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Done Should Apply Apply Mask Moisturizing Cream Or Not?

Proper Masking - Is It OK to Apply Moisturizer?

This is a common question that not only girls, even those who study Spa - skin care also wonder. The following article Miss Tram Academy Will share some basic knowledge about the importance of moisturizing the skin, especially the skin after applying a mask (paper mask, self-made mask).

properly apply mask

1. Importance of moisturizer after masking

If you're wondering if after applying the mask, do you apply moisturizer? Miss Tram Academy's answer is YES. And this is something that skin care experts encourage us to do well, even if you want to own beautiful skin as expected.

In the care and treatment of skin problems, providing moisturizers with appropriate dosages for each skin type is the essential skin care principle.

Whether using a mask, homemade or pre-packaged, applying a lotion after applying a mask will all be very effective. And not only lotion, acne products and other skin care products are also more effective after applying masks.

Experts explain that most masks usually only care for the skin in the epidermis. Meanwhile, skin creams, moisturizers, ... will go deep into the structure under the skin and help skin care more effectively.

On the other hand, when we put on a mask, the skin epidermis is cleansed and removes dirt and bacteria from the skin. This helps the skin cream and skin care products to be absorbed quickly and easily penetrates the layers of structure under the skin, making the skin smooth and firmer.

A note for you is that if you use a paper mask, you should choose a cream of the same brand to be safe, more secure, avoid skin irritation. At the same time, priority should be given to safety masks and lotions from natural safe and long-lasting effects.

How to apply a mask and moisturize the skin properly?

Applying a mask is only a very small step in the skin care process, but you also need to keep in mind the following steps to get the best care for your skin, helping the treatment process to achieve optimal results.

  • Step 1: First, you have to completely remove the makeup. This step needs to be done well to remove makeup, lipstick, and dirt from the face skin.
  • Step 2: Wash your face with warm water and a special cleanser, suitable for each skin.
  • Step 3: Remove dead skin for skin with natural self-modulating masks or prestigious products.
  • Step 4: Steam the face skin so that the pores expand and help the skin absorb the facial mask better.
  • Step 5: Apply a prepared mask on your face. Depending on the type of mask and each type of skin we have time to store different masks on the face. Usually it should only be about XNXX to XNXX minutes.
  • Step 6: After covering the mask, finish the soft towel and dry it or let it dry. As a final step, don't forget to apply rose water and apply lotion to the skin.

So Miss Tram Academy Having helped you answer the question of whether or not the mask should be applied or not. Hopefully this will be useful knowledge, help you take care of the whole skin, contribute to bring the most optimal results for yourself and customers.


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