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Instructions for Excreted Toxic Skin Use Mix Cream

Instructions on how to excrete toxic skin using mixing cream

Using the original cream is very beautiful, it is undeniable. But we are making our skin suffer from severe consequences later, and if it is not timely discharged, treat the skin to become serious. In fact, many girls are falling into this situation because of an unknown mix of creams containing a lot of corticosteroids, which causes skin to burn, erode and develop acne if stopped. So what is the way to "save", how to effectively eliminate poison to return to healthy skin?

Why need to remove toxic skin for mixing cream?

Currently, the market is very popular with many types of cream mixes, works to smooth white skin, finishes many types of acne. With attractive ads, plus the sales effect created by hot girls, a series of girlfriends rushed to use, regardless of the consequences.

Use a cream to make your skin toxic to corticosteroids

Undeniably, after a short time using the skin, the girlfriend has a clear change, smooth and fresher. However, this is only the surface that few know the unpredictable consequences of using ice cream.

Most mixing creams do not specify the ingredients, the combined dosage. The popular form of ice cream on the market usually includes ingredients such as Aspirin, Becozym, Alcohol, vitamin E and especially corticosteroids.

Corticosteroids belong to the steroid class of anti-inflammatory drugs, indicated for the relief of inflammatory skin areas, redness of allergy, asthma or arthritis. This drug works, if used in high doses, it will become "bleach", transform dark pigmentation on the skin. Taking advantage of this feature, businesses that mix ice cream blends corticosteroids with other skincare ingredients at high doses to form "divine" whites.

After a long period of use will cause "corticosteroids". This means that if you stop using it, your skin will protest by generating pimples, itchiness and other problems. Not to mention, the amount of corticosteroids stored on the skin is very high, causing the skin cells to be worn out, easy to catch the sun, the burnt skin developed by the skin has lost its protective outer layer.

In this case, we are advised to try to discontinue the use of the cream and to remove any residual corticosteroids on the skin, then apply other recovery care procedures.

How to disperse toxic skin with cream mixed?

When receiving cases of customers having problems with mixing cream, before applying treatment course (treating acne, treating melasma), it is necessary to conduct toxin discharge. There is such a new way to help the skin absorb nutrients, increase metabolism for effective regeneration.

To remove corticosteroids on the skin, you first need to exfoliate using natural methods or mild products, avoiding irritation on the skin. Next, steaming (combining essential oils) helps pores simplify and remove dirt under the skin.

Apply green tea, aloe vera or carbon charcoal masks to detoxify the skin. Mask retention time of about XNXX minutes is sufficient. Blue / Lam light projection (approx. XNXX minutes) can be combined to increase skin regeneration efficiency. These natural ingredients contain a great deal of antioxidants, which can eliminate bad free radicals, strengthen skin structure and stimulate new cells to repair skin damage.

Carbon charcoal mask is one of the ways to remove toxic skin using a cream mix

You need to tell customers to come back to apply the routine, or if you don't have much time, you can apply natural home methods such as steaming with ginger lemongrass, or perilla leaf + marjoram + mugwort.

In addition, it is essential that the skin that uses the cream mix needs to be done well to choose mild cleansing, pH in the range of XNXX to 5.0 to balance the moisture to the skin.

Hope you have more useful skin care knowledge!

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