Before And After Correction You Sculpting Error - Scraping Thread 9D

Before and After Pictures Fixing You Sculpture Error - Scraping 9D Threads

Before: The male visitor had a bright, easy-to-see face, but his eyebrows were a bit short, thin, and not thick. Therefore, Anh went to Miss Tram for advice and help.

After: When coming to Miss Tram Beauty, he was consulted by #TeamMissTram about the new eyebrow shape for men, the golden ratio of the face. Then, the eyebrows are meticulously sculpted, sharp interwoven into his real brows.

As a result, he now has new, masculine, stylish and standard eyebrows with strong male characteristics. He is very satisfied and gives many compliments to Miss Tram.

Thank you for trusting to use Miss Tram's service!

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