What is a keloid? Causes & Treatment of Effective Keloids 1

What is a keloid? Causes Form & Treatment of Effective Keloids

SScarring is a skin condition that forms during the healing process. Depending on many factors, scars will have different shapes such as: normal scars, keloid scars, concave scars or hypertrophic scars. In particular, keloid scars are the most common and easily scarred form, so for skin care professionals, this is a skin problem that needs to be investigated.

Therefore, this article Miss Tram Academy Please share the necessary knowledge about keloids, their causes and effective treatments.

What is a keloid? Causes Form & Treatment of Effective Keloids

What is a keloid?

In the process of restoring skin wounds, scars will appear and be a completely natural process. The recovery process includes the stages: Inflammatory reactions, proliferation and organizational regeneration.

What is a keloid? Causes & Treatment of Effective Keloids 2

A keloid scar appears on the skin

Typically, the skin will take a long time to go through all these recovery stages to return to its original state. However, if there are any disorders of the body during this time, the process of scarring will be affected and the types of scars will be formed.

Depending on many factors such as the extent of damage, atopic, skin care and environmental impacts, the severity of scars will also vary: common scars, keloid scars, concave scars, scars hypertrophy ...

In particular, keloid scars are the result of an excessive development of fibrous organization after skin damage, making the area of the keloids high on the surface and larger than the area of the wound.

Features Of Keloids

A keloid scars will stay on the skin for a lifetime and will not go away over time. These scars often have smooth surfaces, pink, purple or darker than the skin color. In particular, they often cause itching, even stinging sensation. Some characteristics of keloid scars you need to grasp:

  • Keloids tend to grow beyond the scope of the original wound. A pen or acne also causes keloid scars to form and develop.
  • A keloid scarring is caused by an excessive increase in collagen during the healing process. As a result, they cannot diminish or disappear over time without treatment.
  • Keloids can develop after wound formation, but within 1-2 years they will stop growing.
  • Keloids can appear anywhere on the body, but if the keloid scars on movement positions such as shoulders, chest, arms, knees, etc., they are easily enlarged and cause more aesthetic loss.

Causes of Keloids

What is a keloid? Causes & Treatment of Effective Keloids 3

The wound is the cause of a keloid scar

A keloid scars are formed by a variety of effects and these effects have a direct effect on the degree of hypertrophy, aesthetics and the ability to treat scars. Therefore, a skin care professional needs to understand the causes of scar formation:

  • Grievous: The more skin damage, the longer the recovery process. Therefore, the risk of keloid formation is also higher than for minor injuries.
  • Genetic factors: people with atopic scars are at a higher risk of developing hypertrophic scars than those of normal people.
  • Wound not handled properly: If the wound is not properly first aid and bandaged, not completely removing the active foreign object will make the keloid easily form.
  • Due to improperly shaping acne: With severe acne spots, improperly squeezing acne will leave the skin vulnerable to infection. Since then easy to leave keloid scars on the skin. 
  • Due to diet during wound healing: If you eat foods that irritate the wound or increase the likelihood of a keloid such as seafood, spinach, chicken, eggs, sticky rice, etc., you will definitely increase the risk of scarring.

Effective Treatments for Keloids

While keloids do not affect health, they will cause cosmetic loss and affect the psychology and confidence of customers, especially female customers. Therefore, you need to understand the effective treatment of keloid scars to optimize the treatments at Spa.

Some of the most popular scar treatments today:

1. Injectable internal corticosteroid injection

What is a keloid? Causes & Treatment of Effective Keloids 4

Corticosteroid injections help treat keloids effectively

Injecting scar treatment is quite simple, quite safe and effective with injections used as triamcinolone acetonide. However, this method can leave some side effects such as skin atrophy at the injection site, vasodilation, menstrual disorders, stimulation of hair growth, irreversible pigmentation loss ...

2. Cryosurgery

What is a keloid? Causes of Formation & Treatment of Effective Keloids 5

Treatment of keloids with cryosurgery is highly appreciated

Cryosurgery involves cooling the lesions with liquid nitrogen to destroy the fibrous organization on keloid scars, causing scarring to collapse. This is an effective method with few complications and is commonly used in hospitals.

3. Surgery

Surgery to remove lesions often requires a lot of high technology and needs to be combined with other treatments to avoid recurrence of scars (such as corticosteroid injection, silicon paste, pressure bandage, imiquimod ...). In particular, surgery usually does not make the scar disappear completely, so it can only be applied to certain scar cases.

4. Laser method

What is a keloid? Causes & Treatment of Effective Keloids 6

Using laser method helps treat keloids

Laser scar treatment is considered a highly effective treatment method with few complications. The right wavelengths will make the size of the keloid fade and nearly disappear. However, it is necessary to use modern machinery and technology to bring the best results.

Above are the share of Miss Tram Academy about the knowledge related to keloid scars. To help customers eliminate keloid scars quickly, you need to determine the scarring level, status and time of scar formation, and then make appropriate treatment regimens. You can refer to intensive skin care and treatment courses at Miss Tram Academy for the most effective scar treatment technologies and procedures.

Hope the above sharing will be useful to you. Good luck!

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