Before And After Results Sculpting Eyebrow Queen For Guests

Photos Before And After Results Sculpting Eyebrows Queen For Guests

Before: Looking through her face, she could easily see that the biggest drawback was the thin, short and thin eyebrows. The guest shared that she felt insecure every time she went out, so she went to Miss Tram for advice and new eyebrows.

After: No longer have to worry about the eyebrows with little tail and not yet beautiful shape, she has completely stripped off worry thanks for choosing a beauty method Sculpting queen queen waving natural fibers

Thanks to it, she has new eyebrows with clear and beautiful strands, combined with the use of natural QUEEN 100% toner, so she does not need to fear her eyebrows will turn green red in time. later. 

Look closely at her new eyebrow through the following pictures! 

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