Why There Is Pus, Blistering When Spraying Lips 1

Why Does Phenomenon Fester, Blister When Spraying Lips?

Lip spray is one of the beauty methods that many women love today. This is considered a "semi-permanent makeup", helping women have a plump lips, fresh and maintain for a very long time. However, there are many reasons why lip spray results are not as satisfactory. One of the most serious cases is that the lips of the customer have festering blisters when spraying lips.

So what causes this situation and what is the most effective remedy? And Miss Tram Academy Find out more about this.

Why There Is Phenomenon Blistering When Spraying Lips

1. The cause of the lip phenomenon is festering, blistering after spraying

festering blisters when spraying lips

Lip spray is a technique that uses a tiny needle, gently moving on the lips with a depth of not more than 0.2mm to bring the ink color onto the surface. With these small effects will absolutely cause no complications, burning or health effects after spraying. However, in reality, there are many cases of lip swelling, blisters due to infection. So, the main causes of these phenomena are:

  • Use old, outdated techniques

festering blisters when spraying lips

Lip spray is the use of needles to damage the skin on the lips, then inject ink into the epidermis to color.

The old lip tattoo method uses rough needles and is manually adjusted, making it difficult to adjust the force of the needle as well as to create bigger stabs. This can easily cause open wounds, making it easier for bacteria to enter. This is the cause of lip tattoo, blistering, especially for women with irritated skin when injured.

  • Poor skilled technicians

Why There Is Phenomenon, Blistering When Spraying Lips 2

With poor skilled technicians, walking the needle too hard, deviating from the base or too quickly will cause damage to the skin. This will make lips appear more likely to fester and blister after spraying.

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  • Do not sanitize tools when performing

Failure to clean the tattoo spray equipment is not only easy to cause festering, blistering but also the cause of other infectious diseases.

Therefore, this is an important step in the tattooing process that you need to follow carefully, to ensure the tattooing tools are completely sterile and separate.

  • Use non-standard ink jet

Why There Is Pus, Blistering When Spraying Lips 3

Inkjet tattoo ink of unclear origin, poor quality also greatly affects the color on the lips. And worse is to cause some symptoms such as festering, blistering after spraying due to an infected lip. 

  • Do not keep clean, abstain after doing

In addition to the causes arising in the process of tattooing, the care and lip balm after spraying also partly determines the results of the lip spray. If customers often pick, not lip or lip care improperly, the phenomenon of inflammation is also very likely to occur. 

So when the customer reported signs of festering, blistering after spraying. Remember to ask how your daily lips care routine is to find the most accurate cause.

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2. How to handle infected lips

Why There Is Pus, Blistering When Spraying Lips 4

In case of festering lips and blisters, you need to treat as follows:

Step 1: Examine the status of the infection of the lips like.

Step 2: Hygiene and topical (usually acyclovir will be used).

Step 3: Supply antibiotics and instruct customers to apply medicine / taking medicine schedule.

Step 4: Make an appointment for a follow-up visit.

In serious cases, you should seek the intervention of dermatologists to ensure the safety of customers.

3. Need to tell customers what?

Why There Is Pus, Blistering When Spraying Lips 5

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The lip care after spraying is very important and contributes to the success of the lip spray process. Therefore, after examining and treating the lips for guests, you need to instruct customers to:

  • Clean lips, apply medicine and take antibiotics according to instructions.
  • Don't let your lips come into contact with water and always clean after eating.
  • Do not eat foods that easily cause scarring, edema, or festering when the skin has a wound such as: sticky rice, chicken, egg white, fishy, especially hot spicy food.
  • Alcohol and caffeinated beverages such as beer, wine, and coffee should also be abstained to prevent uneven coloring of the lips.
  • Avoid direct contact with the sun, street dust, or contamination in any form.
  • Do not put your hands on your lips when your hands are not thoroughly cleaned, easily causing the lips to be infected. In particular, there is no strong impact on the lips - making it difficult for the wound to recover.
  • Always pay attention to the condition of the lips to see if the skin has crusted, less watery or fester. In case the condition of the lips is getting worse or more than a week without showing signs of healing, customers should notify the technician for examination and consultation by a specialist.

Why There Is Pus, Blistering When Spraying Lips 6

Above are the share of Miss Tram Academy about the phenomenon of festering, blistering after spraying. In order to have the most effective remedy for this situation, in addition to performing medical treatment steps, you need to keep in mind that customers should take proper lip care at home to help them recover quickly. In addition, find out the cause of lip infections to have the most radical adjustment direction, avoid the same situation in other cases of lip spray. Hope this article will be helpful to you. Good luck!

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