Skin Care After Squeezing How? first
Not all types of acne can work

Skin Care After Squeezing How?

What should you do when you're done squeezing acne? Facial care after squeezing acne in spa ...? This is probably a question, a question of everyone when doing acne in the spa, right? After squeezing acne, the skin needs to apply a special care regime, otherwise it is easy to get infections, leaving bruises and pitted scars. So what are those care steps? To help you gain more experience, Miss Tram Academy Will note some skin care issues after taking acne core through the article below.

Skin Care After Modeling Acne

Acne - Not all can be molded

Like the above question, not all acne can be molded. Acne is a skin condition that occurs in a variety of ages and can cause acne. The causes of acne are many, the most typical are:

  • Endocrine disorders
  • Clogged pores
  • Contaminated skin, dirt
  • Food allergies, cosmetics containing steroids
  • Staying up late, stressed
  • The living environment is polluted, the water is not clean
  • Hot liver, the body's detoxifying mechanism works poorly

Referring to acne, we have many different manifestations, including: acne, blackheads, acne, pustules, blood acne, .... When applying the acne treatment process for customers, depending on the situation, we have different methods. There are acne types just need to get rid of people, apply special masks, apply anti-inflammatory drugs will be gone; some have to shine light to kill bacteria, stimulate skin regeneration mechanism.

However, if the acne of the customer does not have a nucleus, vesicles, milia, blood blisters, ... it is not allowed to intervene to get acne. Because these types of acne basically do not have a nucleus, it is easy to spread the injury causing dark skin and leaving scars on the skin.

Facial skin care after squeezing acne

Not all types of acne can be molded

+ Note: The Right Way To Get Acne

In the process of squeezing acne, Miss Tram Academy also wants to note you have a suitable method for getting acne types. Specifically:

  • Squeeze and wrap the skin only to use your hands because you can easily scarr. To make it easier, you can use a sharp needle to make a hole in the acne and squeeze all the accumulated caps.
  • Squeezing the skin under the skin can be done using a hand or a dedicated squeegee
  • Acne should use a mask to peel off
  • If you have acne, use a squeegee or a vacuum

You absolutely need to clean your hands and support equipment thoroughly, because otherwise it can cause an infection on the customer's skin, making acne worse.

Squeeze to do what to do?

After removing all the acne on the skin, we have to take care of soothing irritation because often the skin will be redder than usual, even at the acne spots with redness. To alleviate these symptoms, you first need to use a soft cotton pad soaked in and clean your face. You can use anti-inflammatory, calming anti-inflammatory masks such as aloe vera, green tea, lemon juice, honey or unsweetened milk on your skin.

In addition, we have a simpler way to soothe the skin than using a clean towel wrapped in cold ice and massage gently on the skin. These will help tighten pores, reduce swelling and redness quickly.

For severe cases of acne, we should combine blue or blue light to quickly relieve skin irritation, promote skin regeneration mechanism to operate more stable and effective.

Facial skin care after squeezing acne

After squeezing acne, soothe the skin

+ Note: The most effective way to treat blackheads in the nose today

After shaping the acne is complete, you start the steps skincare or the next course of treatment, and need to note the customer the following essentials:

  • Must have careful sunscreen measures. Do not expose your skin to sunlight or other pollutants in the environment because the skin is very sensitive, the ability to protect itself is weakened.
  • Do not wear makeup after squeezing acne, let the skin breathe completely from 2-3 days later.
  • Use a gentle facial cleanser, suitable for skin conditions.
  • Use moisturizers that contain B vitamins to help the lesions heal quickly. Avoid care products that contain vitamin C or E as this can cause irritation.
  • Drink plenty of water, supplement foods such as green vegetables, fruits to nourish the skin to help regenerate the skin effectively.
  • Do not touch your skin, clean items that come in contact with your skin such as towels, blankets, sheets, pillows, etc.
  • Stay up late to stay up, keep your spirits fresh and avoid stress

Hope the above note of Miss Tram Academy provided the necessary knowledge and experience set in skin care for you.

Attention: At Miss Tram Academy, there is training Basic and advanced spa skin care courses. Interested persons can refer to or contact the training room for more details. With always updating the trend of skin care curriculum, Miss Tram is proud to be one of the pioneering beauty salons bringing the latest, most advanced skin care technologies to the world in Vietnam.

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