Miss Tram Academy / Professional Skin Care and Skin Treatment Full Face Training Course Certification

Professional Skin Care and Skin Treatment Full Face Training Course Certification



Professional Skin Care and Skin Treatment Full Face Training Course Certification

Miss Tram Academy Academy is one of the systems Skin care training - Spa Prestigious, quality, trusted by thousands of students. Not only teaching in-depth knowledge, modern trends Miss Tram AcademHe also offers many attractive career opportunities, helping young people and anyone who loves the spa industry to develop themselves, creating their own brand.

Trained, Study skin care from basic to advanced process "Hand pointing to - practical application"

Teacher 1 with 1 according to your Schedule Skin care schedule Every day of the Student, where to go to practice skin care right there.

Scoring each Module, ACHIEVE New to the next section, if weak content will be re-learned DO NOT RATE THE COST

Practice, apply knowledge in skin care course on real people, the purpose of improving more skilled skills, students Không pay the rental fee during the Miss Tram spa career.

Apprenticeship Spa with a parallel theory of practice, close to reality, practice time> 80%

Time to practice, flexible theory (You are free to schedule, can reserve the course if there is a good reason)

Learning with full and professional training equipment and machinery.

Rooms are fully furnished, spacious and airy.

Support for job recommendation consultants Skin Care at the spa right after graduation with a high stable total income (100% learners have jobs at the spa or open their own spa)

Get the right to graduate CERTIFICATE OF MAJOR PROFICIENCY and ensure peace of mind to use Legal business registration with business content: SKIN CARE SERVICES

Get the right to graduate HEALTH CERTIFICATE Hygiene and safety - prevention of blood-borne infection - biological fluids at the Cosmetology Facility

Trained Counseling skills - Process monitoring - Making treatment regimens - Solving customer crisis

Sharing the salon's open secret, the spa opening experience is suitable to the conditions of each Student.

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1. Intensive Skin Care For Spa

Familiarize yourself with the Skin Structure, understand the basic concepts and Analyze the skin with a Professional Machine

Why should you maintain your routine? Skin Care?

[Question - Answer] The necessary tools in Basic skin care

[Questions and Answers] Essential products in Basic skin care

Practice manipulating the towel

Practice removing facial skin

Practice Exfoliating

Practice washing face

Practicing sauna

Practice smoking acne

Getting to know and Instructions for using hot and cold electrophoresis machines

Familiarize yourself with the new Generation of Biofuel Light Guide

Familiarize yourself with the Oxygen Sprayer

Familiarize yourself with the lead suction machine

Get acquainted with the Nonmetal machine

Familiarize yourself with the Mechanical Lift Ultrasound

Practice face massage

Practice Head-shoulder Massage - neck

Detailed technical instructions for getting acne

Practice Data course To release toxins to the skin and regulate greasy baits

Practice Does the vitamin C run brighten skin

Practice Does the process of running Collagen rejuvenate skin

Practicing mercury lead suction process

Practice salmon DNA electrophoresis

Practicing Spirulina Therapy

Practice CO2 Mask Treatment helps to fade pigmentation, improve color tone to help skin whiten

Practicing the Diamond Diamond Thread Implant Therapy helps lift the skin's rejuvenation muscle

2. Professional Skin Care & Treatment Course

Study skin care Very suitable for Students who have a long-term desire to stick with the profession

There are goals to become Professional skin care and treatment specialist

Become a Spa or Lecturer Manager Training skin technician after that

Enthusiastic about the profession, constantly searching and wanting to cultivate the Standard knowledge from Basic to Latest, Most advanced in the profession

Want to learn all to be strong, confident when beautifying people and aiming to transfer skills for you to have the job like me.

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Part 1 - Skin Care For Spa

Understanding the concept of skin, start getting used to the Structure of the skin (You can take a quiz to determine your skin type by pressing Here)

Counseling, answering questions and sharing issues, information around the topic why the skin must be taken care of regularly;

Statistics, introduction about the tools used in skin care process and the products used for skin care are better and younger.

Guide and start practicing the manipulation, step up the towel

Evaluate and practice the proper procedure of exfoliating exfoliating procedures for customers Skin care course;

The restaurant practices the steps of washing and steaming and starting Acne acne for skin.

Guide and start familiarizing yourself with the tools and machines used in skin care process Such as: Hot and cold electrophoresis machine Biological light releases toxic skin new generation, lead vacuums, oxygen injectors, nonmetal machines, ...

Applying the theory to proceed to practice the steps, facial massage movements (See: The facial massage reduces the corners of the mouth)

Practice steps, Massage Head - shoulder - neck properly and properly.

[Questions and Answers] Techniques to get acne, get the acne right, get acne so clean and safe.

Practice making directly the High-tech skin care course on the form like: The course of running vitamin C helps to whiten the skin, toxin excretion regulates sebum for skin, Does lead and mercury suction process, Does the Collagen run Skin rejuvenation, Salmonella DNA electrophoresis, Spirulina therapy, Nano Diamond implant therapy, etc.

Part 2 - Treatment for Skin Problems


Solution Treatment of ACNE thoroughly For Vietnamese skin in every gender, every age, all causes form. Learning 1 is 4:

+ Treatment of Acne - Pitting - Restores smooth white skin traditional medicines

+ Treatment of Acne - Pitting - Restores smooth white skin Laser CO2 Fractional

+ Treatment of Acne - Pitting - Restores smooth white skin Non-metallic stem cells

+ The secret to treating acne hidden under the skin - tighten pores with Snow Crystal course

Solution to prevent recurrence of Acne after submission with Super-saving cost, helps you maintain your patrons Skin Care after the course

Miss Tram shares the solution Poison The right to help control greasy skin for Oriental skin

Recovering secrets for skin ACNE - DEATH - HEAVY LOSS

Treatment of severe acne such as Acne, Headache, Acne, Acne, Allergic Acne, Redness Acne, etc.

Guide skin analysis Provide appropriate treatment regimens for each skin type

Technique to tighten pores, skin rejuvenation by micro algae technology

High-tech facial rejuvenation techniques

Rejuvenation technology for high-tech neck skin

Rejuvenation technology for high-tech eye area skin

Rejuvenation shrinks pores with activated carbon

Transfer The secret to treating melasma, freckles, hawksbill, brown spots with Laser Does not take much time but high efficiency

Technique of intensive laser treatment

Remove eyebrow tattoo with Laser

Laser eyelid tattoo removal

Laser tattoo removal

Techniques to stimulate eyelashes

Technique to stimulate eyebrows

Permanent hair removal, minimizing pores - Solution for inflammation of hair follicles

See some pictures, actual results of customers treating acne with appropriate methods and unexpected results after skin care and skin treatment in Miss Tram.

[Frequently Asked Questions]

1. Hello Center, if I finish my class 12 but I don't want to go to university but can I take care of my skin, is it easy to get a job?

Click View Miss Tram's Advice

Click View Miss Tram's Advice

Miss Tram hi E, there is good news for E, the beauty facilities in general and skin care in particular always give priority to recruiting the position of skin technician aged from 18 - 25 aged so E can be safe The mind starts to fulfill its aspirations and confidently apply it!

2. Hello Center, are your hands and feet pretty clumsy, but do you like being a skin care technician?

Click View Miss Tram's Advice

Click View Miss Tram's Advice

Hi, really, not everyone has a good career in the beginning but it is a process of learning - training and continuous effort. Miss Tram just needs you to be Passionate, Love the Job, the Teachers team will help you become a Professional Skin Care Professional by

+ You will have 1 in charge of the teacher with your own ability

+ Starting from "Don't know anything - Hard hands" into Technicians who master all operations with soft, soft hands.

+ Where to go to practice, what part you have not done Achieve will be tutored with no extra costs.

3. Say hello to the Center, my wife and I are planning to study intensive skin care and training course to open a shop but also worry that we do not know how to start after studying. thank you!

Click View Miss Tram's Advice

Click View Miss Tram's Advice

Hello to the brothers and sisters, in addition to the Apprenticeship Program with the instructor, the Center will have Private Courses with the Manager at Miss Tram. Thereby, each Student will be able to share his / her practical application experience so that later he or she can Confidently follow the profession. You will receive detailed instructions from:

+ Process of opening a shop - Prepare facilities and equipment

+ How to formulate price lists and service information

+ Instructions for Product / Service Consultant

+ Share Customer Care Process

+ In addition, each student at Miss Tram is granted an account EXCLUSIVE VIP, have the right to Learning Online all related courses like makeup, Skin Care, marketing, etc.

4. Hello Center, will my teacher teach me how to practice on the model and is that the model is self-seeking or the Center prepares, and does tuition arise?

Click View Miss Tram's Advice

Click View Miss Tram's Advice

Hi E, with Training Methods 1 with 1Hands-on, The Center puts the Practices content of students first. Accordingly, based on the individual Student Timeline, the Center will model it to ensure its progress. Where to study will practice to complete the content there before passing the new module.

The entire model during the course of study will be rented by the Center and Completely No tuition fees, E assured! In addition, if E has a relative or friend who wants to model for E, he can register with the Model Department to be scheduled accordingly.

5. Hello Center, currently I have a Spa skin care and relaxation at home, my guests have a lot of acne, I watched Miss Tram for a few years now and really want to learn about the course of acne treatment, if I study Is it okay to treat acne alone and how long does it take to study?

Click View Miss Tram's Advice

Click View Miss Tram's Advice

Miss Tram welcomes you, very happy that you are always watching and interested in Central Services in general and Acne Treatment services in particular. With the desire to specialize in treating Acne, you can Register to transfer Recipes Acne treatment At Miss Tram with Process - Regimen - Treatment products as well as acne skin care process is fine, it is not required for you to learn all the courses at Miss Tram.

You can Sign up for Express Course every day of the day, but it only takes time from 6 - 5 days to complete depending on your ability!

6. Hello Center, I am currently an office worker, I want to study this job for a long time, but I don't have much conditions, I intend to study while working because I don't have time to work to study. I wonder if there is any class that is suitable for you and will it affect the learning process?

Click View Miss Tram's Advice

Click View Miss Tram's Advice

Hi E, as the Center mentioned above, every student at Miss Tram has been assigned a personal timetable by the Management Board according to each student's time and ability. There are also many students who have the same situation as E, I can study on weekends!

Because the learning process will continue to Review and closely follow the ability, so E can be assured not to worry about the lesson drift or affect the Course effectiveness after graduation because if he spends a lot of time, the completion will be quick. That also means that I go to class less then the learning process will take longer but the quality of the output is still guaranteed through the continuous module tests E!

7. Hi Miss Tram, I have a goal of studying and will open a shop in Vung Tau to take care and treat skin for guests. However, according to my research, the treatment of skin need to invest in high-tech machines with a large cost, so it is very worrying, I don't know if I have a solution that can treat the skin but the budget first not too big, hope the center will answer!

Click View Miss Tram's Advice

Click View Miss Tram's Advice

Hello, this is also a very much question you are interested in when deciding on a professional skin care and treatment profession.

It is true that if you decide to invest in facilities as well as modern equipment and machines such as large beauty salons or spas, you must have quite a high amount of capital, possibly up to tens of billions of dong. However, Miss Tram will share with you the solution to apply intensive skin care and treatment services with appropriate budgets and most importantly still ENSURE EFFICIENCY For each course, the capital is only from 50 - 500 million.

That is the reason Miss Tram does not "hide the profession" to share with each student the effective treatments for each course of therapy, depending on the conditions, you can easily choose the practical application 1 in the That method or All app. Miss Tram wants you to be confident to help everyone SOLUTION Effective skin care and treatment - The most cost-effective.

Đặc biệt (exclusive in Miss Tram): Students are granted VIP account, have the right to study online all courses (makeup, nail, skin care, cosmetic tattoo ...) of Miss Tram's internal. Details can be viewed: https://misstram.edu.vn/tong-hop-cac-tai-lieu-dao-tao-noi-bo-tai-hoc-vien-miss-tram/

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