Before And After Combining Old Eyebrow Sculpting, New Eyebrow Sculpting, Lip Sculpture And Eyelid Sculpture

Results Before and After Combining Old Eyebrow, New Eyebrow Sculpture, Lip Sculpture And Eyelid Spray

Although the previous technology of eyebrow embroidery has been able to create beautiful and clear eyebrows, it cannot create sharp, soft and natural eyebrows. But with current technology, you can absolutely make it.

Before: Before coming to this, this guest has sprayed eyebrows and now wants Miss Tram to handle old eyebrows, and sculpt new eyebrows to look more natural. She also provides lip sculpting and eyelid spraying services to make her face look harmonious and sharper than before.

After: Once completed, the lines on her face became clear, sharp but still retain the natural, very suitable for her face. She was very happy and confidently announced she would introduce her friends to Miss Tram

#TeamMissTram wishes you always beautiful!

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