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Trend in Skin Care: Can Start From the End of Skin Care Cycle Step

You must be familiar with the skincare cycle 10 famous steps from beautiful Korean girls. There is no denying the effectiveness of this skin care cycle. However, this trend of skin care is still consistent with the trend of skin care this year. When people are more attentive to internal factors and are gradually returning to the most basic things. To find out more, Miss Tram Academy Please refer to the article below.

Trending Hot Skin Care Year: Can Start From The End of Skin Care Cycle Step

What is the skincare cycle step?

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Undeniably the influence of the beauty industry as well as the trend of skin care from the beautiful country for women in the world. Each year, they launch new beauty products again and create a powerful effect.

In the past, the widely used skin care combo was a cleanser - a toner, a moisturizer, and then added makeup remover or wax remover. cleanser, then continue to add eye cream and essence to remove the previous skin problems and go to the moisturizer step. As you go on, the additional skin care steps that make up the skin care cycle are the same steps you see now. It includes basic steps such as:

Makeup remover - Cleanser - Exfoliate - Rose water (Toner / Lotion) - Mask - Eye cream - Essence (Serum / essence / ampoule) - Therapy - Moisturizer - Sleep mask.

There is no denying the effects that this cycle brings. It provides the skin with essential nutrients and moisture, which in turn brings a healthy skin and skin problems such as melasma, melasma, acne ... that are also repulsed quickly.

However, it also brings significant disadvantages.

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Skin care habits are gradually becoming simplified

Many people after applying this multi-step skin care cycle, skin not only has not improved but also has more problems. That is the appearance of irritation, acne and many other problems. This shows that not everyone can successfully apply this complex care cycle.

For a country with a cold and dry climate like Korea, people there possess a naturally dry skin. Skin care products from Korea will have the characteristics of providing more moisture to overcome the disadvantages of the climate. In addition, the pores of the people of Kim Chi are very small, so they absorb the nutrients better.

The fact that we are in a different country from the completely different climate characteristics, when applying skin care steps from Korea without careful selection of products as well as understanding the principles of the care cycle skin, very easy to counteract.

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Therefore, many people have gradually eliminated the beauty routine with skincare cycle step by step and applied themselves to a simpler skin care routine with special treatment products, focusing on characteristics and conditions their skin. This shows a new trend in skin care when the products are personalized, besides the major cosmetics firms also offer specific benefits of shortening the skincare cycle and should only use two to three products at a time. You can search for products that contain more than one effect to help your skin care cycle be optimized easily.

However, there are steps in the skincare cycle that you can skip or optimize with a product that has a lot of use, and there are steps you cannot ignore. Some principles you should pay attention to are:

Do not leave makeup layer overnight. Makeup remover and cleaning should be done before applying skin care products afterwards.

Provide adequate moisture for the skin. Only use a sufficient amount of product, do not apply too much to make the skin choke.

Use sunscreen every day before leaving.

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Not just invest time, effort and money into skin care products, you can own a beautiful and smooth skin that is full of vitality. With this post Miss Tram Academy just want to say one thing is to get the best skin care, the first thing you should remember is to understand your skin. Then choose the product with a suitable skin care cycle, you will see the effect later. If you are satisfied with the products and skin care cycles you are applying, maintain it to ensure safety and stability on the skin.

Wish you find the most suitable skin care cycle!

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