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Training Professional Eyelash Extension Course Certification VietNam in HCMC

Are you salty apprentice extensions? Want to find one Eyelash Extension Training Center - Curl most prestigious and professional eyelash? So how do you find a reliable vocational training center to study here? Let's take a look at some information about eyelash extensions at Miss Tram shortly ...

Training Professional Eyelash Extension Course Certification VietNam in HCMC

Professional Training Center Mi - Bending Mi Professional

Professional Eyelash Extensions Training Center - Learn Where To Do That

+ Vocational training center with extension courses for students who do not have time, go abroad and own Spa in the country within 1 week

+ Flexible study time, each Student will have a convenient personal Schedule according to his / her own time and ability.

+ Trained in the form of "handheld only" from basic to advanced professional

+ Constantly updated the latest eyelash extensions in the world

+ Training according to the International Standard curriculum so students can work at home and abroad

+ Practicing on real samples has been prepared for each student

+ Free all professional eyelash extensions from eyelashes, glue, wax, tweezers, etc. use to learn and later make always for guests

+ Trained process of handling customer crisis when encountering problems in the profession

+ Miss Tram Eyelash Extensions Vocational Training Center has granted International Standard Eyelash Extensions.

+ Professional learning environment, equipment, the most modern facilities in the top eyelash extension training centers in HCMC today.

+ Become a businessman, own the beauty care field, maybe open a professional eyelash extensions training center in the future.


Tuition Fees at Eyelash Training Center - Eyelash Tuition Training Fee at MissTram Beauty Academy

Eyelash Extension Course Price Of Eyelash Connector
Eyelash Extension Course Basic 8 Million Reduced To 4 Million
Eyelash Extension Course Advanced 10 Million Reduced to 6 Million
ESPECIALLY: Register Professional Eyelash Extension Course from Basic to Advanced Only 8 Million

(Tuition fee at Eyelash Class Training Center is Full of Tools and Equipment)

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Content of basic eyelash extensions course at Miss Tram Eyelash Training Center:

Students become familiar with the necessary eyelash extensions
  • Introduce common mi parameters - length - thickness - curvature
  • Consult eyelash extensions and how to choose the most suitable eyelash extensions for each customer
  • Criteria needed for eyelash extensions
Instructions on how to hold tweezers, how to sit properly when connecting eyelashes

Instructions for separating eyelash

Instructions on how to pick up eyelashes smoothly
  • Guide dot eyelash glue
  • Practice plugging in lashes
Practice eyelash extensions on manocanh

Practice the steps of eye hygiene and eyelash extensions on real people

 + Natural eyelash extensions technique

 + Technical classic mi extensions

 + Natural color mixing techniques

Practice removing eyelashes with wax / tweezers

Guide eyelash Instructions for the best and most durable eyelash extensions Instructions to handle situations when an incident occurs

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Content of Advanced Eyelash Extensions Course At HCMC Eyelash Extension Training Center

  • The growth of natural lashes
  • How to identify standard eyes, distance eyes, close eyes, protruding eyes, single eyelids, slanted eyes, drooping eyes, deep eyes, etc. in eyelid extensions
  • Familiarize yourself with the lashes: babydoll figure, doll, angel, propeller, arc, cat-eye lashes, fishtail lashes, kitten designs, etc.
  • The curvature of the eyelid and the curvature is suitable for each natural eye
Instructions on how to create fan mi 2D - 3D - 4D Technical instructions Volume 2D - 3D eyelash extensions

  • Guide dot eyelash glue
  • Instructions on how to plug lashes into false eyelashes
  • Practice connecting 2D Volume 2DD on mannequin
How to join Katun - Volume

  • Instructions to apply glue when attaching Katun -Volume eyelashes
  • Instructions on how to plug Katun -Volume eyelashes into fake eyelashes
Practice Eyelash Volume 3D - Katun and remove eyelashes on real people Instructions for Thai eyelash extensions

  • Instructions for attaching eyelashes when connecting Thai eyelashes
  • Instructions on how to plug Thai lashes into fake lashes
Guide to mix color eyelashes

  • Guide dots when connecting eyelashes color
  • Instructions on how to plug color lashes into false eyelashes
Introducing the Mega Volume extension

Introducing lower eyelid extensions

Introducing the stone eyelash extensions Care guide for each type of eyelashes for the best durability Instructions to remove and mi mi each technique eyelash extensions

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Technical Mi Mix Color

[Answering Frequently Asked Questions in Selecting Vocational Training Center Eyelash Extensions]

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Question 1: Hello Center, my family has a girl who has just finished high school this year but she does not like to go to college but wants to study beauty.

We also learned about the time and plan to guide the baby to follow this career, not knowing that the Center can share with us some difficulties in the profession so we can see many aspects. closer edge? Many thanks to Miss Tram Training Vocational Training Center!

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Miss Tram Vocational Training Training Center Answer:

Miss Tram Tram Vocational Training Center welcomes you, besides the advantages of eyelash extensions such as low cost, short study time, light work and high income ... after:

+ Making eyelash extensions requires you to sit still all day, working with high intensity of concentration and detail. So many professionals often suffer from some occupational diseases such as eye problems, cervical vertebra and stomach pain ...

+ Eyelash extensions are gentle, simple beauty methods but require you to be careful in proper hygiene to avoid eye infections, blisters or loss of real eyelashes for customers; and use quality eyelash extensions, eyelash extensions to avoid fake, non-origin goods.

+ The extension service requires you to work regularly outside office hours, when people are off work, when you start working during the peak hours.

+ Spas are often busy with dark eyes on holidays, because this is the time when family members go to beauty facilities to retouch beauty before an important event. So you have less time to take care of yourself.

Hope to understand the strengths and weaknesses of the profession, you will have a lot of sharing as well as a complete career path for your daughter. Have more questions, please send to Miss Tram Vocational Training Center.


Question 2: Hello Miss Tram, now I have a nail salon in Australia, this time I have the opportunity to return to Vietnam about 10 days to visit my family so I also plan to combine eyelash extensions.

I wonder if I can do it in such a short time?

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Miss Tram Vocational Training Training Center Answer:

Hello, with 1-on-1 training method, each student before entering the program will be designed a Personal Timetable according to your Time, so you can complete an intensive course from 5-7 the day!

Accordingly, the intensive course will require you to focus on the lecture and interact with continuous practice under the guidance of the instructor. From there, you can confidently complete your course in a professional manner that is no less than long-term classmates! 

15-Day Professional Training of Mi Interconnection

Question 3: Hello Center, now I am an office worker, after giving birth to my baby, my job is also difficult because I have to take care of and transport my child so I am intending to change jobs.

I hope the Center will give me advice on whether or not you should be apprenticed and how much is this job income?

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Miss Tram Vocational Training Training Center Answer:

Hi, as you can see now, the beauty market is growing, so the need for additional professionals in the service industry in general as well as eyelash extensions in particular is increasing significantly.

Unlike other industries, the service industry requires you to have a passion and a hobby to help people be more beautiful. If you choose a eyelash extensions job because you simply want to change jobs, you should take a look at the difficulties in your career to consider your decision!

For those of you who really like and are passionate about the field of aesthetics, eyelash extensions is the field for you. Eyelash extensions are not difficult to study, have many opportunities to experience, easy to succeed with little investment in a short and flexible time.

The center specializes in vocational training and vocational training abroad

Talking about salary and wages of this industry, every new employee who officially works at beauty salon can receive 7 - 10 million/ month excluding tips and bonuses

This means, earning a salary 8 numbers It is easy for skilled professionals. Besides, this job allows you to pursue a freelance job, be flexible at your own time and have your own customers, from which you can easily do your own business when the level is stable.

So Why Not Contact Now Register To Become A Miss Tram Academy Today.


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