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Thai Style Legs: New Makeup Trends

If the eyebrows across Korea dominate the beauty market for a long time. In recent years, this trend has gradually cooled down and replaced with Thai style eyebrows. So what are the striking features of Thai eyebrows that attract women so much? And Miss Tram Academy Find out with the article below.

Thai Style Legs: New Makeup Trends

Personality and liberal with Thai makeup style

In previous years, the makeup style of Kim Chi still attracted beauty believers by bringing a gentle and pure beauty. So in recent years, you can see the make up trend is gradually westernized with more bold, sharper makeup style. However, the disadvantage of this style can make you become "older" than your age. And if you still want to go with the Western style of makeup but don't want to be too bold and easy to get old, the Thai makeup style will be a great suggestion.

The makeup of Thai women gives you a glimpse of an individualistic and liberal girl with both curled and thick eyebrows and a smooth, spotless foundation. Next to it are the highlights that make up the face, the deep eyes are carefully decorated and the long eyelashes curled. The lipstick they used was mainly nude or earthy tones that rarely used sweet pink tones.

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Thai style eyebrows to the throne

Along with the trend of Thai makeup, the curved, bold natural legs also become the choice of many people. With horizontal features at the ends of the eyebrows and curving toward the tail. Curved eyebrows give a good appearance to the face, but still create a soft, gentle feeling while having a great effect in creating depth and highlighting the eyes - the highlight of the room. The makeup of the girls from the land of Golden Temple.

They always liked the naturally curved, big eyebrows at the head and would thin out to the eyes. In particular, they rarely trim the ends of the eyebrows but let the fibers grow naturally to give a genuine look.

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No matter how many eyebrows appear and develop, the curved eyebrows never disappear. You can see that the famous stars of Vietnam are gradually changing from eyebrows to horizontal and creating a very good effect.

So how to get a perfect Thai eyebrow? Check out the steps below:

Step 1: Determine the shape of the eyebrow

The first thing to have a standard eyebrow is to shape the eyebrow. You should trim the eyebrows that deviate so that the drawing process is easy and the eyebrows look sharper. After that, use pencil to draw the eyebrow, this step you should draw gently. Note: the curvature will start from ⅔ eyebrow from the beginning and adjust the curvature to look sharp but still natural for the face.

Step 2: Draw a brow

You can use a pencil or eyebrow pencil. Spread into the pre-painted mold. Should spread from ⅓ eyebrows to the front end and then to the first part. Remember to only gently and meticulously at the beginning to create a natural look for your eyebrows. Finally, use a brush to brush your eyebrows to blur as well as make your eyebrows more evenly and use mascara to gently brush the eyebrows to help shape your eyebrows as well as create a natural look for your eyebrows.

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Step 3: Highlight for eyebrows

Use a mild concealer or foundation cream on the brow bone area. This way helps brow bone brighter, giving your eyebrows more prominence and impression. Just helped shape and delete the redundant lines on the eyebrows, for the most neat and sharp eyebrows.

With only the basic steps, you already own yourself a fashionable Thai style eyebrow and personality.

With the above characteristics, do you see the attraction coming from Thai-style eyebrows? This can be a great suggestion to help you change your daily makeup style. However, if you feel that the current eyebrow shape is suitable for yourself, then maintain it. Because you will be most beautiful when you find something that best suits you and is confident about it.

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