Key Point in Ombre Eyebrow Micro-Touch Technology 1

Key Point In Ombre Touch Micro Eyebrow Technique

What is the most important point in the technique of Ombre eyebrow micro-grained?

Ombre technique eyebrow micro touch grain is one of the modern beauty trends that many women love. Ombre eyebrow spray will ensure to bring customers eyebrows with slender lines but really harmonious and natural. However, when implementing this technique, you need to keep in mind some important points to give your customers the most perfect results.

What is the technique for spraying Ombre micro-touch particles?

Learn the technique of ombre micro-touch eyebrow beads
Learn the technique of ombre micro-touch eyebrow beads

Ombre eyebrow spray is inspired by the art of color mixing in the design industry with the conversion of eyebrow tones from light to dark so that it is natural and harmonious. Ombre eyebrow spray has become one of the most popular trends of beauty cosmetology, because as many people review this method to help the eyebrows achieve a natural with no rough edges.

After many improvement studies, we have received a more modern eyebrow spray technology combined with the famous Ombre technique. That is the phun Ombre chạm chạm chạm chạm.. This method uses a specialized embroidery machine, proceeding to apply Ombre according to the body of the eyebrow, and framing the eyebrow frame and the eyebrow in a microscopic way (1 point).

After applying this method, you will have the following characteristics:

  • The inside of the eyebrow mold and the tail part of the eyebrow are covered with a thin and fine powder, giving you a gentle serenity
  • The micro-touch effect makes the eyebrow edges and the eyebrow pale naturally
  • Gentle eyebrows, looking at it feels like real eyebrows

When spraying ombre micro touch, what should we note?

Just like other eyebrow embroidery techniques, when conducting Ombre Touch eyebrow spray for customers, the KTV should pay attention to the following:

  1. Appraisal eyebrow and customer face ratio

Eyebrows decided to 80% contours on the face so just "one inch wrong" you can lead to the consequences of "going a mile". Therefore, if receiving eyebrow spray request from the customer, please first sit down, analyze the facial features and advise them the most appropriate eyebrow shape. Interacting with your customers, listening to your customers' wishes will help you know what to do.

Based on the shape of the client's face, we will adjust the eyebrow rate, choose the eyebrow shape that can enhance their beauty as well as anthropology. Also when interstitizing the eyebrow shape, please focus on performing with definitive lines, creating the most accurate eyebrows. Thus, in the process of embroidery embroidery we have more advantages.

Some notes when spraying Ombre touches micro
Some notes when spraying Ombre touches micro
  1. Ink color advice

Not every customer fits a certain style, and so does the ink color. Depending on the age, skin color, hair color of each person, we will choose it accordingly. You should not let customers follow the trend but decide which ink color is not right for you. Instead, please consult wholeheartedly, helping customers know the color tone for them.

  1. Treatment of anesthesia before spraying

You need to master the technique of anesthesia to help customers more comfortable during the procedure. Although ombre spraying touches the needle only gently on the epidermal skin, if the anesthetization is done first, the customer will be more secure and this will help you make the spray easier.

Anesthesia before spraying
Anesthesia before spraying
  1. Eyebrow spraying technique

Spray eyebrow Ombre performers need to make sure, every needle step must be meticulous and have a reasonable alignment. You must not go out of the area defined eyebrows, and we will apply straight spray, spray along the direction of the eyebrows, spray in a spiral according to the technical steps.

As with other eyebrow spray techniques, when holding the sprayer, it must be firm, making the needle tip perpendicular to the skin surface so significantly reducing the pain and swelling after spraying.

- Our professional artists are highly trained in the art of brows, eyeliner and lips Permanent Makeup.

Above are some basic notes when done Ombre micro touch technique. During the course of learning at Miss Tram Academy, experts will carefully guide the manipulation steps, as well as share experiences to limit the generation of errors and overcome the situations you encounter well.

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