Center for students.

However, the Center has a policy of supporting the payment of tuition into 2 installments for students as follows: "In case you want to take the full course from Basic to Advanced Professional but not enough tuition to pay at one time, I You can take the Basic course first, then cover the missing tuition to study for Advanced Professional! ”

Tattoo - Embroidery - Sculpting Course [Eyebrow - Eye - Lip] Course 9

10. Hello Center, let me ask how long is the duration of a course by the Center, I do not study the intensive course because I want to study slowly but surely?
Click Below See Specific Advice Answers From Miss Tram

Hello E, the time to study at Miss Tram Academy will be from 9:00 am - 4:00 pm every day from Monday to Saturday. However, the study time will be flexible according to the students' arrangement because each of you will have a transcript. his own learning process, which is why it is not compulsory for E to be in that class. During the day, E will have free time. E, please go to class. When E comes into class, the teacher will monitor the report card and guide the next content for E without worrying about losing the lesson.

Usually the students go to school from 3 to 6 hours a day with average capacity, it will last for about 2 months, for fast learners, only 2-4 weeks!

Where to learn the best tattoo spray in Saigon

11. I wonder if the number of samples provided by the Center is for students because there are so many training institutions that promise to put up samples to do but only 1.2 people and the whole class works together, I feel sorry for the model that our students themselves can't actually collide, even though they graduate, but they probably won't dare to be guests!
Click Below See Specific Advice Answers From Miss Tram

Hello E, this is a question that the Center has received quite a lot of time, and almost every interview you are worried about this issue.

Tattoo - Embroidery - Sculpting Course [Eyebrow - Eye - Lip] Course 10

According to the criteria that students who complete the course must be skilled, the Center will provide students with 8 real samples including 4 eyebrow samples + 2 lip samples + 2 eyelid samples, this model is completely free and includes including sample cost, toner to make sample,

In case E has completed 8 Center-level samples but wants to do more to harden his skills before going to work or opening a shop, depending on the E course registered, the Center will support teachers to give E 8 more samples, All are clearly stated on your admission report, so I am safe!

Students practice spraying Ombre eyebrows on real models at Miss Tram Academy

12. Hi Center, I have been interested in this profession for a long time but before that I was not qualified to follow the job, now even though I have a stable job but I have never stopped dreaming of being a beautician for all people. I was just worried that if I just watched the videos, I would not keep up with other students, and if I taught him for too long, I would not know if the instructor was dedicated, thank you. ! (Thao Nhi - District 9, Ho Chi Minh City)
Click Below See Specific Advice Answers From Miss Tram

Hello Thao Nhi, receiving your confidences, we feel that you are a learner full of enthusiasm and passion. Back to the problem you are worried about is if I do not keep up with the lessons and ask a lot, ask back and forth, will the teacher show me willingly?

This makes you feel secure because every Student will have a Document confirming what has been learned, which is all the information about the course in the most detailed way. Every day you go to class, the teacher and the assistant will complete the contents with you one by one.

And to put it most honestly, the Teacher has a responsibility to help you understand the entire learning content "to get paid". Therefore, even if you are a "special student", the quality of completing the course will be equivalent to that of other classmates. You peace of mind!

Cosmetology Sculpture Salon Of Any Prestige Quality

13. Hello Center, I am worried like this I hope the Center answers. In addition to being a professional, skills such as counseling, explaining to guests about technology and guiding customers during and after work are also important, they do not know these issues. in the course or not?
Click Below See Specific Advice Answers From Miss Tram

Hello E, this is the difference of students when completing the course at Miss Tram Academy. In addition to 80%, learning content is interactive with real cases as well as learning in parallel with practice, the rest of 20%. crisis management of customers before, during and after beauty.

In the Customer crisis handling skills course, students can come to different practical situations and can directly ask Experts the questions they have questions to be answered, equip themselves with the knowledge. knowledge needed later in the profession. Therefore, after finishing the course, every student at Miss Tram Academy can be ready to welcome the first guest professionally, confidently E!

Learn To Spray Beauty Tattoo Where Beautiful

In addition, the Center has a Professional Training mi course, guys, especially every month the Center has a number of gifts FREE when signing up for a course. If you are one of the lucky students will be included with no charge offline! 

MissTram Contacted You After Filling the Form


General Information About Training course for Permanent Makeup (Microblading - Ombre - Shading: Eyebrow, Eyeliner & Lips Tattoo)

Opening day: 1 time per month
Class: 08h - 18h (Flexible)
School day: Monday to Sunday
Tuition: Contact
Registered phone: 1900 7018 or 0909.783.289 or 0937.186.060
Study at:  126/6 Phan Xich Long, Ward 3, Binh Thanh District, Ho Chi Minh City.

See more reviews and comments of participants at Miss Tram Academy:

Share of Student Minh Hang from Canada about the professional eyebrow course at Miss Tram

MissTram: Hi Hang!

Tell everyone this is Hang. Hang is the person who has just finished the professional eyebrow tattooing course and eyelash extensions class at Miss Tram Beauty Center. Now, can Hang give the center her feelings after completing the course?

Hv: Yes, I think studying here is very good. Really good. Teachers and teachers here teach very conscientiously.

MissTram: When I got home from school. Did you find it difficult at first?

Hv: Tremor! At first, walking in a straight line, using many needles ... I think I can't do it. Thanks to the enthusiastic teaching, and the encouragement of teachers and classmates, up to now, I have been able to do more than 10 people (who are relatives in my family).

MissTram: What are your comments?

Hv: At first, I practiced at the 8-acre center, then worked one or two more samples for family members, then many people kept asking if I could do more?

Pv: So, how many people has Hang done in total?

Hv: Yes, in total I made 9 samples at the center and 5 more samples at home.

MissTram: So during the time that Hang came back to Vietnam to study at Miss Tram, Hang worked about 14-15 people.

Hv: Yes, that's right!

MissTram: Tomorrow, when Hang returns home, does Hang feel confident to go back to fight?

Hv: Yes, very confident. I sent pictures back to my friends, many people said that studying for 1 or 5 months and being like that is very good.

MissTram: During the process that I graduated from school, if there is any difficulty, I can send pictures to the group, the Center will support me more. Thank you very much, Hang!

Hv: I thank you

Share of practitioner Phuong Thuy after modeling FOUR + EYE LIFE

Pv: Everyone will see the results on the sample of student's friend Ms. Thuy, everyone can see that her eyebrows are very natural!

Ms. Thuy, let me ask, what is my model number?

Hv: Yes, this is my 3rd model.

Pv: This model, how much can Thuy make %.

Hv: I did a lot of this model, about 89 - 90 %.

Pv: Are you satisfied with this result?

Hv: This is the 3rd sample, I was very confident, I found it beautiful so I was very happy!

Pv: Please listen to your teacher's assessment of this model!

Ms. Thuy's teacher: Today, Ms. Thuy has tried very hard, she is very confident with the needle, so she is praised a lot.

This Model of Eyelid is her first eyelid, but she walks very well, and is sharp.

Pv: In the process of making eyelids, the most difficult part is to go close to the corner, but Ms. Thuy is very gifted. Right from the first sample, Ms. Thuy has done very well, her eyelids open with eyes look very natural.

Pv: Ms. Thuy, Ms. Thuy, please share some of her feelings, when you are finished!

Hv: I also regret that the time is too short, but the results achieved much more than my expectation. The teachers at the school helped me enthusiastically because I saw my time rushing so I dedicatedly instructed me to complete, I felt very happy. I plan to go over there to introduce many friends to my Miss Tram school.

Pv: Thank you very much! When you have time to return to Vietnam, if you want to review the parts that you have not yet completed, you can stop by the center to review!

Pv asked the model: I see my eyebrows and eyelids right now. Did you worry when you first registered as a model?

Sample: At first I was worried, but now I see my face is different, it looks really pretty.

Pv: It looks natural, right?

Sample: Yes, that's right!

Pv: So when the center has the opportunity to recruit samples, I can introduce my friends, the center will schedule me. Thank you very much!

I wish Thuy more success than her!

Hv: Thank you, I also hope that when I return to America, I will get more customers.

Reporter: Yes, thank you very much Thuy!

Student Ngoc Anh shared the first time in the class in the Professional Spraying and Embroidery Course

Pv: Ngoc Anh! Today, Miss Tram is very happy and would like to have some comments in the early days when studying at my academy. Because there are many of you worry about not knowing at first, not knowing what difficulties are there yet?

Ngoc Anh just started to learn, Today you just learned to spray eyebrows, right?

Hv: Yes, that's right.

Pv: So, can Ngoc Anh share with you some feelings that you do not know what difficulties you have in studying?

Hv: Yes, it's not that difficult!

Pv: Ah, not very difficult. In the case of Ngoc Anh, Ngoc Anh used to be a tattoo sprayer. Before, you were a body tattoo, right Ngoc Anh?

Hv: Yes, that's right!

Pv: Well, when I got a body tattoo and wanted to switch to learning how to spray tattoo, I also had certain advantages. But before that, did you know anything about this eyebrow-lip-eyelid spraying industry?

Hv: Do you know a little bit!

Reporter: When Ngoc Anh was in class, did Ngoc Anh attend classes regularly? Or when you have free time, Ngoc Anh?

Hv: Yes, when I have free time, I will go up there! Or every day I have time I will study from morning to afternoon.

Pv: Well, that's fine. Why do you have to ask that, Because many fellow practitioners worry about not having time to learn from morning to afternoon.

So, like Ngoc Anh, every day when you are free, you can study from morning to afternoon, otherwise you can take advantage of your time between 9am - 4pm every day, no time can go until then.

So in the learning process that is interrupted like that, do you feel you can continue to continue the lesson or not? Lost the post or not?

Hv: If you stay at home have time to practice and read more textbooks, you can continue with my lesson.

When I went to class, the teachers and brothers and sisters around me were always tutors, so I thought that it was OK, also good

Reporter: Thank you very much, let me see, Ngoc Anh has learned a part today. As everyone can see, today Ngoc Anh learned to spray eyebrows. As for the form, you draw is still not very standard. That's why I need to practice more on this part, Ngoc Anh. At home you have time to practice more on the eyebrow shape.

Reporter: How do your teachers comment on Ngoc Anh's learning progress?

Teacher of Ngoc Anh: Because the study time is very little, the progress is still a bit slow compared to some other students. But she understands the homework well and she has practice at home so, the homework isn't that bad, it's okay.

Pv: Because Ngoc Anh's study time is not much, her study process is a bit more difficult. It is time for me to study more than to study new lessons.

You can be assured that, if you do not have as much time to study as Ngoc Anh, you can enroll in a long-term study form, which means when you have free time, then go to that class to study. And every session like that, before learning a new lesson, the teacher will review the old one for me, and then I will continue to study.

Thank you very much, if you have any questions about the course information, you can contact HOTLINE 19007018 or contact the center directly for detailed advice.


Hv: Hello everyone! My name is Nhi! Currently, I am a student of the MIUI - MOM - MI spray tattoo course at Miss Tram.

Pv: How did you feel while studying here?
About the course at Miss Tram

Hv: In the beginning, I also researched a lot of places to enroll. I consulted on the internet and asked my relatives and acquaintances, there are some people who also study here and there. There are also some people that I feel are very skilled. Ok, people praise Miss Tram a lot.

When I just started to study here, I have many problems such as: When I use the machine to spray, my hand is still very hard, but thanks to the devoted guidance of the teachers here. Every day here, each teacher tutors a student, so his skills become more flexible and flexible. I was very confident to do my job, be a guest immediately.

Pv: Ok, thank you. Give me a little more information how long will your course last?

Hv: My course when I register, I will study for more than 1 month, but thanks to everyone's help, I study more carefully, so I completed the course 1 week in advance.

Pv: Thank you! One more marginal question is: Do you have any plans for the future?

Open Spa yourself, continue with the tattoo spray job or want to learn something more?

Hv: First I will continue this tattoo spray work then I will arrange the best time to go back to Miss Tram to learn more sculpture courses, and some other courses such as: eyelash extensions, skin care.

I feel the service here is very good, everyone gives advice and teaches very carefully to the students. So I think you should choose Miss Tram as the place to study better.

Pv: Thank you very much, and wish you success in the future.

Student Nha Khanh shares the feeling of the Eyebrow - Lip - Eyelid Sculpture Course

Pv: Hi everyone, Today Miss Tram is very happy to be able to get a direct feedback from the students who are participating in the spraying, embroidering, sculpting course. Everyone, listen to the feedback of Ms. Nha Khanh!

Hv: Hi everyone!

Pv: Please give me some information to introduce myself!

Hv: My name is Tran Kim Nha Khanh, I am 44 years old this year. She lived in District 3, through a few friends, she decided to come to Miss Tram to learn the course of spraying, embroidery, sculpting. Her key is a professional course.

Pv: How long has Khanh learned until now!

Hv: Up to now, I have learned for 2.5 months.

Pv: Everyone knows why! During the course of studying at Miss Tram, one thing is very difficult here: All the students, even though they study together, the study path is different, according to their individual schedules. .

Here, by the way, the center will introduce the records, transcripts, timetable of Ms. Nha Khanh. Here are 3 school records of Ms. Nha Khanh including: eyebrow transcript, eye report and lip report.

And when Ms. Khanh completed each course like that, she brought her papers down to submit. Does Khanh have any memories of the articles she submitted?

Hv: The song that is the hardest and most stressful is the first one, the one that goes straight in a straight line, it's very stressful but when I pass that song, I feel happy.

You know what! The lesson is very good, very simple but extremely difficult, but the teacher here tutors you very well, very carefully, since she walked like a train track until now it's straight and it's so small. Hey. A process that teachers tutor is very thorough.

Pv: When students submit their papers, you will see on the form with student information, as well as the name of the course you registered on the back, so that when you bring the papers to submit, the center will evaluate. Some of you have done well, some are not good for me to overcome.

In addition, during the course, Ms. Khanh learned all the courses from her eyebrows, eyelids, and lips. With regard to the score, Miss Tram revealed to you that Khanh never took 8 points, which means that all of Khanh's articles are: 9 points, 9.5 points, 10 points, then Khanh will take.

How many samples did Khanh have?

Hv: I have 4 samples already. I have 2 eyebrow samples and 2 lips.

Pv: So Khanh has not been able to get an eyelid model yet?

Hv: Not yet!

Pv: So in the near future, Khanh will be modeled for Eyelids. Once you have achieved this part, you will be able to model, and when you sample, you will have your own tutor.

Khanh noticed that when I work on artificial skin and when modeling is there a lot difference?

Hv: Other, when working on artificial skin, it has its difficulty, but when you do it on real people, you can rest assured, going to school is very fun, until modeling is very interested because this post is difficult but up sample will be easier.

Modeling has the difficulty that there are shortcomings of the customer that we need to fix for a long time, that is the hard part. Actually there are customers whose skin and eyebrows are easy to make on the model is much easier than on artificial skin. Working on the skin so that we know the technique is very easy to model, so just go to school, fun!

Pv: Because I do it on artificial skin, as an anti-slippery piece like this, how many defects we will feel, how many of our techniques will show on this blank skin. When it comes to real people, it is easier because they have this, a part of real eyebrows also exists, lip shape, lip shape is almost 60-70%, that's why when I do myself I just need to pad the missing part. Join it on artificial skin or other elastic 3D skin on your real skin, so usually you just need to pass the lessons on 3D skin, artificial skin then we do it on real people.

Also coming 11/20, do not know if Ms. Khanh has any share or congratulation to the team of teachers who have taught her.

Hv: Thank you teachers at Miss Tram, especially the last boss at Miss Tram A "Ms. Tram". Ms. Tram is very cute, so cute!

Ms. Tram when she studied theory, and watched Ms. Tram model for her to gain experience, Ms. Tram passed on her experience, passed on how to go easily, passed on her experience of handling ... this… that… .the experiences that Ms. Tram has. Love it!

So first thank Miss Tram, then thank Miss Nhi (interviewer), Miss Nhi is like mama general manager, all over management, generally difficult, come to ask questions. Miss Nhi. Miss Nhi will guide the arrangement for me such as: class schedule, sample schedule ... generally arrange the schedule so that I can be proactive. Thank you miss Nhi. Thank you teachers, the teachers here are so cute.

Reporter: The center also thanks to Ms. Nha Khanh for sharing. Actually, I don't want to bother the students too much so I can't get too much feedback, but if you get your consent, the center wants to receive more feedback to give If you have not come to Miss Tram, you can answer some questions about what difficulties you will face in the learning process, or share the reality of how it is?

Thank you very much Khanh! Wish Ms. Khanh the best possible completion of the course, and a result that she feels most worthy of when she studies at the center.

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