Before And After Red Treatment - Ombre Eyebrow Spray Combined With Smooth Powder

View Actual Images Processing Red-Eyed And Refreshing Processes With Ombre Eyebrow Spray Combined With Fine Powder Coating.

Before: This guest's eyebrows became red after a period of beauty, making her feel "uncomfortable" and eager to overcome. She sought an address to overcome this situation and was fortunate to be introduced by a younger sister to Miss Tram.

After: Coming to Miss Tram Spa, she was consulted by an old color ink specialist and consultant to use a combination of Ombre eyebrow spray and super fine powder to get new eyebrows that are beautiful, sharper and more attractive. The new eyebrows made her feel very satisfied. 

If you are having trouble finding the right beauty method, don't forget to stop by Miss Tram Natural Beauty Center to get advice right away by a team of experienced professionals! 

Check out her actual image below!

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