Top 5 Tips for Great Skin Care from Japanese Women 1

Top 5 Great Skin Care Tips From Japanese Women

If you come across a Japanese woman, you will have to say: "They have a beautiful skin". Japanese women know that what determines their youthful beauty begins with skin care. So it's no surprise that the world has turned to Asian skincare treatments and practices, especially from Japanese women. Here are 5 great skin care tips from Japanese women that you can incorporate into your daily skincare routine.

Top 5 Great Skin Care Tips From Japanese Women

1. Apply sunscreen every time you go out

Top 5 Great Skin Care Tips from Japanese Women 2

You are often advised to wear sunscreen before you go out. And Japanese women attach special importance to this step of skin care and protection. Sunscreen can protect the skin from harmful ultraviolet rays, helping to limit the aging process as well as the damage caused by the sun. At the same time keep your skin smooth and youthful for years to come.

Apply sunscreen every day, whether it is rainy or sunny or cloudy. Because even without the sun, ultraviolet rays persist and cause many problems for your skin. Choose a sunscreen that suits your skin condition and maintain it daily to keep your skin young and bright.

2. Maintain a rich diet

Top 5 Great Skin Care Tips from Japanese Women 3

Japanese women attach great importance to skin care from their diet. You can find in their typical diet foods known for their ability to prevent wrinkles and improve collagen production in the body. Some popular foods like seaweed, natto and tofu are always included in Japanese meals.

In addition, they also maintain a diet rich in antioxidants, because they have the ability to clean toxins from the body and bring healthy, glowing skin. Green tea is known to contain high levels of oxidation, so Japanese women drink green tea every day.

Fish is also a very popular food in Japan. Most meals here have fish on the menu. Fish fat is rich in vitamins, minerals, as well as collagen, which keeps the skin tight. If your skin is dry, lifeless, try increasing your intake of fish.

3. Gently rub, not rub

Top 5 Great Skin Care Tips from Japanese Women 4

We often use cotton makeup remover to clean the makeup on the skin, this time using makeup cotton scrub to clean the makeup layer is considered an act of torturing your skin. Rubbing can actually make your skin sensitive and saggy. Instead, the advice for you is to use a gentle massage makeup remover to emulsify the makeup remover.

Also, during applying skin care products, pat rather than drag your fingers to spread the product on your face. By tapping, the nutrients will be absorbed into the skin better. And this is how to help you cuddle your face, your skin.

4. The magic comes from water washing rice

Great skin care tips

Have you ever wondered why the skin of her mother's hand is smoother than her? This is because my mother's hands are constantly in contact with rice water when preparing meals for the family. In water, rice contains a lot of vitamins B, E, proteins, lipids, etc. that will help protect the skin from external influences, naturally smooth skin.

In particular, it also contains bran oil - a type of lipid that has the ability to prevent oxidation, prevent burnt very effectively. This is a great secret of Japanese women, as they often use water to wash rice or wash their face or take a shower everyday.

5. Use a moisturizing mask

Great skin care tips

This is the secret of smooth, toned skin care of Japanese women. Each week they apply moisturizing masks at least once a week. You can use commercially available moisturizing mask sheets or learn beauty expert Chizu Saeki share in The Japanese Skincare Revolution how to create a moisturizing mask for skin from lotion by moistening cotton ball Then apply on face for 3 minutes. These masks help to instantly moisturize, regain smooth, youthful appearance of the skin.

Owning fresh, smooth and toned skin is always the desire of many girls. So, learning skin care tips from the land of the rising sun will help you replenish and perfect your skin care steps. With articles that share information that Miss Tram Academy We have compiled above, hope to help you update more useful knowledge. Try applying and sharing the results with Miss Tram.

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