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Skin Whitening Mask With Fresh and Good Milk?

Skin Whitening Mask With Fresh and Good Milk?

You know fresh milk is a beauty ingredient, has the ability to lighten the skin, but doesn't know the best formulation? If you are wondering, please refer to the following article of Miss Tram Academy Please!

Fresh milk has many beneficial effects on the skin, including softening the rough skin, deep cleansing pores, controlling lubricants, killing bacteria, moisturizing and nourishing smooth, light skin. Since ancient times, fresh milk has appeared in the beauty methods of women, most notably Cleopatra queen with the method of soaking in fresh milk helps smooth skin perfectly.

Over time, fresh milk is studied in depth (both in terms of health and beauty effects) to find nutrients that have a positive impact. And these are great ingredients found in fresh milk.

  • Latic acid: this is an alpha hydroxy acid that breaks down dead cells, allowing skin to regenerate quickly.
  • Calcium: has the ability to strengthen the skin layer, heal dry skin manifestations.
  • Potassium: helps increase moisture, nourishes skin cell worms.
  • Vitamin B12: smooth, light, smooth skin.
  • Protein: fortifies skin structure, helps skin tighten, limit signs of aging.
  • Vitamin D: stimulates skin to produce collagen, slowing down the process of wrinkle formation.
  • In addition, fresh milk contains Vitamin B6, Vitamin A is essential for the formation of new skin cells, enhancing skin vitality.

How do we prepare a white skin mask from fresh milk?

In order for fresh milk to exert all its wonderful benefits, when preparing a mask you should combine it with other natural ingredients. The recommended mask formulas for skin care at the Spa are suggested including:

1./ Butter and fresh milk

Fresh butter and milk are two particularly effective ingredients for skin that suffer from poor moisture and color problems. Butter will help hydrate the skin, reducing greasy while fresh milk works deeply to soften dry skin.

The reason butter blends well with fresh milk because it contains a large amount of Vitamin E, healthy fats and natural oils that bring moisture, deep clean pores as well as heal inflammation on the skin.

To prepare the mask you need to prepare:

  • 1 tablespoons of fresh milk
  • 1 / 4 avocado fruit


You grind the butter and put the fresh milk in. When forming a fine finely blend, apply it to the client's face. Note that we will apply the mask in a circular motion, allowing you to relax and enjoy up to 30 minutes. At this time, the mask will dry out, use a warm towel or use mask to remove the mask. Rinse again with cool water.

When applying a mask, if the material is still available, apply it to the neck skin to smooth the skin.

2./ Fresh milk + oatmeal + honey

Honey inherently effective against antiseptic, antiseptic, anti-inflammatory. When used in beauty, this material will help improve pimples, brighten skin, dark spots and especially against bad free radicals.

In oatmeal contains ingredients capable of absorbing sebum, excess oil on the skin naturally, providing ventilation for pores, pushing dirt and bacteria out. Not only that, oatmeal also has a special texture, creating a slight abrasion to remove all the old dead cells.

Mask component:

  • 1 tablespoons of fresh milk
  • 1 honey teaspoon
  • 1 oatmeal with oatmeal


You mix all these ingredients in a clean bowl, then rub them on your face with a gentle circular motion. Let the skin relax completely in 10 minutes. This mask needs to use warm water to rinse again.

3./ Fresh milk + turmeric + lemon

Turmeric is highly appreciated with its ability to heal and heal scars. Not only that, antioxidant compounds and large amounts of Vitamin B, Vitamin C will promote collagen production, maintain elasticity and make skin more evenly. So fresh lemon? The natural acid of lemon is especially effective for dark skin areas because it can improve dark pigment, stimulate new skin to produce.

Mask component:

  • 1 turmeric powder
  • 1 tablespoons of fresh milk
  • 1 / 4 teaspoon lemon juice


These ingredients are simply put into a bowl and mixed well. The mask is applied evenly to the face and kept on skin for about 30 minutes and then washed again.

Note when preparing white skin mask with fresh milk:

  • Choose only fresh sugar-free milk to avoid clogging pores or other irritation
  • Combined materials such as honey or turmeric must be pure, do not mix preservatives
  • Finished masks must be applied immediately, because preservation can cause nutrients to disappear or negatively change
  • Need to remind guests to take measures to protect and protect the skin safely when leaving the street.
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